Gregory L. Schlegel Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gregory L. Schlegel

Founder, The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
Adjunct Professor Supply Chain Risk, Lehigh University--VP SherTrack LLC

Been a supply chain executive for five Fortune 100 companies. Worked for seven years as an IBM supply chain executive consultant. VP/Principal for SherTrack LLC, a software company who maintains Predictive Analytic solutions that solve very complex supply chain problems. Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium. It consists of (13) companies who bring unique skills, solutions and methodologies that support SCRM. Past President of the APICS organization. Certified CPIM, CSP &


Greg is presently VP/Principal for Shertrack LLC. He has been a supply chain executive for over 30 years with several Fortune 100 companies and spent seven years as an IBM supply chain Executive Consultant. He has presented papers on and has managed consulting engagements in supply chain management, Risk Management, Lean/Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints throughout the US and around the globe. Greg was APICS’ 1997 International Society President. He is well published, a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars, webinars and dinner meetings. Greg speaks over 20 times per year and has authored over 100 articles in major supply chain magazines and journals. He has been a member of the APICS Strategic Direction Committee, has been on the Editorial Board for DC Velocity magazine, has been an IBF forecasting certification instructor, he has taught operations management at the University of Scranton and has been guest lecturer at ASU, St. Johns University and Rutgers University. Greg is presently a member of the Business Analytics Roundtable for Villanova University, he is a member of the Board of Advisors for Rutgers University’s Supply Chain Undergraduate Program and he is Executive in Residence for Lehigh University’s Center for Value Chain Research. Greg has been teaching graduate level supply chain risk management at Lehigh University and has been facilitating Supply Chain Risk Management public workshops and the new APICS supported Risk CERTIFICATE workshops around the globe for over three years. He is founder of “The Supply Chain Risk Consortium”—a group of (13) companies providing education, assessment tools and consulting services in support of supply chain risk management projects and enterprise-wide journeys. He is presently teaching classic financial ERM, Enterprise-wide Risk Management at Villanova, within their Executive MBA program. Greg is certified CPIM, CSP in systems and a Theory of Constraints certified Jonah. He holds a B.S. in Operations Research and Computer Science from Penn State University and did his graduate work at Lake Forest College.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Operations Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Sales & Operations Planning
    Operations Research
    Computer Science
    Lean/Six Sigma
    Theory of Constraints
    Predictive Analytics
    Probabilistic Modeling
    Supply Chain Risk Management
    ERM, Enterprise Risk Management
    GRC, Governance, Risk and Compliance

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 Featured Title - Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline - 1st Edition book cover


Supply Chain Brain 2014 Resource Guide Issue

Supply Chain Mapping Combined with Risk Assessment

Published: Jan 31, 2014 by Supply Chain Brain 2014 Resource Guide Issue
Authors: Gregory L. Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah
Subjects: Business & Management

Supply Chain Visibility is a Critical Success Factor for solid Supply Chain Risk Management and our Risk Consortium's First of Four Stages of our new 21st Century Supply Chain Maturity/Risk Model. Digitally mapping one's supply chain, identifying all the nodes and then appending risk assessments between the nodes is a very comprehensive methodology towards Identifying, Assessing, Mitigating and Managing Risk in a complex supply chain.

Supply Chain Brain 2014 Resource Guide Issue

New Strategic & Tactical Frameworks for Supply Chain Risk Management

Published: Jan 31, 2014 by Supply Chain Brain 2014 Resource Guide Issue
Authors: Gregory L. Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah
Subjects: Business & Management

New strategic and tactical frameworks are emerging to support supply chain risk management journeys. We at the Supply Chain Risk Consortium feel that these frameworks, ERM, Enterprise Risk Management, GRC, Governance, Risk and Compliance and new ISO standards will act as guideposts and platforms to accelerate the adoption rate of SCRM tools, techniques, methodologies and metrics.