Beat  Kümin Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Beat Kümin

Professor of Early Modern European History
University of Warwick

I was born in the Swiss city of Biel, studied History & English at the University of Bern and completed a PhD at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Following research positions at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Bern, I joined Warwick's History Department in 2001. Since then, I have held a guest lectureship at Bielefeld (2011-12), a Senior Fellowship at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg in Greifswald (2012-13) and a Guest Professorship at Constance (2015). Photo: Vincent Leifer.

Subjects: History


At Warwick, I convene two core modules for our undergraduates. One of these, a Year 2 survey of early modern history, inspired the Routledge textbook "The European World 1500-1800". It is a collaborative effort involving many of my current and former departmental colleagues and now serves as the companion text for our course.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research interest focus on the social and cultural history of late medieval and early modern Europe c. 1400-1800, in particular English parish communities; rural republics in the Holy Roman Empire; and public houses, drinking cultures and food history in the pre-modern period.

Personal Interests

    Italian gastronomy, skiing in the Alps, following rarely successful football teams and indulging in eclectic period pop.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - European World 1500-1800 2ed - 1st Edition book cover


IGGY Warwick

Do Digital Resources Allow Us to Ask New Questions About the Past?

Published: Mar 08, 2015 by IGGY Warwick
Authors: David Beck, Beat Kümin and Claire Rowan
Subjects: History, Information Science, Archaeology

The invention of computers and databases means that we are now able to analyse large amounts of information, inviting us to ask increasingly complex questions about the past which might have been considered impossible to answer 50 years ago.

Guardian Comment Network

Guess what? Going to the pub could help solve our drink-related problems

Published: Mar 08, 2015 by Guardian Comment Network
Authors: Beat Kümin
Subjects: History, Health and Social Care

To contain the UK's 'drinking problem', we should not just look at volumes of consumption, but also where you drink and who with.

The Conversation

Hard Evidence: how much did our ancestors drink – and are we drinking more?

Published: Mar 07, 2015 by The Conversation
Authors: Beat Kümin
Subjects: History, Health and Social Care

How justified is the moral panic about excessive alcohol consumption in our society - let's take a look at the historical evolution of drinking volumes in Europe.


Beat Kümin interviews Martin van Gelderen

Published: Nov 03, 2015

On the occasion of a conference on political freedom held in the former micro-polity of Gersau (Switzerland), two historians talk about early modern republics.