Kerry Leigh Clamp Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kerry Leigh Clamp

Lecturer in Criminology
University of Western Sydney

My main research areas of interest are the intersection of restorative justice and transitional justice; the use of restorative justice within policing; and state-initiated community restorative justice schemes. I am the Editor of the Newsletter for the European Forum for Restorative Justice, a post that I have held since January 2011.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Restorative Justice, Transitional Justice, Community Justice, Criminal Justice, Policing



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British Journal of Community Justice

A 'Local' Response to Community Problems?: A Critique Community Justice Panels

Published: Nov 01, 2014 by British Journal of Community Justice
Authors: K. Clamp

Community justice panels involve local members of the community as volunteers in responding to crime and have been lauded for their potential to reduce offending behaviour and provide a more localised, culturally sensitive approach to crime committed by people from those communities. This article seeks to review two different models of community justice panels.

Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice

Innovating Responses to Risk: Exploring the potential of a victim- focused polic

Published: Mar 01, 2014 by Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
Authors: C. Paterson and K. Clamp

This article explores the potential benefits of developing partnerships with victims in managing threats to their personal safety via smart police use of electronic monitoring technologies.

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Exploring Recent Developments in Restorative Policing in England and Wales

Published: Nov 01, 2012 by Criminology & Criminal Justice
Authors: Paterson, C., and Clamp, K.

This article explores the developments in restorative policing in the UK and highlights where potential problems for implementation may arise as well as some strategies to overcome them.

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly

Restorative Justice and Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies: Youth

Published: Oct 01, 2012 by Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
Authors: O’Mahony, D., Doak, J., and Clamp, K.

This article analyses the attempts to roll out these reforms in both jurisdictions. It considers why new youth justice arrangements have largely been well received in Northern Ireland, yet have struggled to be implemented successfully in South Africa and reflects on possible lessons to be learnt in the context of post- conflict transformations.

International Criminal Law Review

More Than Words: Restorative Justice Concepts in Transitional Settings

Published: Sep 01, 2012 by International Criminal Law Review
Authors: Clamp, K., and Doak, J.

This article considers the applicability of restorative justice literature in the transitional justice arena.

Nottingham Law Journal

The Influence of Legal Culture, Local History and Context on Restorative Justice

Published: Jun 01, 2012 by Nottingham Law Journal
Authors: K. Clamp

This paper uses the Czech Republic as a case study to reveal the factors that both promote and inhibit restorative justice adoption and integration to bridge this gap in the literature.

British Journal of Community Justice

Rebalancing Criminal Justice: Potentials and Pitfalls for Community Neighbourho

Published: Feb 01, 2011 by British Journal of Community Justice
Authors: Clamp, K., and Paterson, C.

This paper seeksto explore the potential implementational difficulties and resistance that may come from communities and criminal justice practitioners, particularly the police, to community justice panels.