Hakeem  Yusuf Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Hakeem Yusuf

Reader in Law and Public Policy
Law School, University of Strathclyde

My research interest is at the intersections of rights, law and governance especially in transitional societies. In addition to prizes recognizing my cutting-edge research, I was appointed and served as a Commissioner of a Truth Commission headed by a respected former Justice of the Nigerian Supreme Court in 2011.


I am currently a Reader in Law and Public Policy and Director of LLM Programmes in Human Rights at the Law School, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. My research is in the areas of transitional justice, economic, social and cultural rights, judicial constitutionalism as well as business and human rights. Accountability for the exercise of power by institutions of the state and non-state actors is the overarching theme of his research across these areas. My work has critically examined the role of the judiciary in transitional societies. He also interrogates the role of Trans/Multi-National Corporations (TNCs/MNCs) particularly with regard to human rights violations in resource rich-countries.

In an earlier professional career, following a two year stint in private practice, I worked as a Law Officer in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Nigeria. In that employment, I worked closely with the Attorney-General on some of the most important criminal and civil cases in Nigeria's post-authoritarian transition to civil rule.

I have consulted for the International Commission of Jurists, Geneva. I have been a Senior Research Fellow and Director, Sustainable Democracy Programme, Centre for Africa Resources Research and Development (CARRD), Leicester, since 2007. I am a director of the Educational Support Initiative for Africa  (ESIFA) which has donated more than 65,000 books and academic journals worth well over £1.3m to universities and other institutions of higher learning in different African countries in the past few years.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Transitional Justice, Human Rights, Courts, Law and Politics


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