David V. Mason Author of Evaluating Organization Development

David V. Mason

Chair of Theatre
Rhodes College

David V. Mason is Chair of Theatre and Director of Asian Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. He is a board member of the Association for Asian Performance, and a founding member of the Performance and Religion working group of the International Federation for Theatre Research.


As an infant in Aachen, Germany, I received electro-shock treatment for paralysis.  I recovered from the paralysis.  I grew up in Orem, Utah, and briefly attended NYU as an undergraduate.  I studied Sanskrit at the University of Poona, Hindi in the AIIS language program in Udaipur, and conducted my dissertation research as a Fulbright Fellow in Vrindavan.  I have taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Georgia College & State University, and Rhodes College.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of Religion and Theatre.  So, I spend a lot of time in India, where the boundaries between religion and theatre are often deliberately obscured.  I've published on Ras Lila theatre and on classical Sanskrit aesthetics, and wouldn't dare claim any expertise in either case.  I've also published on video games, and have no expertise in this area, either.

    I've also written a biography of Brigham Young.  I'm not any more of an expert in American religious history than I am in the fields of theatrical performance in India or in video games or in anything else.  But writing this book was a genuine delight.  I undertook the project seriously and playfully, and I know a lot more about American religious history now than I did before I started.

Personal Interests

    I have a dream that someday I'll take a good picture.



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