Stacy Takacs earned her PhD in American Literature and Cultural Studies at Indiana University in 2000 and served for two years as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech University. She is currently  Associate Professor and Director of American Studies at Oklahoma State University and a core member of the faculty in Screen Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies.  

Her research focuses on the intersections of popular and political cultures in the contemporary US, and her work has appeared in journals such as Cultural Critique, Spectator: Journal of Film and Television Criticism, Journal of Popular Culture, Feminist Media Studies, and Cultural Studies. She is the author of Terrorism TV: Popular Entertainment in Post-9/11 America (University Press of Kansas, 2012) and Interrogating Popular Culture (Routledge, 2014). She is currently  co-editing a new Routledge volume American Militarism and the Small Screen.
PhD Indiana University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
American Studies, Cultural Studies, Television Studies, and The Cultural History of War and Militarism.
Personal Interests
Personal interests include travel, food, wine and sports, both participating and watching (in all categories). Binge-watching TV, preferably trashy sic fi, and visiting every Major League baseball park in the US and Canada.