Lorraine Mavis Ling Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Lorraine Mavis Ling

Emeritus Professor
La Trobe University

Recently retired as the Executive Dean of Education at La Trobe University, I am now an Emeritus Professor at La Trobe. I have been in teacher education for the past 30 years and prior to that was a teacher in both primary and secondary schools. My major research interests are in educational policy, leadership and management in education, values in education and professional development of teachers and academics. I have worked extensively internationally on major educational projects

Subjects: Education


I am Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University having recently retired as Executive Dean of Education.  Prior to a 30 year academic career I taught in primary and secondary schools.  I have lectured and researched in the area of teacher education and educational policy in specific areas such as philosophy of education, educational sociology, educational leadership and management, values in education, the changing nature of academic work, universities and knowledges in the current era, the political context of education and the professional development of educators.  I have worked in Asia on projects related to teacher education and given seminars and keynote addresses nationally and internationally.  I am an active member of the Association of Teacher Educators in Europe and have chaired the Research Centre for Professional Development of Teachers.


    TPTC (1963) B A (1984) B Ed (1987) M Ed (1989) Ph D (1996)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Teacher Education
    Educational Policy
    Educational Leadership and Management
    Research methods in Education
    Values in Education
    The Political context of education
    The changing nature of universities and academic work
    Professional development of educators
    Curriculum development and design

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