Alistair  Ross Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Alistair Ross

Jean Monnet ad personam Professor of Citizenship Education; Emeritus Professor
Institute for Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University

Formerly I was Director of IPSE (2000-09) Founder/Coordinator Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe (CiCe) Academic Network (1998 to 2008). Research interests include: • social justice and equity in education policy • how young people learn about/ participate in society • constructions of identity (including with their country and Europe); • achieving representative education professions

Subjects: Education


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Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Social Equity in Education (Class, Ethnicity)
    Citizenship Education
    Young People's constructions of identities (particularly country, European)


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 Featured Title - CURRICULUM:CONSTRUCTN & CRITQU - 1st Edition book cover


Lecture on my most recent book: Understanding the Construction of Identities ...

Published: Mar 12, 2015

This gives an outline of the main areas covered in the book Understanding the Constructons of Identies by Young New Europeans: Kaleidoscopic Selves