Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow

Associate Professor
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology

I am a PhD of The Ohio State University (OSU), an Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN), and Projects and Labs Coordinator of Cross-national Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training program ( of OSU and PAN. I'm on the Executive Board of the Committee on Political Sociology (ISA and IPSA) and head of its Working Group on Political Inequality ( My new book is on Political Inequality.

Subjects: Sociology


I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I was a social worker in Philadelphia in the mid-1990s, and in 2006 I got my PhD from the Department of Sociology of The Ohio State University. In 2007, my wife and I got jobs as academics at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences.  My main research interest is in inequality. I try to explain how, in modern democracies, groups who are socially and economically disadvantaged are also politically disadvantaged.  I examine political inequality from  international, intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives.

During my graduate school years, I acquired the habit of working with colleagues and teams and co-authoring publications with them. I find that working with others on research projects enhances both the product and my enjoyment of the process. It lets me into projects beyond my own research, stimulating new ideas and encouraging creativity and productivity, and it allows me to pursue a wider agenda in my own research projects. Working with colleagues and teams also led me to edit and promote the work of my fellow scholars in the international social science community. This includes my new book, Political Inequality in an Age of Democracy: Cross-national Perspectives, published by Routledge.


    PhD in Sociology of The Ohio State University, 2006

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Social stratification, political inequality, sociology of elites, sociology of sport, urban sociology, gender and politics, intersectionality, interdisciplinarity and area studies in Eastern Europe



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 Featured Title - Political Inequality - Dubrow - 1st Edition book cover


Journal of Urban Affairs

Ecological Determinants of Local Government Opposition to Federal Policy

Published: Mar 12, 2014 by Journal of Urban Affairs
Authors: Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow, and Kazimierz M. Slomczynski
Subjects: Sociology

Public protest is usually conceived as challenge to the state, overlooking protest performed by governments within state structures. We identify local government opposition to federal policy decisions as a combination of contentious politics and policy innovation. This theoretical framework highlights the role of social structural conditions, political culture, and contextual pressures, which we examine using local government opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act as a case study.

Intersectionality and Critique

Intersectionality and Quantitative Methods: Why

Published: Mar 13, 2013 by Intersectionality and Critique
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

Explores why we should analyze intersectionality with quantitative methods, and includes an empirical demonstration.

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Hoop Inequalities

Published: Mar 13, 2012 by International Review for the Sociology of Sport
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow and jimi adams
Subjects: Sociology

Empirically examines the social origins of NBA players. We coded 245 newspaper articles for information on class and family background. Using an intersectional approach, we show that African Americans from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to be NBA players than either African Americans or whites from more privileged backgrounds.

Studia Sociologia

Dynamics of Political Inequality of Voice

Published: Jan 01, 2012 by Studia Sociologia
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

Across Eastern Europe, despite radical changes to the political environment, in comparison with men, women always have had far fewer representatives in national legislatures. How can this be? In this article I compare Romania and Poland from the postwar period to now to critically examine the causes and dynamics of women’s unequal political representation.

The American Sociologist

Sociology and American Studies: Limits to Interdisciplinarity

Published: Mar 13, 2011 by The American Sociologist
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

Interdisciplinarity has its limits, and the story of sociology and American Studies shows how potential interdisciplinary relationships fail.

Polish Sociological Review

Parliamentarians, Theorists and the Meaning of Representation

Published: Mar 13, 2011 by Polish Sociological Review
Authors: Lukasz Pawlowski and Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

We take a social constructionist approach to exploring how Polish parliamentarians themselves define descriptive representation. We compare their definitions to that of the democracy and representation theorists. Based on a survey of Polish parliamentarians.

Party Politics

The Importance of Party Ideology: Parliamentarians and Gender Quotas in Poland

Published: Mar 13, 2010 by Party Politics
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

. In the context of Poland, this study addresses two main questions: (a) why do some parliamentarians support party gender quotas? And (b) what are the most important reasons? Using survey data on Polish parliamentarians, I examine the role of three major determinants of variation in party gender quota support: parliamentarian’s gender; economic and religious political party ideologies; and placement on the candidate list.

Ask: Research and Methods

Intersectionality and Quantitative Methods: How

Published: Mar 13, 2008 by Ask: Research and Methods
Authors: Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

Explores the quantitative methodological considerations for analyzing intersectionality using the European Social Survey.

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Downtown Metropolitan Churches: Ecological Situation and Response

Published: Mar 13, 2005 by Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
Authors: William Form and Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow
Subjects: Sociology

A mixed method study of how churches in downtown Columbus, Ohio respond to the needs of the community. We take an ecological and historical approach.


Political Inequality Explained

Published: Mar 13, 2015

This video presents a short explanation of political inequality.