Jesús  Solé-Farràs Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jesús Solé-Farràs

PhD (Extraordinary PhD Award) in Translation and Inter-cultural Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Master of Research into Contemporary East Asia (UAB), Bachelor of East Asia Studies from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), and Bachelor of Psychology (UAB). Independent researcher in classical and contemporary Chinese thought and, positioned between the humanities and the social sciences, in the influence of cultural substratum on social and political discourses in tod


PhD in Translation and Inter-cultural Studies (Autonomous University of Barcelona, UAB), Master in Research into Contemporary East Asia (UAB), Bachelor in East Asia Studies (Open University of Catalonia, UOC), and Bachelor in Psychology (UAB).



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Journal of Chinese Political Science

A Discourse Called China and the PRC’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Published: Feb 08, 2016 by Journal of Chinese Political Science
Authors: Jesús Solé-Farràs

On the basis of the premise that China, besides being a powerful civilization and state, is also a powerful discourse, this essay will set forth, as a preliminary analyti-cal step, a plausible definition of the ‘Chinese mind’ by describing certain essential characteristics that have been forged in China’s classical culture and thought.

China Media Research, 2008

Harmony in Contemporary New Confucianism and in Socialism

Published: Mar 12, 2015 by China Media Research, 2008
Authors: Jesús Solé-Farràs
Subjects: Asian Studies

This article has two main subjects. First, it examines the movement called "Contemporary New Confucianism," as philosophical thought and as an ideological force in China, in possible competition with both autochthonous Socialism and Western Liberalism, and as a polyvalent means of communication that seeks to stand out as genuinely Chinese within a plural and global context.