Giorgio  Franceschetti Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Giorgio Franceschetti

Professor Emeritus
Dept. Electrical Engineering, University Federico II of Napoli, Italy

I was born in Italy, I studied in Italy and United States, and I hold now both Italian and American citizenship, splitting my time (50/50) between these two nations. My main interest is electro-physics, which I love: making research in the area, lecturing, presenting innovative results, writing papers and books has enriched all my life. I have a wonderful family, tolerating my additional love.


Professor Emeritus (University Federico II of Napoli, Italy), Honorary Professor (University of Trento), Distinguished Visiting Scientist (JPL). He has been Adjunct Professor at UCLA (1992-2008), Lecturer at Top-Tech Master, Delft University (1998-2010. He has been Visiting Professor in Europe, USA, Somalia, Lecturer in China and India. He is author of about 200 (peer reviewed) papers, 14 books, and recipient of several awards, culminated with the gold medal from the President of Italy (2000), and elevation to the grade of Officer of Italy Republic (2001). He got the Schelkunoff Prize (1999 and 2008) for the best published paper on IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat.; the 2007 IEEE GRS-S Distinguished Achievement Award: “For outstanding research in Electromagnetics, Propagation, Remote Sensing and Information Data Processing”; and 2010 IEEE APS-S Distinguished Achievement Award “For outstanding contributions to fundamental electromagnetic theory, including pulsed antennas and arrays, innovative propagation and scattering models, and exploration of new emerging application areas”.


    Degree in Electrical Engineering, University Federico II of Naples, 1959. Specialization in Electronics, Higher Institute of Telecommunications, Rome, 1961. Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Physics, Gottingen, Germany,1961, and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NewYork, 1962. Libera Docenza (equivalent to PhD) in Electromagnetic Fields, Rome, Ministry of Education, 1965.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Applied Electromagnetics: generation, radiation, and propagation of electromagnetic fields. Telecommunication, remote sensing from satellites, signal processing, advanced modeling of electromagnetic propagation in built-up areas. Wireless power transmission.

Personal Interests

    Creative research, and continuous interaction with students. I am always listening to classical music, while developing innovative research. My main hobby has been oil painting.


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