Matt Matravers is Director of the Morrell Centre for Toleration at the University of York. He is particularly interested in three things: first, the relationship between theories of distributive justice (who gets what) and theories of retributive justice (accounts of the justifiability of punishment). This interest underpins his book, Justice and Punishment. Second, the idea of responsibility (again, in both distributive and retributive justice) and whether we can ever legitimately be held responsible for anything. This interest underpins a number of papers on the so-called ‘Equality of What?’ problem, and his book, Responsibility and Justice. Third, the problem of ‘dangerousness’, with particular reference to severely personality disordered people. In addition to articles on the above topics, he is the author of papers on psychopathy and the ethics of the compulsory detention of people with personality disorders. He is on the editorial board of Personality and Mental Health.
BSc(Econ), 1987; PhD, 1994. LSE (University of London)
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Criminal Law Theory
Penal Philosophy