Ra  Mason Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ra Mason

Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies/Special Research Fellow
UCLan/University of the Ryukyus

Ra is a researcher and analyst of sociopolitical risk. His current research focuses on governance of the controversial relocation of the US military base, MCAS Futenma, on Okinawa. He is the author of coauthor of four books and numerous articles, including: Japan's Relations with North Korea and the Recalibration of Risk (Routledge) and Risk State: Japan's Foreign Policy in an Era of Uncertainty (Ashgate).


Ra's normative goal is to promote greater understanding of how politically salient issues are framed and governed by a combination of state, market and societal actors. This is achieved through an eclectic mixed method approach, predominantly combining quantitative data sources in a given temporal period with qualitative samples and expert opinions. The results allow a critical analysis that deconstructs standardized interpretations of a given process or situation, which have previously been limited to extant analytical frameworks.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Risk, media, political process, public policy, international relations, security studies

Personal Interests

    Chess, cricket, art, music, football, travel


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Japan's Relations with North Korea - Mason - 1st Edition book cover