Ilan  Fuchs Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ilan Fuchs


I am a legal historian, my research uses legal material and shows how historical conditions effect the interpretation of legal sources. My focus is rabbinic literature in the modern period and I am specifically interested in the ways this corpus of literature manifests changes in the perceptions of gender and the emergence of modern Jewish politics.


I am a legal historian and a scholar of international law. I focus on the role of religion in Israeli history and use legal documents to learn about the changes in religious society vis-a-vis the secular establishment. My work on international law deals with laws of war in light of the changes in contemporary warfare.

I have been teaching in Israel and the U.S in legal studies and history departments.I taught courses such as topics in international public law, legal theory, Jewish law and survey of Jewish History and introduction to Middle Eastern History.

I am first and foremost a teacher, I enjoy teaching and find that I learn from my students much more than I learn from my teachers.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Legal history, Jewish law, Public international law, Jurisprudence, religion and politics, history of religious education