Sunny Y Auyang Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sunny Y Auyang

Independent Scholar

Starting as a physicist, Sunny Auyang feels free to roam across academic disciplines and loves to build bridges between them. She excels in understanding scientific and philosophical concepts, applying them to concrete cases, and explaining them in plain English without technical jargon.


Born in China, Sunny Auyang came to the United States for college and got her PhD in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she worked for twenty years. After retirement, she turned to research in the history and philosophy of science, from economics to cognitive science, on which she has published four books. A profuse reader, she works alone to maintain her independence of mind and pursue cross-disciplinary topics. For the past ten years, she has devoted her energy to studying world history.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Physics, history and philosophy of science and technology, history, Asian studies.

Personal Interests

    Reading, traveling.



Featured Title
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