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Mike Collins

I’m a music producer and studio musician by day, and a music technology author by night (which is when things are quiet enough for me to write)! I have worked with all the major audio and music software applications on professional music recording, TV and film scoring sessions since 1988, and have settled on Pro Tools HD as my preferred DAW. I wrote my first book about professional Pro Tools systems in 1999, and have written 8 more books for Focal Press since then.

Subjects: Audio


I began my music recording career in 1981 as a songwriter-producer at EMI Records and Chappell Music publishers where I achieved early chart success with leading Brit-Funk band Light of the World. “Ride The Love Train” by Light of the World, which I co-produced and co-wrote, sold 40,000 copies and reached No. 40 in the UK charts in November 1981. Throughout the 1980s I worked as a studio musician, recording engineer, songwriter, and music producer, and found time to study digital audio technologies, and MIDI programming using Mac computers, in the latter part of the decade.

This led to a very busy decade in the 90s working as a MIDI Programmer on films, TV, Radio and recording sessions for major labels while developing a parallel career as a writer/reviewer for popular audio and music technology magazines such as Studio Sound, AudioMedia, Sound On Sound and Electronic Musician.

In 1999 I wrote my first book about Pro Tools for Focal Press and set up my own Pro Tools based project studio. Since then I have completed 9 books for Focal Press and have recorded many music albums in my project studio, mostly in the jazz, blues, soul and pop/rock genres.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The History of Recorded Music has always fascinated me, so I have spent some time researching the available literature.

    Since the mid-90s, I have also maintained a close professional interest in the whole area of copyrights and neighbouring rights, and particularly in performer's rights.

Personal Interests

    For sport, I go swimming; for holidays I enjoy trips to the countryside or the seaside; for entertainment I enjoy a good film or a 'live music concert; and for relaxation, I enjoy reading books on a range of subjects, including history and current affairs, audio and music technology, songwriting and arranging,



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