Patrice  Boutier Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Patrice Boutier

Solution Advisor
TMAC / University of Texas at Arlington

currently working on a Black Belt in Innovation Engineering. He has over 30 years of technical and business experience and assists companies experiment with implementing RFID solutions. He works with companies in experimenting and increasing their knowledge of Lean techniques especially Toyota Kata working with different industries and their processes covering a wide variety of equipment processes & services. He is a Shingo Prize Examiner, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is certified as a “T


Recent co-author of “The 7 Kata; Toyota Kata, TWI & Lean Training”,bu Conrad Soltero & Patrice Boutier. The book recieved in 2013 the Shingo Award for Reseach and Professional Publications from the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.
He started his career as an intern with the Chicago Transit Authority designing rail cars, and then as a microwave design engineer at Motorola, for over 16 years working in various engineering and manufacturing positions as an Engineering Manager and Production Manger. As a Vice President of Operations for a contract manufacturing company, he turned a bankrupt operation into a profitable venture within one year.   Later, he managed multiple plants directing their purchasing and manufacturing operations for computers at Tandy Electronics.  He then founded and managed his own company designing and manufacturing vision systems for handicapped and municipal applications. While working at TMAC, he has assisted companies in coal mines, coal fired and nuclear reactor power generation, liquid process, metal processing, food, chemical, cosmetic, furniture, sewing, electronic, defense, office and hospital processes.

He has a BSEE in Microwave Quantum Effects & Feedback Control from Marquette University and a MBA with marketing option from Loyola University. Along with being CompTia RFID + certified, he has also received his Bronze Certificate in Lean. He continues to expand his knowledge and involvement with many other certifications including ISO lead auditing, Toyota Kata and Innovation Engineering.


    MBA, marketing University of Loyola, Chicago, 1973
    BSEE, Microwave Engineering, Marquette University, 1969

Personal Interests

    Soccer, boating,sking, scuba diving, reading.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - The 7 Kata - 1st Edition book cover




By: Patrice Boutier
Subjects: Business & Management

The 7 Kata

The biggest competitive advantage an organization can achieve comes from the synergies created by employees skilled in enhancing organizational dynamics. The Seven Kata: Toyota Kata, TWI, and Lean Training supplies time-tested tools and advice to help readers adapt to changing conditions and outcompete their rivals. It explains why a mix of the skill sets that Training Within Industry (TWI) and the Toyota Kata (behavior patterns) teach is the ideal recipe to boost organizational synergies and enhance any Lean transformation.          


Bridging the kata/TWI nexus, the book lays out a road map for Lean success. It devotes a chapter to each of the Seven Kata and suggests possible courses of action dependent on your organization’s strengths and constraints. Bringing together valuable information on many of the disjointed Lean practices, it explains key Lean concepts, including gemba walks, genchi gembutsu, and PDCA.


After introducing kata, it reveals the different kata inherent in the three major TWI courses and the TWI Job Safety course. It illustrates the value stream analysis relationship to the kata and the kata relationship to TWI. It also demonstrates how to use kata to solve the problems identified in your value stream analysis while simultaneously conditioning your employees’ adaptive thinking patterns.             


Supplying a clear understanding of exactly where the seven kata apply in your Lean journey, the authors include helpful guidelines for coaching a kata. They also highlight mistakes they have experienced or witnessed so you can avoid the same pitfalls. As globalism continues to make management’s organizational skills a competitive differentiator, this book provides you with the tools to use the seven kata to place your organization on a discernible path towards operational excellence.           


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