Carla  Jackson Bell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Carla Jackson Bell

Faculty and Director of Multicultural Affairs
College of Architecture, Design and Construction

Carla Jackson Bell, PhD faculty and the Director, Multicultural Affairs in the CADC at Auburn University. Dr. Bell has taught in the architecture, Africana Studies and Master of Community Planning programs at Auburn University. Dr. Bell's primary focus has been on uncovering teaching approaches that would be more inclusive of underrepresented women and minorities in architecture and design programs.


Throughout her 21 years of professional experience, it has been Dr. Bell's desire to contribute to bringing about a change via transforming traditional architecture curricula content and methods of implementing curriculum by exploring, describing, recording, and communicating views and practices for faculty and students.

Dr. Bell's teaching experience and research in architecture education have provided enough experience to address the issues surrounding the success of students and additional practice to engage in empirical research to inform her efforts. Her research has uncovered that recruiting, retaining, mentoring, and supporting a less insular educational environment will encourage students to share the experiences, understandings, and aesthetics of their culture.  

Dr. Bell has received over $550,000.00 from research grants and small donations to support diversity initiatives for new learning environments which concentrate on students' cultural experiences in architecture, design and construction programs at Tuskegee and Auburn Universities.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    1. Architecture and race. 2. Architecture and women.
    3. Architectural practice—Social and cultural aspects. 4. Architecture—
    Teaching and learning environments. 5. African Americans—Professional education.
    6. Professional education of African American women.


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