Steven  Tkalcevich Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Steven Tkalcevich

I have been working in technology focused positions on the business side for 20 years. Primarily in supervisor, management and leadership roles. The majority of my career has been in project management centered roles in a matrix organization.


I am Married living in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada with two cats spooky and pumpkin. I am 10 minutes north of Toronto, Canada.

My first technology job was in 2000 and have been working in the industry ever since.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My main current areas of research interests are as follows:

    -Leadership with an emphasis on the authentic leadership style & Leadership development.
    -Organizational structures such as the matrix structure.
    -Personal Motivation.
    -Productivity, quality and lifestyle in the workplace and at home including family life.
    -Generations with an emphasis on the millennial generation.
    -Technology focused areas of companies & solutions.
    -Quality improvement initiatives in organizations.
    -Project Management.
    -Online education.
    -K-12 education & STEM.
    - E-business & e-commerce.

Personal Interests

    Continuing education, cooking & barbequing, travel, music, personal motivation, automobile industry, real estate, classic menswear, weight lifting, international food, politics, home automation, comedy (stand up, movies), boating, hockey, fascinated by luxury products and services of great comfort and extravagant living,  entertaining, fascinated by anything state of the art, relationship & late night comedy TV shows.


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