Dominique  Hes Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dominique Hes

Senior Lecturer
The University of Melbourne

Dominique Hes is an academic from Melbourne University, she has been asking for 20 years why after decades of people working on being ‘sustainable’, we are increasingly degrading the environment. With degrees in Botany, Engineering and Architecture, she brings a multidisciplinary perspective to the question: can we move beyond sustainability to abundance and thriving? And what is the role of the designer in this?


Dominique Hes is an academic at the University of Melbourne who has been asking: ‘why, when we have been ‘doing’ sustainability for so long, are we having an ever increasing impact?’ People create such beauty with music, food, art, buildings and community why is it so difficult to be a thriving part of the earth’s systems? She has degrees in Science (Botany) from the University of Melbourne, Engineering (Cleaner Production) and a Ph.D. in Architecture from RMIT University.


    PhD Architecture, RMIT university
    Grad Dip Engineering, RMIT University
    BScience, Melbourne University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ecological Worldview
    Regenerative Development
    Positive Development
    Green buildings
    Green School
    Contributive Practice



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