Michael W. W. Pelphrey Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Michael W. W. Pelphrey

Project Manager
Northrop Grumman

Michael has held a variety of management positions over his career. He has authored over 20 books, methodologies and training courses. He has a passion for business process excellence. Specific areas of focus include ERP, Supply Chain Management, Cost Management, Organizational Change, Requirements Management, Project Management and Process Performance Excellence.



Michael brings to the table extensive “hands on” IT, manufacturing and operations experience.  He has functioned as a Business Architect, establishing Best Practice Business Processes for Start-up and companies wanting to obtain order of magnitude business process improvement. Michael specializes in assisting growth oriented companies, turnaround, Supply Chain Management, TQM, Business Process Reengineering, SDLC, Infrastructure and Product Lifecycle Management.  

Michael has taken a leading role in the design and implementation of systems throughout industry. From the earliest days of the MRP revolution through the complex ERP and APS solutions available today, the systems included both packaged and custom, with particular specialization in packaged solutions.  Results from these implementation efforts have included reducing inventory by as much as 75%, improving customer delivery performance by 60%, improving throughput by 80%, reducing rework by 90%, reducing cost by up to 50%, etc. By establishing aggressive goals with clients, proactive project management and tenacious execution, these results enhanced client company’s bottom-line.

In addition to operational enhancements, he has helped clients assimilate cultural enhancements such as executive practices within the scope of formal systems to attain business objectives.  This particular niche involves integrating the management process of demand management; master scheduling, forecasting, inventory management, business planning, shop floor operations, procurement, robust supply chain and performance measurement (including Earned Value) activities.  This means redefining the roles of business partners and redistributing risks, costs, inventory and responsibilities across the entire supply chain.  

He has published numerous books including topics such as Guide to Selection of Manufacturing and Distribution Systems, Conference Room Piloting, Information Workmanship Standard, Performance Measurements, Complex Project Implementation Planning, Education & Training Planning, Functional Specification and Process Based Management.  

Specific strengths include:

• Strong team leadership skills.  With a plethora of project environments, he excels in leading teams to project success.  Teams include small projects (3 - 4 member resources) through large projects (80 - 100+ resources).
• Exceptional communication skills.  He develops an unique Communication Strategy for each project and tailors it for maximum results.
• A Best Practice leader in the Requirements Generation process and Traceability Matrix to help ensure full lifecycle customer satisfaction.
• Orchestrates a project rhythm that facilitates agility, flexibility, innovation, nimbleness, ingenuity, visionary and exceptional throughput results on each project.
• Demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities for a best in class manufacturing operational environment.
• An industry leader in transitioning traditional hierarchical style practices to a process-based high performance operating model.

• Over 10 years ERP/SCM Software experience, including Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Solutions and Custom Solutions and PLM
• Over 10 Years Complex Project Management and MS Project
• Former Partner in Accounting Firm with Project oversight, QA and Deliverables Approval and deploying SDLC, RUP and JAD methodologies
• Authored Methodologies:  Requirements Definition & Software Selection, Cycle Inventory, Physical Inventory, Information Workmanship Standard
• Proven Business Architect assisting clients forge strategies which improved competitiveness
• Deployed Business Processes that facilitated daily sales volume scale from 2,500/day to 25,000/day
• Oversight of Software Solutions Relationships formation and deployment
• Lean, Organizational Change Management, Collaborative Commerce, Process Modeling
• Earned Value Cost and Schedule Management adhering to SOW methods
• CMMI Level 3 SEI driving to level 5
• 21 CFR, Part 11 skilled
• Proficient at Project Accounting and Variance Analysis methods
• ISO 9001 Certification Project Manager

Professional Experience
• Project Manager . . . Volt an Applicant System Software Selection for Spokane Public Schools 2/15

• Project Manager. . . Benton Public Utilities District – Led the team to upgrade their PeopleSoft Financials from version 9.0 to 9.2.  This involved concurrently upgrading the hardware from UNIX to Blade Technology, Oracle upgrade from version 10 to 11 and PeopleSoft to 9.2.  Established an Enterprise Project Management Best Practice Methodology to provide the leadership team a successful model for future Enterprise System projects. This model included developing a Risk Management Strategy, Rules of Engagement, Communications Strategy, GO/NO GO and a variety of other essential Best Practices. Also assisted in evaluating a Meter Data Management software solution. 7/13 – 8/14

• Project Manager . . . Northrop Grumman Corp. – Oversight of Systems, Tools and Data for the F-35 Logistics Program.  Support user teams as they access various sub-systems.  Audit a variety of sub-system data and publish results.  Generate Requirements, pilot and deploy  a plethora of SharePoint Collaboration nested business functions, Review Data Deliverables to help ensure compliance to contract.  Assist team members with tools, including design and deployment of productivity enhanced capabilities.  Support the Affordability initiatives, test new tools and assist users in process improvements.  Assist in New Hire Equipment provisioning to help ensure their equipment arrives on Day 1 of their employment.  General utility resource including Theater Console Operating, mentoring team members development and function as a backfill resource as needed. 10/11 – 6/13

• Project Manager . . . Northrop Grumman Corp. - Oversight of a plethora of SDLC, COTS and Infrastructure projects.  Classified Program created an Integrated Development Environment that consisted of a variety of Standard COTS solutions to be baseline for future Programs.  Deployed Primavera (Scheduling), Team Center (PLM), Risk Management, Cost Accounting (Earned Value), CRM, Opportunity Management, Portfolio Management, and other capabilities.  Managed Process Improvement deployment to the EAI end-to-end process performance including High Reliability throughput.  Oversight of the Team Center EDS Portfolio and Use Based Contract ($30m Portfolio).  Conducted a Proof of Concept and ultimate deployment of Thin Client Technology that became the Deployment Standard and brought millions of dollars in cost avoidance to the Corporation ... The Project team was awarded IT Project of the Year for the Corporation. Team Center Infrastructure Hardware & Software Refresh . . . over 4,000 user application in a Common Infrastructure with smooth transition.  Right Hemisphere Logistics and Visual Work Instruction (VWI) Proof of Concept and ultimate deployment across a variety of Programs including Unmanned Programs, and F-35 . . . destined to be the Production Operations standard with cost avoidance of $25m over 5 years.  Windows 7 deployment preparation and process reengineering for over 50,000 users and 40,000 applications.  B2 SAR Collaboration Network deployment for a variety of remote Classified Areas . . . Infrastructure set-up and deployment.  Team Center deployment to a variety of small Programs to leverage Infrastructure Investment.  10/07 – 5/11

• Business Architect & Project Manager  . . . Oversight on a variety of custom IT projects, brought to a successful closure.  Assigned special projects manager to prepare for the ISO external audit.  The audit was very successful and number of Action Required dropped from 12 to 2 over previous audit.  Was assigned oversight of the Calibration area preparation, 30 Corrective Actions resolution, oversight of 10 Gap audits, preparation of 2007 ISO Internal Audit Schedule and clean-up of a variety of OPs and WIs.  11/06 – 4/07

• Program Manager . . . Northrop Grumman Corp. – IT Program Manager as SDLC (portfolio value $14m) that spanned multiple years.  Selected IS Sector IT Employee of the Year for Operational Performance (Cost/Schedule – Earned Value) and the Program was in top 3 for performance in the corporation. Implemented a Manufacturing Execution Non-Conformance Tracking System at an A&D manufacturer.  $3.7m Project Portfolio.  Responsible for scheduling and deploying IT Resources (Software Engineering, Platform Engineering, Systems Engineering, DBA, Contractors, Commercial Vendor) across 4 geographic sites (over 12 logical sites).  Coordinated the procurement of HP UNIX Hardware, Oracle, Custom Developed Application Software, and all attendant resources.    5/04 – 11/06

• Business Analyst . . . Planning . . . Implemented JDE OneWorld Forecasting, Master Scheduling & Vendor Release Scheduling for a Broadband Equipment Manufacturer . . . Generated the Policies, Procedures and Desk Instructions, implemented a Custom EDI application which updated Purchase Order Records.  3/03 – 10/03

• Business Architect . . . Conducted an operations assessment and recommended corrective action based upon Best Practices and readiness for transition from R&D to Commercial manufacturer, assisted in defining the business architecture and alignment of businesses processes and performance measurements.  Introduction of the internal processes Service Line Agreement (SLA) whereby the internal customer and service provider are in agreement on end-to-end process performance metrics.  Assisted in FDA software validation implementation process as well as defining the Validation Methodology.  The Materials, Supply Chain and Operations subject matter expert to assist in modifying processes, configuring the JD Edwards OneWorld software . . . assisted in defining Supplier Relationship Frame Agreements with key suppliers, also assisted in reengineering their cycle inventory process.  Help rollout a JD Edwards certification process whereby mastery of the tools was rewarded by Certification.  Assisted the organization in improving their inventory record accuracy from 30% to 96%+, improving their Item & Bill of Material accuracy to the 99% level and assisted in realigning their Unit of Measures.  Worked with Work Orders, Purchase Orders & Customer Orders.  9/01 – 7/02

• Business Architect . . . Conducted an operations assessment and recommended corrective action based upon JD Edwards implementation and Best Practices for a Capital Equipment manufacturer.  Worked on JDE OneWorld Customer Order, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, MRP and Job Costing.  3/98 – 9/01

• Optimized operations throughout the entire supply chain for an Industrial Pump company by implementing a Cycle Inventory program that allowed the preclusion of a physical inventory during its first year.  In addition, served as Program Manager to implement and integrate the White parts carousel system with BPCS business system, Logia PDM and THE GOAL constraint system.  Developed a Customer Service Workbench specification that extracted pertinent BPCS, GOAL and Logia data and was available in revolving Service Team work queue.  The company used Rational Rose as its modeling tool.  5/96 – 12/97

• Program Manager and key resource in reengineering and enhancing competitive advantage for a $5 Billion Computer Company’s business processes.  Program spanned 67 different projects including assisting in BPCS system upgrade, implementing just in time techniques, warehouse layout, schedule flow synchronization, plant relocation (setting up all the manufacturing flows), bar code implementation, etc.  4/94 – 12/95      

• Reduced inventory by initiating an operation’s review for a Respiratory Therapy Products Company and improved customer service level and reduced cycle time.  Reviewed the system requirements in anticipation of a downsizing system project.  9/93 – 4/94

• Program Manager for conversion of a mainframe Business Systems application for a Telecommunications Fiber optics Equipment Company to a microcomputer-based application within 3 months as part of acquisition assimilation.  Performed the education, managed the conversion activities, software installation and start-up functions.  The project impacted all facets of the business and spanned two facilities.  1992 – 1993

• Conducted executive and middle management education courses for a $100 million Tape Drive Company focusing upon improving business processes and learning to use the formal software systems. Engineered a $30 million inventory reduction program, assisted in renovating the Master Scheduling process, and identified means to improve customer service delivery into the high 90%.  1992

•    Directed a series of educational seminars for a Military Electronics Company for all functional user organizations in the proper use of business systems.  Provided project management leadership within the Business Systems project team on approaching an impending Western Data System conversion task.  Teamed with the Engineering department on practices to ensure proper configuration management and control.  Teamed with the Materials group to assist in improving material planning, stockroom management, master scheduling, shop floor and workmanship standards. Reengineer critical business processes and implement changes.  1989 - 1992

•    Managed a series of educational seminars for a $500 million Network Operation for users in business systems, Master Scheduling and Customer Service Management.  Provided MIS consultive seminars on how MIS can better service their internal customer to use information as a competitive weapon in the marketplace.  1988

•    Jointly with the management of a $150 million Aluminum Fabrication Company, conducted an IT Strategy session and developed an Information Technology Plan.  Assisted in developing a Requirements Definition, RFP and conducting an ERP software selection project.  1987

•    Participated with a 13-person team assisting the executive management for a $900 million dollar Shipyard Refurbishment Firm in England going through privatization to identify business process re-engineering opportunities to make the organization competitive.  Worked in the areas of inventory management, business systems and contract management to identify cost savings, which exceeded $100 million.  1986

•    Managed an operations audit for a Transparency Company that identified an approach to cut inventory in half and improved customer service from the 60% to high 80% range within three months.  Identified means to streamline processes and improve their use of business systems.

•    Engaged in the selection of ERP software for a Medical Device Company to meet FDA compliant environment for both process and discrete manufacturing.  Due to scheduled plant relocation, assisted in database cleanup project and expanded use of existing system in the interim.  Assisted in product cost development.  Reduced inventory and improved productivity by performing an operation’s review to identify ways to reduce inventory and improve productivity.  Also, looked at the use of the system to reduce intensity of transaction volume.
In previous positions Mr. Pelphrey was:

• National Director of Consulting (responsible for field Business Process and Technical Consultants) for Comserv (Dun & Bradstreet Software), a major software company. Comserv service over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies.  

• Subsequent to Comserv, Michael was Chairman of the Board/CEO for Keck’s Manufacturing, a $30 million just-in-time manufacturing company with 9 operating units nationwide.  As Chairman/CEO, Michael was responsible for assisting the company become operationally profitable (turnaround).

• Michael formed Strategic Technologies, a business strategy and business process based consulting firm.
• Michael served as Partner responsible for the Western Region ERP/Supply Chain Practice at BDO Seidman’s consulting group (Wavebend Solutions).

Mr. Pelphrey has specialized in JD Edwards OneWorld product in the Foundation, Manufacturing and Distribution functionality as well as supported a variety of other ERP systems including PeopleSoft, IFS, Fourth Shift, Oracle, Visual, Ross, SAP and others.

In addition to PDM/PLM and supply chain capability built into ERP systems, Michael has supported:

• Agile •   Logia PDM • Siemens Team Center, various supply chain products including: •  Logility  •  Adexa •  i2 •  JD Edwards •  PeopleSoft •  SAP •  Infor Visual and Onyx CRM solutions.

Mr. Pelphrey has consulted in the following industries:
•  Aerospace & Defense  •  Capital Goods  •  Consumer Packaged Goods  •  Distribution  •  Food & Beverage •  Furniture  •  High Tech •  Manufacturing (discrete, process and DFT) •  Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Core service areas supported by Mr. Pelphrey’s career include:
 Best Practices  BPI/BPR  Business Analysis  Change Management  Collaborative Commerce  Configuration Management and Control  Cost Management  Demand Flow Technology  IT Strategy  Package Selection & Implementation  Performance Measurement      Process Modeling  Project Management (Complex)  Requirements Definition  Strategic Planning  Supply Chain Planning  System Integration

Mr. Pelphrey earned his Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Fullerton and his Masters of Science from the West Coast University.  He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and is listed in Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who in Industry & Finance.

Sample Portfolio Details
Project Management Summary

Career has spanned various capacities of Project Management functionality:
• 13 Full Life Cycle Projects –
o EAI Process Improvement Reengineering and end-to-end process productivity improvement
o Classified Program Integrated Development Environment representing over 12 COTS Product deployment (Primavera, Team Center, Deltek (MPM, COBRA, Winsight, WELCOM, OpenPlan, Active Risk Manager) Cost/Schedule Accounting, Earned Value Management, Opportunity Management, Created a Lab for Proof of Concept  deployment to create an autonomous business unit.
o Various Siemens Team Center Hardware Infrastructure Deployments.
o Portfolio Manager for $30M EDS Use Based Contract on PLM
o Thin Client Proof of Concept and Transition to Production Infrastructure . . . included creating a collaborative environment represent 2 separate Sectors with Common Solution and deployment of 300 Thin Clients
o B2 SAR Collaborative Network Infrastructure involving 12 nested and remote locations
o Right Hemisphere deployment for the Logistics Courseware Development, Tech Manual for Contract Deliverable as well as creating a Common Infrastructure shared with Production Operations.  Deployed the Production Operations Visual Work Instructions replacing paper-based solution to a realtime animated Visual Work Instruction environment for Program Standardization and substantial performance improvement and cost avoidance

o A Manufacturing Execution System deployment within a large Aerospace & Defense company that spanned multiple years and was implemented in 6 locations and consumed over 40,000 man-hours.  It was one of the projects that led to IT Employee of the Year honors and became 1 of the top 3 Cost/Schedule performance programs in the entire corporation for the year.
o A poorly installed software installation resulted in a 12 month re-implementation.  I served as overall Project Manager (As a consultant) that had 8 full time cross functional team members representing functional areas.  Results exceeded expectation.
o A Parts Carousel System was to be integrated into the ERP system.  I served as Project Manager, wrote the functional specification and had 5 full time team members.  This project involved most functional areas and lasted 6 months.  Results exceeded expectation.
o A newly purchased ERP system, I had one facility to manage the total implementation effort with 6 full time team members and 2 consultants - 14 months to implement.  Met budget/Time Expectations.
o A replacement ERP system had an assembled cross-functional team of 14 people and took 26 months to implement.  Results exceeded expectation.
• Numerous Consulting oversight – (representative excerpts)
o A dual leadership function Project Management role with a Full Time Employee functionary overseeing the Technical Team and I had oversight of the functional team members – 16 months
o Multiple Plant oversight implementation with 3 parallel implementation projects running concurrently and 32 full time project team members that spanned 28 months
o Headed up the team of consultants and 2 divisional ERP implementation projects that spanned 16 months and consisted of 23 team members
o Part time oversight of Project and Budget responsibilities reporting to the Steering Committee on Progress to Time/Budget
o Various Projects where I had overall Project Accountability of the Consulting Team with primary role of Quality Assurance and Time/Budget oversight
• Project Team Member – Partial Project Oversight (Mini-Project Leader)
o Various Projects where I was in charge of specific functional area deliverables (Time/Budget)
o As a user, I served on 3 different Projects functioning as a Subject Matter Expert and responsible for sub-level deliverables (Including Time/Budget)

Representative Companies Supported
■ Ad Art Electric Sign ■ American Hospital Supply  ■ Andiamo ■ AT&T ■ Avon ■ Basic Four Corp (MAI) ■ Bear Medical  ■ Beckman Instruments ■ Becton Dickinson ■ Beehive Intl          ■  Boeing ■ Bourns ■ Burr-Brown (now Texas Instruments) ■  Cascadia Brands  ■ Chamberlain ■ Coded Communications ■ Data Products ■ Digital Equipment ■  Emerson Electric  ■ Elixir Industries  ■ Entenmanns  ■ Estee Lauder  ■ Everest & Jennings  ■ Exxon ■ E. I. du Pont de Nemours ■ Floating Point Systems ■ Garrett AiResearch (Allied Signal) ■  General Dynamics ■ General Electric ■ General Motors  ■ Gillette  ■ Harris Graphics ■ Hiram Walker ■ Honeywell ■ Inhale Therapeutic (Nektar) ■ Intel ■  ITT Corp ■  Johnson & Johnson ■ Karcher ■  Kennedy Company ■  Kim HotStart ■  KMS Research ■ Kryptonics  ■ Litehouse ■ Lockheed  ■ LTV Aerospace  ■ Martin Marietta  ■ Master Specialties ■ McDonnell Douglas ■ Memorex  ■ Mentor H/S ■ Metropolitan Furniture ■ Monsanto   ■ Northrop Grumman ■ Novell ■ Nutrilite ■ O.C.Tanner ■ Optilink ■ Owens-Illinois  ■ Pachmayr  ■ PackardBell/NEC ■ Panduit ■ Parker Hannifin ■ Pertec Peripherals ■ Phoenix Laser ■ Plessey ■ ProCom Technologies ■ Presto Food Products ■  Pyrotek ■ Redken Laboratories ■ Robertshaw ■ Smiths Industries ■ Siemens ■ Square D ■ Steelcase ■ Superior Fireplace ■ Swedlow (Pilkington)■ Systron Donner  ■ T Cell Sciences ■ Teledyne ■ Terayon ■  Toymax  ■ Walt Disney Productions ■ Warner Lambert (Pfizer) ■ Xerox

JD Edwards Support

Inhale Therapeutic Systems (Nektar) Summary

Functioned as an integral team member on their JD Edwards OneWorld ERP Plus Project and provided the following functionality:

• Business Architect . . . Conducted an operations assessment and recommended corrective action based upon Best Practices and readiness for transition from R&D to Commercial manufacturer, assisted in defining the business architecture and alignment of businesses processes and performance measurements
• Introduction of the internal processes Service Line Agreement (SLA) whereby the internal customer and service provider are in agreement on end-to-end process performance metrics
• Assisted in FDA software validation implementation process as well as defining the Validation Methodology.  Assisted in defining their User Requirements Specification (URS), developing their Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) as well as reviewed their Detail Design Specification (DDS)
• Developed 21 CFR Part 11 Deployment Strategy
• Functioned as a Materials, Supply Chain and Operations resource to assist in modifying processes and configuring the JD Edwards software . . . assisted in defining Supplier Relationship Frame Agreements with key suppliers, also assisted in reengineering their cycle inventory process which resulted in increasing record accuracy from 30% to 99%+, worked with Customer Orders, Purchase Orders and Work Orders, MPS, MRP and Cost Accounting
• Help rollout a JD Edwards certification process whereby mastery of the tools was rewarded by Certification
• Implemented MRP functionality at Revision B7.333
• Assisted the organization in improving their inventory record accuracy 99%+, improving their Item & Bill of Material accuracy to the 99% level and assisted in realigning their Unit of Measures
• Assisted in developing functional and Validation Test Scripts to fully exercise JD Edwards software functionality and define gap analysis between the User Requirements Specification and JDE functionality
Owens Illinois Summary

An integral team member in their JD Edwards ERP Project turnaround and business process reengineering activities, multi-plant implementation and provided the following functionality:

• Past due shipments on over 800 orders (some over 1 year past) became current

• Implemented a Cycle Inventory program and Inventory Record accuracy went from 35% to over 96%

• Implemented a formal scheduling system, Upgraded to JDE OneWorld Xe release

• Improved Bill of Material Accuracy/Routing to over 99% . . . rolled-out MRP

• Conducted full range MRP training at multiple sites

• Implemented formal JDE Conference Room Pilot environment (Items, BoM, Inventory, Customer Orders, Work Orders, Manufacturing Accounting, MRP)

• Implemented various manufacturing cells and introduced flow synchronized scheduling

Northrop Grumman Infrastructure Projects

2008 – 2012 – Stood up 5 Classified Infrastructures including Hardware, Software and remote firewalls
2009 - Proposal Center – Setup a complete network for generation of proposals including 2 Server Hardware, 15 work stations and remote access
2009 – TeamCenter Engineering:
• Thick and Thin Client – 20 Sun (M3000/M4000) and HP (DL380) High Capacity Servers, Tape Back-up, Remote Console & SAN
• User Base – 5,000+ 24x7 operation, spread out across the US
• Extranet – Satisfying Customers and Suppliers (over 1,000 users)
• Acceptance & Test and Production Environment
• Application Vault requiring rigorous Information Security – Customers were Air Force and Navy, extensive firewall protection
• Board Reviews:  Spend Board, Server Design Board and Network Design Review
• Database – Oracle
2010 – Segmented TeamCenter Engineering Server for smaller users (50) better using existing capacity.  A smaller version of 2009 TeamCenter Deployment.
2010 – ATDC Classified Program TeamCenter Upgrade Quality Oversight
2010 – Deployed 300 Sun Thin Clients
• 10 Sun High Capacity Servers
• Redundant Backup and recovery
• Serviced 8 sites across US
2010 – 2011 - Right Hemisphere Visual Work Instruction Infrastructure
• 6 round-robin server chains across US
• Extranet
• User Base 200+
2011 – Mainframe Retirement – Created a retirement strategy, software inventory and developed a retirement schedule.  Deployed a variety of workplans for resource areas.  Managed on a matrixed basis of over 50 resources.
2011 – 2012 Deployed a variety of SharePoint applications, all involving an infrastructure component
All Hardware Deployed involved clearance through the Server Review and Network Review Boards.

Northrop Grumman COTS Deployment Projects
2009 – Classified Program Management Program – Created a prototype of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that served as:
• Team Collaboration
• Document Repository
• Team Calendaring
• Requirements Management
• Engineering Integration
• Risk Management
• Action Item Tracking
• Portal Solution
• Interface Testing
Deployed and integrated a variety of COTS packages, including TeamCenter, Primavera, SharePoint, Engineering design/Visualization, Software Configuration Control, Action Item Tracking, DOORS (Requirements Management), Risk and Opportunity Management, Clarity Portfolio Management, Estimating Tool (RAPID), ERP, MPM, SAP, Risk Management, Health Visibility Monitoring.
Established an Unclassified Lab Infrastructure and processing environment (CMMI Level 3) emulating the Classified Production Environment where all applications were configured, control files tested and software integration and data packages were created for migration to Classified environment.   Managed matrixed resources (over 50) including Software Supplier developers, Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, DBAs, et al,. This model was adapted for all future Programs start-up environment
2009 – Stood-up a variety of TeamCenter Environments including upgrading the software, deploying new hardware and configuring the software for over 5,000 Engineering users
2010 – 2011 – Right Hemisphere (Now SAP Visual Enterprise) – Deployed the Hardware and Software Infrastructure. Managed matrixed resources (over 50) including Software Supplier developers, Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, DBAs, Architects, etc.
2011 – Windows 7 Deployment – AS Sector – Coordinated over 200 resources on preparation and deployment of Windows 7 Operating System for over 30,000 users across sector.

NGC SDLC Projects
2004 – 2005 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and IMPCA Shop Floor – A $30 million multi-year Earned Value software development project..  On a matrixed basis, managed over 40 Sub-Contractors, Software Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, System Engineers, Network Engineers, Database Administrators (DBAs), and other selected resources for the development and deployment of this critical tool across multiple facilities and various data centers.
2004 – 2011 A variety oversight (15-20 Projects Various Sizes) on Software Development Projects conforming to CMMI Level 5 Compliance Processes.


    BA California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA 1973
    MS West Coast University, Los Angeles, CA 1975



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