Rajesh Kumar  Arora Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Rajesh Kumar Arora

Doing design and simulations for launch vehicles for over two decades. Design trajectories for both launch vehicle and interplanetary missions. Expert in trajectory optimization and guidance.

Subjects: Mathematics


Completed projects
1) Reentry body shape optimization
2) Trajectory optimization of launch vehicles
3) Interplanetary mission design (developed a software and applied for international patent)
4) Monte Carlo simulations
5) Optimization techniques applied to a number of applications such as DG allocation, Antenna Design and so forth
6) Expert in Matlab. Familiar with Fortran and C++.
7) Over 20 years of experience in ISRO

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Making mathematical models of launch vehicle systems. Carry out simulations on these simulations and optimize the performance.

Personal Interests

    Play chess and use gym


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Optimization: Algorithms and Applications - 1st Edition book cover