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Ian Rex Clemitson


I am a retired Industrial Chemist. My work experience included working with agricultural chemicals, explosives, PVC, and a wide range of other plastics with special emphasis an rubbers and polyurethane. Experience was gained in both the production, material selection and R & D of industrial grade material


In the early 1960’s I attended a series of lectures on plastics at the Cape Town Technical College. This ignited a lifelong interest in all types of polymers, from the early plastics like Bakelite and nitrocellulose, to the modern designer polymers. Over the years the interest has gravitated to moldable and castable polymers such as rubber and polyurethane.
After obtaining a Diploma in Chemistry I migrated with my family to Australia to obtain further experience in the polymer industry.
During the initial period in Australia I developed a deep knowledge of the practical side of formulating, mixing and molding of all kinds of rubbers and polyurethanes on both the small and large scale.
I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry as a mature age student.  I returned to a large pump manufacturer where I carried out research and development work on a full range of elastomers including polyurethanes. The work involved erosive wear and chemical resistance. As a result of part of this work, I obtained a Master’s degree based on the Chemistry and erosive wear of polyurethanes.
Working in a polyurethane foam factory in Brisbane, I studied the properties of polyurethanes further and set up a unit to produce polyurethane elastomers on a commercial scale. During this time I gave a number of courses in polyurethane and rubber.
After retiring, the polyurethane bug stayed with me and I correlated many of my personal notes and took time to understand the deeper properties of polyurethane. This resulted in the authoring of my two books on polyurethane elastomers, namely, Castable Polyurethane Elastomers (now in its second edition) and Polyurethane Casting Primer, both published by CRC Press.


    National Diploma in Chemistry RSA 1960
    BSc. in Chemistry Central Queensland UNI 1988
    MSc. UTS Sydney, 1998

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Castable Polyurethane and Wear Resistant Elastomers


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