Linda Lee Lindsey Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Linda Lee Lindsey

Senior Lecturer
Washington University in St. Louis

Linda (Ph.D. , Case Western Reserve University), is Senior Lecturer in American Culture Studies, Washington University and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Maryville University of St. Louis. Research and teaching focus on gender, globalization, diversity, and health. Fulbright, the Asian Studies Development Program ( jointly to the East-West Center and University of Hawaii), and other opportunities, allows work in China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Jordan, and Africa.


I teach, write, travel, volunteer, and "care give".  In reflecting on my career, I  came to realize that  my sociological perspective informed, and continues to inform, my professional and personal life.  This perspective is an amazing tool to learn about oneself and share that learning with  interested (and interesting) folks.  My sociological journey started with a  B.A. from University of Missouri of St. Louis and an M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from Case Western Reserve University and a later M.A. in education from St. Louis University. .  Research and  teaching focus on gender, American diversity, globalization, and health and society and is incorporated in textbooks to hopefully engage students in sociology.   I continue to work  with the Asian Studies Development Program, a joint program of the East-West Center and University of Hawaii, assisting with institutes and leading professional development field seminars for college faculty in Asia.  Fulbright and other grants and opportunities have allowed study in China, India, Pakistan, Japan, and Jordan.  Work with NGOs on development efforts has also taken me to North and Sub-Saharan Africa.   I've held many positions in professional organizations throughout my career, including  President of the Midwest Sociological Society (2013-2014).  As a sociologist, I find it impossible to truly retire.  However, as  I transition to the latter part of my career, my goal is to write a "sociological memoir"  to connect the personal dots and perhaps offer some thoughts to others on whatever their  academic and career  paths.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research and teaching incorporate  extensive global, intersectional,  and diversity orientations.  As a sociological cheerleader I work to show students the importance of sociology to their daily lives and offer a sociological perspective to my colleagues in American Culture Studies, a program celebrating multidisciplinary content.  With an "applied sociology"  thrust that translates our academic work to current social issues, I speak to a wide range of audiences on topics such as health care and social policy, how globalization plays out  locally, in our neighborhoods and personal lives.

Personal Interests

    Travel!!!  And as a longtime volunteer I  work  with agencies on behalf of women’s advocacy, global health, immigrant resources, and relief and development.  I  also swim.  Swimming laps is so solitary that it allows a great venue for  "thinking" without distraction.  Too boring otherwise!


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Gender Roles 6e - 1st Edition book cover


The Sociological Quarterly

Sharp Right Turn: Globalization and Gender Equity

Published: Jan 01, 2014 by The Sociological Quarterly
Authors: Linda L. Lindey
Subjects: Sociology, Asian Studies

With World Bank as a backdrop, this article inspects the connection between neoliberal globalization (NLG) and gender equity through three cost-benefit analyses: an overall evaluation of NLG; how gender equity unfolds under NLG; and how it unfolds under NLG in China. . Macroeconomic trends supplemented with examples documenting the plight of women under NLG policies, including garment industry workers in Bangladesh, suggest heightened gender peril ushered in with NLG.