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Ian Fraser Glenday

Repetitive Flexible Supply Ltd

Started out as a microbiologist running a plant producing enzymes from deep culture fermentation of bacteria. It was here I started to develop RFS concepts and practices. Sometime later - on a study tour to Toyota in Japan - did I learn RFS and "levelled production" are essentially the same.


After taking time out to gain an MBA from Bradford Business School in the UK, I joined manufacturers Reckitt & Colman, where I led an MRPII project to Class "A" status in the company’s pharmaceutical division. This experience offered me a valuable lesson in understanding why applying batch logic in MRP can cause problems.

Then moved to Reckitt & Colman’s household and toiletries division, where I initiated and helped implement a pan-European supply chain strategy based on the Lean concept of "every product every cycle", before joining Colman’s of Norwich as Head of Policy Deployment responsible for applying Lean/RfS thinking across the entire company.

Currently divides my time between working with Professor Dan Jones at the Lean Enterprise Academy, UK, where I am a Senior Fellow, and helping businesses around the world make their own Lean transformations through my company Repetitive flexible Supply Ltd.


    MBA Bradford UK 1983: BSc (hons) Manchester UK 1976

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    MBA Dissertation titled "use of Production Management techniques in the UK chemical industry"



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Shingo research and publication Award

By: Ian Fraser Glenday

I am very pleased to be able to announce the following about my recently published book “Lean RFS: putting the pieces together” co-authored with Rick Sather VP Customer Supply Chain Kimberly-Clark USA

* The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award recognizes and promotes research and writing regarding new knowledge and understanding of Lean and operational excellence. Named after the Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in operational improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Business System.

Some comments from the Shingo examiners report:

 "Glenday and Sather do a remarkable job of taking some well-known, but not very well understood, concepts and put them in a framework that makes sense and is easy to grasp. Through the example of Kimberly Clark, they demonstrate how the concepts of Flexible Flow can work. It is impressive to see the change in the entire culture of a large consumer goods company that typically is a batch producer"

"When people do the same task more frequently, they get much better at it, they come up with more improvement suggestions and quality improves. There has not been much, if any, writing which focuses on this fundamental principle and the process to apply"

"The publication is a workbook and is short on theory and full of application, the assumption being that most students of lean thinking are familiar with the theory. What is usually missing and where the authors hit the mark is moving quickly from the theory to application"

"Examiners strongly agree with the authors’ premise that the foundation of TPS is levelled production and most companies beginning the lean journey fail to start there. They applaud the authors for their effort to define a process to get there"

In his foreword to the book Lean expert Professor Dan Jones states “This book is the missing link in many Lean journeys”.