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Performance measurement for hybrid Governance (HYPER)

  • Dec 01, 2017 |

    Great News

    There is a Research project on performance measurement for hybrid governance in the School of Management at the University of Tampere. Project Began in the autumn 2017 and It is planned to last until August 2021. Principal Investigator is Professor Jarmo Vakkuri. Main source of funding is the Academy of Finland.

    The framework of hybrid governance.

    Forms of organizing social activities, institutions and work have always beenubiquitous but never self-explanatory. There is a long-standing discussion on markets, hierarchies, networks and hybrids exploring the richness of social forms of organizing. With respect to pursuing important societal activities, such as improving the level of education, maintaining health and keeping up infrastructure, it is sometimes difficult to disentangle public organizations and activities from private efforts. It has become commonplace to use the concept of hybrids to depict the institutional space between the publicand private sectors.

    It is possible to talk about hybrids in the context of markets andhierarchies as well as in the context of public and private forms of action. In this project, hybrid forms of governance refer to institutional settings in which corporations with both public and private owners may operate toward public internet or activity, or where private (for-profit or non-profit) firms increasingly take care of the public service provision.

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