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Layla AbdelRahim on Education, Unschooling, and Losing Our Sense of Empathy with the World

  • Aug 25, 2018 |

    In this episode, Layla returns to "A Worldview Apart" podcast and talks with Eric Garza about what attracted her to unschooling when her daughter was born, what unschooling means and how it worked for her, and how modern schooling diminishes people’s capacity for empathy, among other things. To learn more about education and child-rearing cultures read "Wild Children — Domesticated Dreams: Civilization and the Birth of Education" (Fernwood Publishing 2013). And, to learn more about Layla's critique of the underlying premises Narratives of Civilization, which prompt us to violence, read "Children's Literature, Domestication, and Social Foundation: Narratives of Civilization and Wilderness" (Routledge 2015, 2018)

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