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Digitalization and its impact on welfare and labor: What does it mean for entrepreneurs and innovators?

  • Jan 14, 2020 |

    Digitalization and digital transformation affects everyone to some extent or another. As the welfare services and the labor sector are becoming increasingly more digitalized, many of us stop to ask ourselves what our future will look like. Will welfare services become more accessible or less? Will we keep the jobs that we have now, or will we need to reskill? Who wins and who loses as a result of the technological development? And what new innovations and services can we expect within the next few years?

    These questions are discussed in two recent books published by Routledge. They explore topics such as telemedicine, EdTech, predictive health care, blockchain, digital dentistry, citizen protection, circular economy, GDPR, substitution of labor, gig economy, the “cashless” society, and many more.

    During this lecture, the many speakers and panelists (consisting of some of the books’ authors) will share their insights and different perspectives on these important topics. You will learn more about:

    - How commercialization of welfare services will affect the availability of such services, and what service innovations we can expect to see in the future.
    - The implications of telemedicine, and how it will affect the extant welfare.
    - How circular economy can provide opportunities for entrepreneurs in a digitalized society.

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