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8 Strategies to Help Faculty Relax During Midterms

Posted on: March 12, 2020

We know you as educators give everything you have to your students and your course curriculum. From staying late past your office hours to meet students who needed extra help to sacrificing your evenings to grade papers and answer emails.

But how do you take an active role in your own wellbeing? Discover some of our practical tips to keep your sanity and maybe even enjoy yourself during midterms or finals!

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8 Strategies to Help Faculty Relax During Midterms Infographic

Set Boundaries

  • Schedule a time in your calendar to "unplug" from your devices. Don't just say you will, create guilt-free time for yourself where you're not changed to your email.

Limit Screen Time

  • Turn off email notifications on your phone and don't check any work-related correspondence until you get to the office.

Get Rest/Sleep

  • Hopefully this one is self-explanatory!

Treat Yourself to Lunch or Dinner

  • Before tackling all that grading - go somewhere you've always wanted to try or your favorite local spot. Don't wait until after you're all done, take some time for yourself and eat well.

Ask for Help

  • Don't have a community on campus or often work remotely? Interact with members of your department online, Reach out with an email and build a support network of educators.

Physical Exercise

  • Stretch in your office, take a 10-minute walk, keep up with your exercise routine. Just move your body!


  • Make sure you're drinking lots of water to balance out the coffee.

Leave Your Office or Regular Work Space

  • Find a couple of tasks that can be done outside the office and do some grading or planning elsewhere for a change of scenery.

Share your experiences with others

  • Don’t be afraid to share your experience as you navigate stressful seasons. Use the hashtag #midtermselfcare on twitter and tell us how you find ways to recharge and tag us at @Routledgebooks