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About the Book

About the Book: Business and Environmental Sustainability

Posted on: August 14, 2020

Business and Environmental Sustainability

Business and Environmental Sustainability
Foundations, Challenges and Corporate Functions, 1st Edition


By Sigrun M. Wagner





Impact IconImpact

I think Business and Environmental Sustainability: Foundations, Challenges and Corporate Functions could be a useful resource for any course on sustainability, particularly environmental sustainability in a business or management setting, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Highlights IconHighlights

Business and Environmental Sustainability is structured into three big headlines that comprehensively highlight the complexity of business and environmental sustainability:

1) Foundations, which take readers through the case for environmental sustainability, drawing on economics, science, policy and strategy

2) Challenges, which provides an initial overview of the various environmental issues faced and caused by business, before focusing on climate change, pollution and waste

3) Corporate functions, which look at how each part of a business is part of the problem, but can also be part of the solution to the environmental challenges outlined before.

A chapter with case studies integrates the different parts and allows active application of tools, issues and concepts.

Research IconResearch

When I started writing the book, I read through some of the classics of environmental writing, such as Limits to Growth, Small is Beautiful, Gaia, Our Common Future, and The Ecology of Commerce. It was quite humbling to realise how little we have learnt and how much there is to do. At the same time, it was hugely encouraging to read up on corporate examples that actively apply some of the lessons learnt.

Development IconDevelopment

Business and Environmental Sustainability: Foundations, Challenges and Corporate Functions was very much written in response to teaching a course about business and the natural environment to management students, focusing on environmental sustainability. As I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do in terms of the structure of the course - foundations, challenges and functions, and as I couldn't find any resources that specifically met my requirements, this naturally developed into an idea for a textbook which could be used more widely.