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About the Book

About the Book: Corporate Media Production

Posted on: August 13, 2020

Development in Nigeria

Corporate Media Production
3rd Edition


By Ray Dizazzo





Impact IconImpact

I believe Corporate Media Production will have a significant positive impact because it brings the previous edition up to date, establishes a clear relationship between traditional corporate media production and social media style production and places extra emphasis on writing and directing skills.

Highlights IconHighlights

As a complete, in-depth resource, the book will provide broad, valuable content to both novice students just beginning their studies, and more knowledgeable students who are farther along on their corporate media journey.

In addition, I believe the fully updated content, explored in a simple, easy reading style will keep students engaged and eager to gain more knowledge.

Finally, by clarifying the relationship between traditional and social media style productions, Corporate Media Production will offer students an accurate sense of large budget, formally structured productions and much smaller, nimbler “one-man-band” style productions.

Research IconResearch

As a semi-retired producer whose production experiences were learned primarily during the transition from film to analog and eventually digital video, I had to do a good deal of research on the fully digital nature of the current production processes.  This included visiting studios and conferences, doing online research and interviewing producers in the areas of acquisition, storage, editing, mastering and delivery.

Development IconDevelopment

The information and ideas developed in Corporate Media Production came from research, interviews and hands-on, client-based production experiences, utilizing current techniques and equipment. These included shooting, editing, mastering and delivering projects for clients and associates.