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About the Book: Development in Nigeria Promise on Hold?

Posted on: July 17, 2020

Development in Nigeria

Development in Nigeria
Promise on Hold?


By Edlyne Eze Anugwom





The Role of Game DesignImpact

This book targets scholars and students of development, political economy, politics and African studies. Its main strength is that it is a comprehensive overview of development in Nigeria. This ambitious take was pursued through tackling different issues in the development of Nigeria overtime. Apart from x-raying the underlining problems or challenges confronting development, it also offers panacea for attaining development that has alluded Nigeria for decades since its independence. In other words, this book unravels the trajectories and dilemmas of development in Nigeria since its independence in 1960. Despite enormous human and material resources, development progress in Nigeria has not met expectations. By delving into the various factors that have influenced development efforts and initiatives, Development in Nigeria: Promise on Hold? aims to draw out lessons to help the country achieve its potential. In effect, while treating the perennial topic of development, it presents both synchronic and diachronic analysis and panacea to the challenge that are very innovative and make invaluable addition to the theory and practice of development.

The Basics of ArtHighlights

1. The comprehensive nature of the book embodied in the array of issues discussed in the chapters of the book - it covers all the pertinent issues on development in Nigeria and in different historical and political epochs overtime
2. Historical and contemporary take on development in Nigeria - this would enable the reader to grasp a good history of development in Nigeria as well as familiarity with extant issues in development in the country
3. Presentation of the narratives, arguments and debates on development in Nigeria in very friendly and easily comprehensible prose that would appeal even to the general and introductory reader

Game Animation FundamentalsResearch

 The book depended mainly on documentary data and the extant literature for critical information on the various topics covered. However, keeping the book within the agreed contract word limit was very challenging given the array of issues that one would have covered. Therefore, the main challenge was on achieving the lofty goals of the book within the allowed number of words. I also struggled with meeting the deadline while still doing other necessary duties of research, teaching and supervision.

Game Engine ArchitectureDevelopment

The main idea for the book came from my interaction with graduate students in a couple of institution where I have either taught or held fellowship positions. Also, I was intrigued by the fact that most volumes on development in Nigeria are either from an economics or other disciplinary orientations which ultimately coloured both the interpretation and panacea offered. But my mandate was to offer a comprehensive text that was not held hostage by either esoterism or disciplinary limitations.

A patient reader would find the book useful, informative and insightful. While the book by no means exhausts all issues in development in Nigeria, or even presents all that there is needed to know about its subject, it is valuable, and a must read. Therefore, it would be imperative reading to anybody with interest in development in Nigeria especially those who would want answers to why Nigeria, in spite of its potential, is still mired in development doldrums.