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About the Book

About the Book: Integrating Business Management Processes

Posted on: October 2, 2020

Integrating Business Management Processes

Integrating Business Management Processes
Volume 1: Management and Core Processes; Volume 2: Support and Assurance ProcessesVolume 3: Harmonising Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Processes


By Titus De Silva





Impact IconImpact

The three titles that comprise Integrating Business Management Processes provide a clear path for all business organisations to integrate their quality, food safety and environmental managment processes. It is useful for (a) manaufacturing and service organisations to steamline their business processes, (b) consulting organisations, (c) academic institutions and (d) certifying bodies.

Highlights IconHighlights

1. Integrating Business Management Processes, volumes 1-3 provide a clear understanding of modern business processes in detail with case studies
2. Volume three demonstrate how quality, food safety and environmental processes can be integrated into one complete unit
3. Additional resources such as numerous forms, tables and flowcharts enable organisations to design their own management systerms
These three volumes serve as a theoretical and a practical guide for management systems design and their integration.

Research IconResearch

As the Quality Assurance Director of the largest winery in New Zealan, I was responsible for developing management systems to meet internation as well as several export requirements. Managing stand-alone quality, food safety and environmental management systems became cumbersome. As a result integration became a complete solution.

Development IconDevelopment

Most books on integrated management systems describe the integration of ISO standads. By following this path, organisations cannot meet the customer's requirements as well as the organisation's requirements. Those who design managment systems to meet ISO standards lose their focus. Therefore, the correct approach is to design systems to meet customer and the organisation's standards which on maturity can be extended to meet interational standards.