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About the Book

About the Book: Married Women Who Love Women

Posted on: July 22, 2020

Development in Nigeria

Married Women Who Love Women, 3rd Edition
And More…


By Carren Strock





Impact IconImpact

Married Women Who Love Women, 3rd Edition And More is a useful guide for:

.Therapists and other helping professionals
. Students of Gender studies, Sexuality Studies, Women's Studies, LGBTQ Studies
. All women who love women, or are questioning (cis and trans), their partners, family members and friends

Highlights IconHighlights

  •   Speaks to evolving sexual and emotional mores
  •   Normalizes a variety of sexual feelings and ideas 
  •   Apprises the expanding consciousness of sexual attraction, orientation, fluidity and identity
  •   Shares personal and compelling stories of women

Research IconResearch

 People no longer identify as only straight, gay, or bi. The glossary has grown tremendously.

Development IconDevelopment

So much has changed and continues to change with regard to the way we think, feel, and understand issues of sexuality and gender and transgender issues have moved to the forefront.