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About the Book

About the Book: Staging and Re-cycling

Posted on: August 14, 2020

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Staging and Re-cycling
Retrieving, Reflecting and Re-framing the Archive, 1st Edition


By John Keefe, Knut Ove Arntzen





Impact IconImpact

Staging and Re-cycling contributes to a broader view on how Theatre Studies could reflect artistic trends by pointing out the recycling effect as an ongoing process both with regard to practice and research activities. In the contributions of this book the co-editors will show how the concept of recycling gives new possibilities and thus creates new impact by looking back and reminding of how neo-avantgarde and post-avantgarde are to be recognized as sources in todays theatre and performance.

Highlights IconHighlights

For me, as a co-author, I would say that all texts are important, and maybe for the thematic itself ´On Telling the World and Recycling in the New Theatre´ might be essential to the general understanding, as well as ´The Resurrected Theatre Machine: A Postdramatic Paradox´. ´Drama in Landscapes´points to the relatively new historiographic perspective of landscape dramaturgy.

Research IconResearch

Metaphorical understanding is a major tool to sort out experiences that otherwise are difficult to describe. It is a methodology working by self-reflection and creativity in understanding theory through metaphors.

Development IconDevelopment

My texts in this book are a result of long time activity as both researcher and critic, and by seeing a lot of theatre and performative work and writing about the required information is gained. The possibility of many years of exchange in conferences, theoretical and practical workshops, and between the co-editors and co-authors ideas were reworked and tested.