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About the Book

About the Book: Theorizing Cohesive Development

Posted on: August 14, 2020

Theorizing Cohesive Development

Theorizing Cohesive Development
An Alternative Paradigm, 1st Edition


By Sunil Ray, Neetu Choudhary, Rajeev K Kumar





Impact IconImpact

I have  reasons to hope that Theorizing Cohesive Development, An Alternative Paradigmt will have immense impact on the intellectuals, development theorists and practitioners, researchers, teachers and students. And, of course, on those who are searching for the means to free themselves from all forms of deprivation, disintegration and discrimination in all aspects of life including  social, economic  political and environmental and at all levels including local, national and international.  I think the central argument of the book that revolves around cohesive development which is conceived based on solidarity between humans (the subordinate groups who develop a shared consciousness which is excluded from various forms of power) on the one hand and humans and nature on the other, will influence the concerned to get out of the box and think about  alternative development paradigm as this book suggests.

Highlights IconHighlights

1)  Cohesive development providing newly conceptualized alternative development framework

2)  This book is a collection of papers written by eminent scholars across the world who have  explored both empirically and theoretically how such an alternative development paradigm is followed in different ways, in different contexts, in real life situations

3) Theorizing Cohesive Development, An Alternative Paradigmmay may inspire people to work on a new development trajectory based on lessons drawn from the book.


Research IconResearch

Theorizing Cohesive Development, An Alternative Paradigm is a collection of articles written by eminent scholars based on their research work and presented by them at the international seminar. We, being the editors of the book, had to see that  both theory and practice of cohesive development are focused equally.


Development IconDevelopment

This book is an outcome of the international seminar Cohesive Development: An Alternative Paradigm?  The intellectual motivation underlying this seminar stemmed from my paper titled "Economics of Solidarity: Economics of the 21st Century" that appeared in the Economic and Political Weekly, in 2012.