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About the Book

About the Book: Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations

Posted on: August 13, 2020

Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations

Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations
Balance-of-Plant Systems, 1st Edition


By Charles F. Bowman, Seth N. Bowman





Impact IconImpact

Engineers working on the design of future nuclear plants and those working at existing nuclear power stations as design, system, operation, and maintenance engineers will use Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations, Balance-of-Plant Systems as a reference source for analyzing and testing nuclear station balance-of-plant mechanical systems.

Highlights IconHighlights

1)  One of the most important parameters affecting nuclear plant thermal efficiency is the main condenser performance.  Chapter 6, Main Condenser, provides new insight into how to identify, diagnose, and correct poor main condenser performance.

2)  For future nuclear plants that require a safety-related ultimate heat sink (UHS), Chapters 12, Spray Pond Designs and Testing, and Chapter 13, Oriented Spray Cooling System, present a proven, reliable, approach to UHS design that is superior to the mechanical draft cooling towers that are commonly employed.

3)  One of the most technically challenging aspects of nuclear plant operation is the required testing of safety-related heat exchangers, especially air-to-water heat exchangers.  Chapters 16, Heat Exchanger Analysis and Testing; Chapter 17, Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers; and Chapter 19, Testing of Containment and Reactor Building Air Coolers, present the latest methods of heat exchanger analysis and new and more creative methods of testing these heat exchangers complete with example problems illustrating the methodology in the appendices in both English and SI units.

Research IconResearch

In preparing the technically challenging sections of the book on cooling towers, spray ponds, and heat exchanger analysis, the authors consulted leading experts, Dr. Dudley J. Benton, Robert E. Taylor, and Dr. Lindon C. Thomas, respectively for insight and technical review for the contents of the book in those areas.

Development IconDevelopment

Much of Thermal Engineering of Nuclear Power Stations, Balance-of-Plant Systems is based on a solicited course entitled "Nuclear Plant Thermodynamics for System and Design Engineers" that the lead author has conducted for hundreds of nuclear plant engineers over many years.  Additionally, much of the material in the book is based on consulting work performed by the lead author for many of the leading nuclear electric utilities over his over 50 years of experience in the field of nuclear plant engineering.