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Author Interview: Reinvention by Anthony Elliott

Posted on: November 25, 2020

What is Reinvention in the modern era?


Reinvention, 2nd Edition examines "reinvention" as a key buzzword of our times. From psychotherapy to life coaching, from self-help manuals to cosmetic surgery and from corporate rebranding to urban redesign: the art of reinvention is inextricably interwoven with the lure of the next frontier, the breakthrough to the next boundary – especially boundaries of the self.

The author of this updated Routledge book, Anthony Elliott, was kind enough to spend some time answering some of the most pressing questions about the process of Reinvention, and how it has changed since the first edition was published back in 2012.



1. You describe re-invention as a buzzword of our times. Has much changed since the first edition of this book published in 2012 and how is this reflected in the 2nd edition?




2. The ever-increasing globalization of re-invention is discussed in the book. How does this continue to grow and have we reached a saturation point?




3. New to the second edition is a discussion of the nature of reinvention societies, can you explain what you mean by this?




4. You have included a new chapter on the digital revolution and artificial intelligence, which is something that you also explore in your book The Culture of AI. Can you tell us how re-invention is having an impact on the digital space?




5. Finally, I have to ask about the impact of COVID-19 on re-invention, as I know this is something that you touch on in the new edition. The global pandemic has had such a huge impact on all aspects of life, how do you think it has influenced re-invention?



Reinvention (2nd Edition) is available December 20th, 2020, in Paperback, Hardback, and eBook formats.