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Editors Talk New Editions: Excursions in World Music, 7th Ed

Posted on: February 7, 2020

Constance DitzelExcursions in World Music, 7th Edition

by Timothy Rommen, Bruno Nettl

"I signed the 7th edition (and an 8th currently in development) with Tim Rommen, who had taken up co-authorship with the respected Bruno Nettl, one of the founding-fathers of ethnomusicology as a college discipline. Formerly with Pearson, Excursions has undergone many iterations. Tim, of Univ of Pennsylvania, has been a terrific author, who works with the many contributors to this textbook and understands the spirit of collaboration. As Routledge is known for its world music entrees, led by World Music: A Global Journey by Miller and Shahriari, our List has been strengthened by Excursions. Pete Sheehy (amazing editorial assistant) and I have had enjoyable brainstorming dinner conversations at SEM with Tim. We look forward to more." - Constance Ditzel, Senior Editor, Music 

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