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Editors Talk New Editions: Gateways to Understanding Music

Posted on: February 7, 2020

Constance DitzelGateways to Understanding Music

by Timothy Rice, Dave Wilson

I signed Gateways to Understanding Music in its first edition, delighted that author Tim Rice at UCLA, known for his work in Ethnomusicology, was attempting a marriage with music history/musicology from a world view, not just restricting music appreciation to the confines of Europe -- but including the strong suits of music in every era a daunting challenge, but successfully accomplished with the help of Dave Wilson of Victoria Univ of Wellington (NZ). As Routledge is known for its world music entrees, a music appreciation book inclusive of world musics was a perfect fit. The authors and Pete Sheehy (amazing editorial assistant) had brainstorming lunch conversations at AMS with everyone on-task. We all had a role in developing it, and have maintained a good collaboration.
There are many books in music appreciation. A unique feature of this book is how it shows what was happening in the world musically, for example, when Haydn was composing chamber music and Mozart created his first symphonies there was an American Revolution, and during the same era Atlantic slave trade, for which the musics are presented via “gateways.” Then the book guides students how to ask, and answer, questions about the musical tracks they hear. - Constance Ditzel, Senior Editor, Music