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Editors Talk New Editions: The ID Casebook, 5th Ed

Posted on: February 7, 2020

Dan SchwartzThe ID Casebook, 5th Edition

by Peggy A. Ertmer, James A. Quinn, Krista D. Glazewski


"This new edition of The ID CaseBook collects vivid and cutting-edge case studies to show just how dynamic the application of instructional design is in the field today. Peg, Jim, and Krista—the three brilliant volume editors—worked steadfastly with us to reprint of the fourth edition, keeping the title in the hands of graduate students, while they simultaneously planned the fifth. No easy feat. And the idea for the cover, which shows a region in map, satellite, and landscape representations, was theirs, too: a pithy way to remind ID students preparing to put their knowledge into practice that there are many ways to approach the same thing." - Dan Schwartz, Editor 


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