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Finding your passion

Finding your passion - Thomas R. Klassen

Posted on: February 10, 2020

The best and hardest lesson I learned while a university student was to find my passion. The transition from high school to university was a brutal one for me. I was unprepared for university, avoided attending classes, and failed one of my courses. I was deeply unhappy with school and life.

What saved me from complete failure was making the difficult decision to transfer to a different university for my second year of studies. This school was far from home, and I knew no one there. In fact, I had never visited this university before!

This time I selected a program of study based on my interests and passions rather than following what others, such as friends and family members, recommended.

I realized that to succeed at being a university student, I had to enjoy the experience. I enrolled in courses that looked like they would be fun (not easy, but on topics that I wanted to learn about). I found new friends who shared my interests so we could study together.

Tests and exams became less stressful when they were on material I liked and when I avoided last minute cramming. Written assignments became pleasurable when they covered topics I was keen on. I felt less stressed and rushed when I took additional time to conduct my research and wrote a second draft before submitting assignments.

I participated in university activities outside the classroom, from sports teams to student government. This meant that there was lots to keep me entertained while at school.

Having found my passion, school stopped being a chore while my grades improved dramatically. School was fun, and I was happy with school and life.