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Freya Mathews on 'The Ecological Self'

Posted on: June 8, 2021

A cornerstone of ecological thought - Freya Mathews' The Ecological Self is now an Australian Routledge Classic.


The Ecological Self  is a compelling and fascinating account of how we must change our thinking about the environment. Since it's original publication, it has become a classic of ecological and environmental thinking.

In celebration of the book's publication as part of our  Routledge Classics series, Freya Mathews contextualises the book for the 21st century and the problems facing the modern world.


Praise for the book:

'Freya writes beautifully ... [She] illuminates the relationship between physics and metaphysics, and between knowledge and faith ... if one wanted a clear articulation of some aspects of Spinoza's notion of substance and Einstein's cosmology, here it is.'

- Habitat

'This is the book for which serious students of "deep" ecology have been waiting ...her treatment is outstandingly lucid, highly original and tightly argued.'

- Times Higher Education Supplement

'It should be read by everyone interested in environmental ethics and will be of interest to many others.'

- Australasian Journal of Philosophy


About the Author

Freya Mathews is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Philosophy at Latrobe University, Australia. Her books include The Ecological Self (1991), Ecology and Democracy (editor, 1996), For Love of Matter: a Contemporary Panpsychism (2003), Journey to the Source of the Merri (2003), Reinhabiting Reality: towards a Recovery of Culture (2005), and Ardea: a philosophical novella (2015). In addition to her research activities she manages a private biodiversity reserve in northern Victoria. She is a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.


The Ecological Self is available now in Paperback , Hardback , and eBook  formats.