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History July Newsletter

Posted on: July 30, 2020

In this era of COVID-19 it might seem that history could take a back seat, but it has never been more important. Not only do the books we publish on the history of disease feel more relevant, but the bigger historical picture has never felt more important to engage with, in a situation that is so uncertain and in so much flux. Our authors clearly feel the same, since we have continued, through the crisis, to publish insightful, rigorous and useful volumes on every aspect of history. In this newsletter we feature a number of those new titles, reflecting the diversity of our list, as well as some events we are engaging with this month. We continue the introductions of our history editors, by introducing you to our Medieval and Early Modern textbook Editor:

Laura Pilsworth

This year marks Laura’s ten-year anniversary on the history list at Routledge, first starting as the Editorial Assistant then progressing to Editor in 2012. Laura’s love affair with history and, in particular with the medieval and early modern periods, began at A-level when she learnt about the political, religious and cultural divisions caused by the English Civil War, which inspired her to study history at the University of Southampton, UK. Here she broadened her knowledge of the history of pre-modern Europe enjoying subjects such as medieval women, the Crusades and the history of witchcraft. She also developed an interest in biography which has seen her write a biography of the parliamentarian Sir Walter Erle during the English Civil War for her undergraduate dissertation and later a biography of the life of Eunice Frost, the first female Editor at Penguin for her Masters in Publishing. An interest in historical biography has extended into her publishing career through the Routledge Historical Biographies and the new Lives of Royal Women series. While she covers all topics and approaches in medieval and early modern history, she is currently focused on commissioning books on pre-modern environmental history, women’s and gender history, everyday life and the history of science and medicine.

If you have a new book idea which you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Routledge medieval and early modern history publishing programme, please contact Laura at [email protected]

Medieval Month

July is usually medieval month here at Routledge, with the annual pilgrimage up to Leeds for the International Medieval Congress. We are very sad to be missing seeing all our medievalist friends, but we hope you enjoy this selection of the latest medieval books publishing at Routledge. This range showcases the newest textbooks and research monographs to aid your teaching, learning and research.

A History of the Islamic World, 600-1800     Introduction to Byzantium, 602–1453     The Body Broken     Muslims and Crusaders     The Arab Lands under Ottoman Rule

Using and Not Using the Past after the Carolingian Empire       A Chronology of Medieval British History 1066–1307       A Chronology of Medieval British History 1307–1485      The Making of Crusading Heroes and Villains      Margaret's Monsters

 Controversial Histories – Current Views on the Crusades        Bede and the End of Time      The Boundless Sea      Chronicles of Qalāwūn and his son al-Ashraf Khalīl     Recalcitrant Crusaders?

Margaret's Monsters       Rethinking Medieval Margins and Marginality      Travel, Pilgrimage and Social Interaction from Antiquity to the Middle Ages      The Charisma of Distant Places     Supernatural Encounters



Published This Month

Pregnancy, Delivery, Childbirth   Demonology and Witch-Hunting in Early Modern Europe   WOLSEY   A Concise American History   Remembering the Reformation

Children and Childhood in Western Society Since 1500    Making Livonia     John Stearne’s Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft     Sources for the History of Emotions      Well-Preserved Boundaries

Meredith Hanmer and the Elizabethan Church     German Neo-Pietism, the Nation and the Jews     The Discourse of British and German Colonialism


Series feature – Lives of Royal Women

On the 2nd July Routledge were proud to be involved in a virtual Publisher’s session at the Kings and Queens Conference. Laura Pilsworth introduced the Lives of Royal Women series and took part in a live Q&A with the Series Editors Elena Woodacre, University of Winchester, UK and Louise Wilkinson, University of Lincoln, UK. It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity to discuss the series with likeminded monarchical enthusiasts. The series is currently open to proposal submissions and the first titles will be publishing in 2021.

For more information about the series please see here.



Taylor & Francis have joined with many other academic publishers to make content related to COVID-19 freely available. For those interested, you can find relevant books and journal articles here.