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New Spanish Research Award Announced

Posted on: March 23, 2020

It was announced today that a new Spanish Research Award is open for submissions. In partnership with Routledge, ASELE - The Association for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language - has established the ASELE-Routledge Doctoral Thesis Prize. This is the first award in the field of Spanish and the only international prize in the teaching of languages that includes a mentorship. Its primary objective is to promote the academic and teaching careers of young researchers to lead projects on Spanish Language Teaching (SLT).

Established in 1987, the ASELE is now one of the largest and most international associations of teachers of Spanish with over 800 members across more than 58 countries.

The President of ASELE, Dr Javier Muñoz-Basols said:

“The ASELE-Routledge Doctoral Thesis Prize is the first of its kind. The Prize aims to foster the next generation of scholars in the field of Spanish Language Teaching. Its creation is a response to the growing worldwide interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish and is an opportunity to boost the visibility of research in the field of SLT.”

“A collaboration between Routledge, one of the most prestigious academic publishers with significant impact in the field of applied linguistics, and ASELE, one of the longest-standing associations of Spanish professionals, makes this a partnership able to offer our winners more than most prizes can. The award was born to help develop new theoretical approaches with immediate applicability to the teaching of Spanish. We hope this initiative generates a positive impact on the teaching of Spanish and the profession.”

On why it stands out from other awards, Routledge Commissioning Editor for Language Learning Samantha Vale Noya said:

“The idea was to establish the award as a much more invested prize for the winner – to be more than a cash prize and an online publication, whereby the thesis would be transformed into a peer-reviewed published research monograph with international distribution.

The key differentiator for this award is that the winner will have the support of a mentor throughout the process, a specialist in the field who will guide them to the delivery of the final manuscript.

As List Advisor, Javier Muñoz-Basols has been instrumental in the success of our Spanish titles and will be a further source of support for the award winner as they navigate the publishing process, developing their thesis into an innovative addition to the Spanish list.”

Laura Gasca Jiménez, Fairfield University (USA), was named as the first winner of the new award in September 2019.

“This award provides a platform to engage and bridge multiple disciplinary traditions, such as heritage language education and translation studies, and allows me as an interdisciplinary researcher to expand the impact of my research in various research communities.”


Pictured: 2019's first award winner Laura Gasca Jimé

Pictured: 2019’s first award winner Laura Gasca Jiménez.

The award judges commented:

“This is the first in-depth study to guide practitioners on how to best integrate translation in the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language.”

The award is now accepting submissions until its closing date on July 15, 2020. To apply, visit the ASELE Award Submissions page.

The 2020 winner will be announced at the ASELE Conference, running 2nd-5th September at the University of León. Members of the Routledge Books editorial team will also be in attendance.


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