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A Row of Women

Women in Academia - Q&A - Interview Series

Posted on: June 17, 2021

Women in Academia - Q&A - Interview Series


The status of women in academia has changed considerably over the last few decades, with more opportunities and careers contributing to a more level playing field. But there remain obstacles, and the situation varies from subject to subject, from institution to institution. We spoke to a range of women from across the world about their perspectives on academia, how the situation in higher education for women has changed over the years, and the issues they still face.

Over the past few weeks we've hosted a series of interviews with female instructors from across Europe and America, and nearly half have chosen to remain anonymous, highlighting the pressures that women can still face in the industry. Click on the links below or on the sidebar to view each week's Q&A.

Week 1

Interview with Nicole Pollock, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Social Care at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Week 2

Interview with an anonymous PhD in Human Sexuality.

Week 3

Interview with an anonymous assistant professor in the field of Linguistic and Cultural Studies.

Week 4

Interview with an anonymous professor of English Language and Translation.

Week 5

Interview with Rosalía Baena Molina, a professor of English in the Linguistics faculty at the University of Navarra.

Week 6

Interview with Ana Clara Birrento, assistant professor in English Literature at the University of Évora.

Week 7 

Interview with Yaz Osho, senior lecturer in Entrepeneurship at the University of Westminster.