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Bibliomotion Speakers are authors who have deep knowledge about, and passion for, their subjects. Many of our authors have written one or more books; they blog, they lecture, they live and breathe their topics, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Please browse their bios and topics below.

Kevin Allen - bibliomotion

Kevin Allen

Award-winning business growth leader, bestselling author and emotional intelligence expert

An expert in business development, masterful pitchman Kevin Allen is recognized as one of the advertising industry’s most accomplished growth professionals. He is the author of The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Business and Create a Following, a Wall Street Journal Best-Seller and the recently released The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star, which has been featured on BBC Radio’s Four Thought leadership series. A frequent keynote speaker at advertising and marketing conferences, corporations, and universities across the globe, his entertaining talks are full of lively anecdotes of hard-won advertising campaigns. His inspiring keynotes and workshops have been embraced by C-level executives, top leaders, key managers, and entrepreneurs, whether he’s discussing winning new business, mastering the pitch, or creativity. Past speaking clients include: Burberry, Google, Waitrose, GA Summit – Brazil, Telefonica, Microsoft, Nokia, The Cass Business School, Wharton’s Future of Advertising Project, NYU Langone Medical Center, the World Federation of Advertisers and The Chartered Institute of Marketing. From MasterCard’s iconic “Priceless” campaign to Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign, Allen has seen first-hand how to effectively find, connect, and speak to “The Hidden Agenda” to obtain new business and win every time, using the highly effective Allen Key model. The Allen Key identifies the three potential hidden agendas – wants, needs, or values of your prospect – and connects one of your three leverageable assets – real ambition, credo, or your core – to win new business. During Allen’s highly successful 25-year career he pitched and won in some of the toughest pitching environments and was credited with three industry turnarounds, including McCann Erikson, IPG, and Lowe where he brought over $1 billion in revenues and helped his companies become number one in new business performance. Engaging, inspiring, and ‘from the trenches’, you’ll see a refreshing view of the fundamentals of what it takes to win. An academy instructor at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Eurobest Festival, and a visiting lecturer at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the European Business School at Regents College London. . He has contributed to the Harvard Business Review blog and is also a visiting lecturer at the European Business School of Regents College London and Columbia University Graduate School of Business Kevin Allen is Founder & Chairman of employee engagement company Planet Jockey, which specializes in gamified learning and collaborative mentorship platforms, and re:kap, a business transformation company which counts Burberry, Smythson, Swedbank and Verizon among its global clients. He is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished growth professionals. A graduate of Dowling College, Allen holds a Certificate in Economics from Queen Mary College, University of London, and an MBA from Adelphi University, and is based in New York.

Speaking Topics

The Hidden Agenda

Igniting the human element and creating a following is done through unlocking the intuitive, emotional motivation that lies at the heart of your audience, and connecting to shared values, beliefs and ambitions. Uncover the unspoken, visceral, emotional motivation in the heart of any audience. People think rationally, but behave emotionally and connecting to your audience is an emotional, not rational, process. The Hidden Agenda takes you through this process of uncovering your special qualities and finding the link to that of whom you wish to connect with.

The Buoyant Leader

Leading in the demand economy calls for embracing new practices, new languages, the application of high EQ leadership practices, and the ability to crystallize a collective ambition, to evangelize, coach and guide your organization to success. Buoyancy is a phenomenon whereby, as a leader, you float because the people you have inspired believe you should. They believe in you because you have understood, connected with, and ignited the deep desire that lies in their hearts.

Entertaining, incisive and decidedly human, The Buoyant Leader lays out the core elements of good leadership, how to identify and create a real ambition and winning culture.

The Winning Pitch

Kevin Allen, veteran of Interpublic Group’s McCann-Erickson, Lowe Worldwide, IPG’s famed Growth Officer and now author of The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way To Win Business And Create A Following, shares the secrets that brought over $1 billion in revenues and helped his agencies become number one in new business performance. The Winning Pitch! is a lively veteran pitchman’s guide to winning every pitch you make for the prized accounts you seek.

Recent Events

Dean of Cannes Lions Young Account Executive Academy

Jun 16, 2014: Cannes, France

Marshall’s Management Conference

Apr 2, 2014: Birmingham

Waitrose Leadership Conference

Feb 24, 2014: Wales

GA Summit

Dec 12, 2013: Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Kevin Allen just gets it. As a physician, how do I encourage my patient to eat a healthy diet, exercise and stop smoking? Spouting off facts and figures will never work. As Allen teaches, in order to forward my own agenda, I have to tap into my patient’s hidden agenda. What really, deep down, will motivate my patient? And then strategize from there.
    Katherine A. Hochman, M.D., New York University Medical Center
  • Kevin brings a very rich and human perspective to every business challenge; his intuitive understanding of complex organizations, his astute navigation of interpersonal dynamics, his ability to leverage the amazing power of diverse human experiences across a team, and an ability to uplift and inspire those around him.
    Steven Overman, VP and Global Head of Marketing Creation, Nokia
  • The outcome of an engagement with Kevin Allen will be greater clarity about how strategically you are going to grow and that endures.
    Tony Wright, Chairman, Lowe Worldwide
  • There is an aura, an energy, a passion and openness that accompanies Kevin into every exchange. It’s infectious, endlessly optimistic, it always makes a difference.
    David Bell, Chairman Emeritus, The Interpublic Group
  • Our hospitalist group at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City had the immeasurable pleasure of hosting Kevin Allen for a lecture on ‘The Hidden Agenda.’ And let me just say that our group was literally blown away with Mr. Allen’s presentation! I carried so much away from his presentation but what I took away the most was the idea of one’s credo. People (patients in particular) will follow you much more when you have a belief system that aligns with their beliefs. And when that belief centers around making the patient better, then you both have just formed an alliance to meet (and exceed) that shared goal of better health! Because of Mr. Allen’s lecture, I have a newfound approach to the care of my patients: one that I feel makes me a more well-rounded and more connected physician.
    Ramon A. Jacobs, M.D., New York University Langone Medical Center
  • It’s not easy to engage MBAs, but Kevin Allen did just that through his powerful global perspective, warm storytelling manner and his passion for sharing valuable lessons learned from his illustrious career. He is welcome back at Columbia Business School anytime.
    Joe Plummer, Professor of Marketing, Columbia University
  • Kevin's talk created a perfect jewel-like interlude in our business conference. His powerful messages made all the more memorable and relevant through the warmth and charm of his delivery.
    Christine Watts, Communications Director, Waitrose
  • Don’t just schedule a speaker for your next meeting, book a strategic inflection point instead: Kevin Allen. Kevin is an extraordinary resource. A legendary rainmaker with style and panache who will enable you and your people to rediscover senses of persuasion and advocacy that have been tragically dulled by a world of search engines, apps, processes, and way too many presentations in the boilerplate archive. He’s a walking, talking testament to the principles, ‘We all want to be sold, and must be served.’ We could have booked one of so many pop management evangelists for our meeting and ginned up the organization for a few weeks. Instead, we invited Kevin Allen, and he changed our agency forever.
    Rick Segal, President Worldwide & Chief Practice Officer, Gyro
  • Kevin's approach unlocks potential within individuals and organizations to realize growth and win business that perhaps in the past has either been a distant thought or considered unobtainable.
    Gary Yates, Operational Excellence, Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce plc
Erika Andersen - bibliomotion

Erika Andersen

Erika Andersen is the founding partner of Proteus, a coaching, consulting, and training firm that focuses on leader readiness. Over the past thirty years, Erika has developed a reputation for creating approaches to learning and business building that are custom tailored to her clients’ challenges, goals, and culture. She and her colleagues at Proteus focus uniquely on supporting leaders at all levels to get ready and stay ready to meet whatever the future might bring.

Much of Erika’s recent work has focused on organizational visioning and strategy, executive coaching, and management and leadership development. In these capacities she serves as consultant and advisor to the CEOs and top executives of a number of corporations, including NBC Universal, Gannett Company, Rockwell Automation, Turner Broadcasting, GE, Union Square Hospitality Group, and Madison Square Garden.

Erika also shares her insights about managing people and creating successful businesses by speaking to corporations, nonprofit groups, and national associations. She has been quoted in a variety of national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and the New York Times.

Download her one-sheet here.

Speaking Topics

Be Bad First

What it is: Frames up why being a high-payoff learner is the key skill for success today. Provides grounding in the four mental skills from Erika’s book Be Bad First that will allow participants to become masters of mastery.

Who it’s for: Appropriate for anyone, at any level, who wants to be able to acquire new skills and knowledge more quickly and easily.

Leading So People Will Follow

What it is: Explores the model from Erika’s book Leading So People Will Follow for understanding core qualities people look for in those who lead them. Provides insight for developing those personal characteristics, essential to becoming a fully followable leader.

Who it’s for: Most useful for those who aspire to be even more effective leaders, especially those who are already in leadership positions.

Being Strategic

What it is: Demystifies the idea of strategy, using the model from Erika’s book Being Strategic. Provides a practical, learnable approach to thinking and acting strategically, so participants can clarify the future they want to create and plan how to achieve it.

Who it’s for: Appropriate for anyone who wants to have better tools of thought and action to solve problems large and small.

Growing Great Employees

What it is: Introduces the “what, why and how” of people management, based on Erika’s book Growing Great Employees. Provides a framework for participants to manage others well throughout their career.

Who it’s for: Primarily for those who have responsibility for others’ success—managers, executives, business owners, team leaders, project managers, entrepreneurs.

Christine Bader - bibliomotion

Christine Bader

Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility, at the intersection of Business & Human Rights

Christine Bader is a sought-after speaker and adviser on corporate responsibility and sustainability, one of the few experts who has worked in business – both on the front lines and in headquarters – as well as in international policy, nonprofits and government. Christine is a Lecturer at Columbia University, where she co-teaches a course on Human Rights and Business. She is also a Human Rights Advisor to BSR, the world’s leading business membership organization focused on sustainability.

Christine worked for BP in Indonesia, China, and the U.K., managing the social impacts of some of the company’s largest projects. In 2006 she created a pro bono role as Advisor to the U.N. Special Representative for business and human rights, a position she took up full-time 2008-2011.

Christine has published numerous op-eds and articles and given talks around the world, including a TEDx talk, “Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist.” She has spoken at the world’s largest conferences on sustainability, including BSR, Net Impact, the Global Reporting Initiative, and CERES, and is frequently invited to brief senior executives and guest lecture at universities.

Christine is also an experienced moderator and facilitator, known for asking thoughtful questions and ensuring interactive and purposeful discussions. She has moderated public events with senior corporate executives and government officials, as well as off-the-record private meetings.

Her first book, “The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil” will be published by Bibliomotion in March 2014. For the book, Christine interviewed dozens of Corporate Idealists working inside the world’s biggest and best-known companies, as well as advocates and other experts with critical perspectives.

Christine holds a BA from Amherst College and an MBA from Yale. She serves on the boards of the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, The OpEd Project, and the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Her website is christinebader.com and she can be found on Twitter at @christinebader. She lives in New York City with her husband, son, and daughter.

Speaking Topics

Corporate Idealism: Oxymoron or the Future?

Christine Bader joined BP as a young idealist. In the subsequent years she saw what happens when ideals meet reality — and still emerged optimistic about the ability of big business to have a positive impact in the world. Her story, as well as vignettes and reflections from the forty people she interviewed for her book, will inform and inspire.

Human Rights: What does it mean for your business?

There is a growing demand among investors, consumers, nongovernmental organizations, and the media that companies demonstrate how they are respecting human rights. How can companies not just mitigate risk but realize opportunities by managing human rights in a smart, proactive way? With specific examples and her personable style, Christine makes this complex topic accessible and actionable.

Corporate Social Responsibility is dead. Long live CSR!

“Corporate Social Responsibility” has come to mean everything — from employee volunteer programs to reducing carbon emissions to philanthropy — to the point that it means nothing. Christine uses humor and her own experience, as well as stories from the forty other CSR experts she interviewed for her book, to inject clarity and inspiration into this sometimes fuzzy but important subject.

Navigating a Career With Impact

Christine spent nine years with BP after years in the nonprofit and public sectors, then served as advisor to a United Nations initiative. Christine is one of the few people who has firsthand experience with so many different ways to have a positive impact on the world — and the humor and reflection to articulate what her experience means for others.

Christine spent nine years with BP after years in the nonprofit and public sectors, then served as advisor to a United Nations initiative. Christine is one of the few people who has firsthand experience with so many different ways to have a positive impact on the world -- and the humor and reflection to articulate what her experience means for others. -->

Recent Events

The Role of Corporations in Promoting Global Security

Dec 10, 2014: New York, NY

ISSP (International Society of Sustainability Professionals) Conference

Nov 12, 2014: Denver, CO

CSR Awards 2014

Oct 30, 2014: Holstebro, Denmark

Columbia University: Evolution of a Corporate Idealist book talk

Oct 23, 2014: New York, NY

Next Door Organics

Oct 16, 2014: Brooklyn, NY


Oct 6, 2014: Austin, TX

Responsible Electronics 2014

Oct 1, 2014: Burlingame, CA

Net Impact SF Professional Chapter

Sep 30, 2014: San Francisco, CA

Evolution of a Corporate Idealist book talk

Sep 23, 2014: 92Y, New York, NY

Why Scaling Up is so Damn Hard

Jun 25, 2014: Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT

[email protected]

Jun 16, 2014: New York, NY

2014 Ethical Leadership Conference

Jun 6, 2014: Rutgers Business School, Newark, NJ

Sustainable Brands Conference

Jun 2, 2014: San Diego, CA

IFC Sustainability Exchange 2014

May 22, 2014: Washington, DC

CECP Summit 2014

May 20, 2014: New York, NY

A Conversation with Corporate Responsibility Leaders

May 15, 2014: Columbia University, New York, NY

D. Talk, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

May 14, 2014: New York, NY

University of Pennsylvania bookstore with Witold Henisz

May 7, 2014: Philadelphia, PA

Business and Human Rights Series: The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist

May 1, 2014: American University, Washington DC

Corporate Champions of Human Rights - Making Change from Within

Apr 29, 2014: UN Global Compact webinar

The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist

Apr 9, 2014: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

How to Integrate Social Responsibility into Big Companies

Apr 3, 2014: Harvard Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Apr 3, 2014: The Kennedy School

Collaborative Initiatives: Accelerators or Diversions?

Nov 7, 2013: BSR Conference, San Francisco

Safeguarding the Factory Floor: Responsible Labor Practices in the Supply Chain

Oct 25, 2013: Net Impact Conference, Silicon Valley

Business & Human Rights: Understanding the risks and solving the dilemmas for your industry

Sep 17, 2013: BSR and The Guardian Sustainable Business , New York

Roundtable on Business and Human Rights

Apr 29, 2013: BSR & the U.N. Global Compact for the U.N. Working Group, New York

Donaldson Fellows Symposium

Feb 8, 2013: Yale School of Management

Why and how should American companies promote human rights?

Dec 5, 2012: Human Rights First 2012 Summit, Washington D.C.

Labor pools and international standards,” Directors’ Intensive Program on Corporate Governance

Jun 20, 2012: Boston College

Global Working Conditions, Automotive Industry Action Group

Mar 6, 2012: Corporate Responsibility Summit

Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist

Sep 24, 2011: Hunter College Campus Schools

Media Coverage

  • I've invited Christine to speak and moderate at a number of events, and I invite her back as often as I can get away with! She's a fantastic speaker -- clear, concise, informative and with an engaging sense of humor. She bestows clarity on even the most complicated topics, such as the gnarly intersection of technology and human rights. Christine is also one of those rare moderators who knows exactly how to make a panel discussion feel like a fascinating conversation at the best cocktail party ever, and not a tedious slog through endless serial monologues.
    Ebele Okobi, Global Head & Senior Legal Director, Human Rights, Yahoo!
  • Christine moderated a panel at the United Nations on the role of partnerships for the post-2015 development agenda in April 2014. She managed the considerable protocols of the U.N. with grace and expertise, and fostered a constructive dialogue that served the forum extremely well. We would certainly be very keen to have her back.
    Ajit Yogasundram, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations
  • I have had Christine moderate sessions that we knew would be difficult; and as hoped and expected, she was able to put participants at ease and create the space for a productive conversation. I've also had her guest lecture in my class on Corporate Sustainability, Transnational Business and Human Rights, and can say with confidence that there are few better speakers and facilitators in our field.
    Ursula Wynhoven, General Counsel and Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability, United Nations Global Compact
  • Christine was a featured guest for our international development speaker series. We had our highest turnout and some of the most positive feedback yet! She is a compelling speaker with an amazing story that can inform and inspire, and will definitely generate conversation for the hours, weeks, and months to come.
    Dan Zook, Dalberg Global Development Advisors
  • )
John Baldoni - bibliomotion

John Baldoni

Internationally recognized thought leader in leadership and communications.

John Baldoni is chair of the leadership development practice of N2growth, a global leadership consultancy. John is an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach and speaks throughout North America and Europe. John is the author of a dozen books, including Lead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss, and The Leader’s Pocket Guide. In 2014 Trust Across America named him to its list of top 100 most trustworthy business experts. Also in 2014 Global Gurus ranked John No. 11 on its list of global leadership experts. John has authored more than 500 leadership columns for a variety of online publications including Forbes, Harvard Business Review and BusinessWeek. He is the author of the forthcoming Moxie: The Leadership Style of Guts, Gumption, and Glory (Bibliomotion October 7, 2014).

Named to Inc Top 50 Leadership Management List.

His leadership resource website is www.johnbaldoni.com

Speaking Topics

Moxie: Guts & Gumption Leaders Use to Beat the Odds

Leading others to achieve positive results is not easy. Not only must leaders be smart, they must be resilient. They need to be able to view challenges as opportunities. And if they are knocked down they need to find ways to pick up themselves as well as their teams. In short successful leaders have something that distinguishes them from others.

We say they have “moxie” – one part determination, one part smarts, and one part courage!

Leaders need to be opportunistic in the sense of wanting to make positive things happen. Leaders also need to have the disposition to succeed as well as the inner resourcefulness to persevere. We call this the “right stuff to lead,” or X-factors. Leaders know that risk is involved with most ventures so they must be willing to do things differently. They must be innovators.

And all good leaders know that they by themselves accomplish very little. They must engage with others in order to achieve sustainable goals for themselves, their teams and their organizations. Moxie is an attribute that successful leaders utilize to make a positive difference in the world in which they live.

In his keynote “MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership,” John Baldoni will show how leaders can learn to:

  • Mindfulness… Practice it consistently
  • Opportunity… Capitalize on it
  • Right Stuff of Leadership”… Put your X-Factor to work
  • Innovation… Create pathways to success
  • Engagement… Achieve intended results with others

Influencing from the Middle: Leading Your Boss & Your Peers

“Leading up” is the process of leading your organization from the middle. It requires the mindset of a CEO with the authority of a middle manager. Leading up and from the middle requires two things: influence and action. Influence is necessary to open doors so you can be heard. Action is necessary to implement your plan. Those who succeed at leading from the middle are artful and adept managers. They utilize their management skills to establish goals, plan projects, organize people, and execute projects on time and on budget.

“Influencing from the Middle” presents ways that managers can create and leverage their influence to build coalitions in order to effect positive change and achieve organizational goals. Managers who lead up are those who can influence across boundaries because they have the trust and respect of senior leaders and colleagues.

In his presentation, John will teach how to:

  • Influence up, down and across the organization
  • Lead bosses and peers to achieve greater results
  • Build a coalition of peers
  • Create the impetus for organizational effectiveness, e.g. making good things happen
  • Become an agent of positive change
  • Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage, and inspire

Putting Purpose to Work So Everyone Wins

When an organization succeeds it is because they know what they do and why they do it. We say they have purpose.

When I speak to executives, I ask them: what would you give to have an entire company full of employees who know what they do, love it and want to keep on doing it. They smile wistfully knowing that such commitment is rare. But in reality it is only rare because companies do not take enough time nurturing such attitudes in the workplace.

It is up to leaders to make certain that organizational purpose is understood and acted upon. Based upon research and interviews with business executives in multiple sectors I have concluded that there are five key people-smart things that businesses must do to succeed in the new future.

In this presentation, John will explore:

  • How defined purpose can help your team thrive and achieve
  • Ways to make people your first priority
  • How to turn good intentions into great results
  • How to make employees “comfortable with the uncomfortable” (i.e. ambiguity)
  • How make it safe to fail (and prevail)
  • How to create your legacy with emerging leaders

Recent Events

Breakfast of Champions

Nov 19, 2014: Troy, MI

Soundview Live webinar

Oct 2, 2014:

Media Coverage

Jeremy Balkin - bibliomotion

Jeremy Balkin

Award-winning Young Global Leader dubbed the Anti-Wolf of Wall Street

Jeremy Balkin is an Award winning financier and five-time Marathon runner born in Sydney, Australia, currently living in New York City.

Jeremy’s TED talk, “The Noble Cause: positively influencing the allocation of capital” has been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube. The world’s largest onlinenewspaper, The Huffington Post, describes him as “The Anti-Wolf of Wall Street” forhis visionary work making the case that finance can be the vehicle for making theworld a better place. Jeremy has been invited to address the World Economic ForumAnnual Meeting in Davos, United Nations in New York, and London School ofEconomics.

After surviving a life changing extreme sports injury in 2008, Jeremy established a non-profit philanthropic fundraising platform, called Give While You Live that has raised significant funds for cancer, diabetes and environmental causes. In recognition of his achievements, Jeremy was most recently a state Finalist for the highest civilian honor in Australia, the Australian of the Year Awards.

Jeremy previously worked for Australia’s premier investment bank, Macquarie Bank, where he co-founded the Family Office business servicing customers with assets in excess of $100m, and in politics and public service for The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP (Australia’s Michael Bloomberg). In 2012, he established Karma Capital as a private advisory consultancy for family offices specializing in impact investing, real estate and private equity investments.

In 2013, Jeremy was selected as a Young Global Leader in Banking & Capital Markets by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is author of the book, Investing with Impact: Why Finance Is a Force for Good, to be released internationally in April 2015.

Jeremy Balkin studied at the UNSW Business School (Australia) and Harvard Kennedy School (USA), and is the youngest winner in UNSW history of the Alumni Award for Achievement. He also has a Masters in Applied Finance from the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

Speaking Topics

Impact Investing: Can Finance Be A Force For Good?

The story needs to be told by people in the banking and finance industry to the entire world, making the case that their industry has positive impact on the world. Described by the Huffington Post as the “Anti-Wolf of Wall Street,” Jeremy Balkin is an Award winning expert on impact investing and making the case that finance is fundamentally a force for good in the world.


Jeremy Balkin is a expert in Millennial trends, being a world renowned visionary leader of his generation. By 2020, the Millennial generation who are people born between 1980 and 2000, will represent 25% or 1 in 4 people in the United States of America. This demographic has the power to change the world by their consumer behavior, electoral choice and philosophical desires. Companies and politicians that realize the power of speaking to this cohort, working with them, understanding them, and engaging them will win. Those that ignore Millennials, will lose.

Explore Our Limits

After surviving a life changing extreme sports injury, Jeremy Balkin has channeled his adversity to run five marathons and successfully return from Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. In the process he has raised significant funds for charitable causes after establishing his non-profit philanthropic vehicle called Give While You Live. His breathtaking journey has inspired people around the world explore their limits and follow their boundless dreams, whilst embracing the power of philanthropic giving.

Recent Events

Can Finance Be a Force for Good?

Aug 14, 2014: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

International Investing: Can Impact Investing make a difference?

Mar 31, 2014: Gabelli School of Business, New York City

TED Talk, How many bankers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Mar 8, 2014: London School of Economics, London, UK

UNSW Business School Commencement

Feb 25, 2014: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Jan 25, 2014: Davos, Switzerland

Explore Our Limits -- World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Jan 22, 2014: Davos, Switzerland

TED Talk, The Noble Cause: Positively influencing the allocation of capital

Oct 25, 2013: Columbia University, New York City

Womensphere Global Summit Keynote

Oct 1, 2013: McGraw Hill Financial, New York City

New Investing for a New Generation

Jul 22, 2013: NEXUS Global Summit at the United Nations, New York City

To Be Rich Is Glorious

May 30, 2013: Family Office Summit, Melbourne, Australia

Insight Blast: Give While You Live

Apr 10, 2013: Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

Media Coverage

Jesse Berg - bibliomotion

Jesse Berg

Experienced professional coach, and educational speaker

Jesse Berg, MSIT, MEd, is an accomplished teacher, professional coach, instructional technologist, and educational speaker. Berg’s mission is to improve teaching and learning through visual thinking strategies that make complex cognitive tasks, like reading, writing, and critical thinking, easier to do. He is the author of the book Visual Leap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Visual Learning for Teachers and Students (Lamprey & Lee, 2015).

Throughout his career, Berg has explored how visual thinking—such as mapping ideas and modeling mathematics—helps learners to harness their creativity, gain deeper understanding, and reach their intellectual potential.

Berg’s experience consulting for public, private, suburban, urban, parochial, and charter schools around the country, and as a teacher and sports coach, informs his high-energy, hands-on approach to professional learning in instructional technology that focuses on co-learning, collaboration, and practicality.

Programs can range from one hour to multi-day engagements; content can be flexibly combined to address your specific needs. Whether your teachers work with iPads, ChromeBooks, interactive whiteboards or PC/Mac computers, Jesse will help your teachers use their tools with purpose and confidence.

Speaking Topics

Grand Slam of Visual Learning

This essential introduction to visual learning puts key ideas and practices into the hands of teachers and the minds of learners. These topics target student improvement in writing, critical thinking, and organization of ideas across the academic spectrum. As students master the Grand Slam, they become confident, independent, lifelong learners.

Teaching with Technology

Jesse’s instructional technology workshops help teachers maximize creativity and collaboration. He emphasizes the use of technology to differentiate instruction and break down barriers to learning. The goal is for teachers to gain the confidence and clarity to effectively use the web and their devices to redefine how they educate in the digital world.

Mathematical Modeling

Gain simple, powerful ways to help students foster deep understanding of mathematical concepts, represent concepts visually and strengthen mathematical dialogue and reasoning. Using iPads, ChromeBooks, laptops—or virtually any device—and Common Core Standards as a framework, Jesse will use virtual manipulatives from Math Learning Center and others, such as number lines, fraction tiles, base-ten blocks and geoboards to engage students and drive achievement in math.

Teaching with Google

The Google suite of apps and tools, known as GAFE, may be the single most powerful set of free tools that a school can embrace to differentiate instruction and achieve the 4 C’s of education: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. This workshop focusing on Google tools bring these lofty principals down to earth in simple ways that are easy for teachers to implement and build upon.

  • These visual learning strategies are a genuinely revolutionary step forward for writing and thinking skills across the academic spectrum.
    Michael Weingrad, PhD, professor, Portland State University
Lisa Bodell - bibliomotion

Lisa Bodell

Global Innovation Expert, Award-winning Author, and CEO

As a globally recognized futurist and expert on innovation, Lisa Bodell ignites new thinking at every event with high energy, humor, and audience engagement. Lisa Bodell is an award-winning author and CEO of futurethink. As a futurist and expert on the topic of change, she serves as a global council member of the World Economic Forum and has helped thousands of senior leaders ignite innovation at Bloomberg, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, and many others.

Lisa is an inspired speaker who has brought her message to over 30 countries and nearly 100,000 people each year. She has been rated as a top speaker at Google’s client events and is the author of the best-selling book Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution, which won the 2014 Axiom Best Business Book Award and was voted Best Business Book by USA Book News and Booz & Co. Her new book, Why Simple Wins, will be released October 2016. Lisa has appeared on NPR, FOX News, and in Fast Company, the New York Times, and WIRED. She is a frequent contributor to strategy+business, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review.

Lisa is an advisor on the boards of the Association of Professional Futurists; and Novartis’ Diversity and Inclusion Board in Basel, Switzerland. Among her many academic activities, Lisa has taught innovation and creativity at both American and Fordham Universities.

Lisa’s complete speaker’s kit can be downloaded here.

Speaking Topics

Jump Start Innovation: Leading a Culture of Dynamic Growth and Value Creation

Everyone talks about making innovation a viable, long-term part of their organizational strategy. But how, exactly, do successful leaders do it? Purposeful innovation involves creating a climate that embraces smart risk and invites sustainable growth—and it’s what sets the leading innovators ahead of the stragglers.

In this keynote, Bodell gives people the mindset and toolkit for sustaining success. She offers best practices for innovation problem solving, along with a wealth of tangible, tactical techniques for jump-starting a culture of innovation in your organization immediately. Bodell captivates audiences by showing how innovators continually inspire teams toward innovation and create new value for their organizations by leading by example, taking smart risks, challenging rules, collaborating, and eliminating barriers.

Little BIGS®: How to do LESS for MORE innovation

Throw out the notion that fostering innovation requires large corporate overhauls and change initiatives. In fact, people are sick and tired of extensive and expensive initiatives that generally don’t work. To get people to approach change differently, we must change our approach. Instead of top-down mandates, it’s the small things—the “Little BIGS”—that ignite powerful behavior change.

Bodell will give examples of how small changes can create huge ripple effects across the organization. Little BIGS are about “showing vs. telling,” so when you and your team start leading by example, you create opportunities for people to witness change firsthand. Participants will take away tangible and actionable steps to shake up their organization’s standard practices—from unproductive meetings to go-nowhere strategic planning—and result in a powerful boost to innovation.

Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution

This powerful keynote sheds light on how even category-dominating behemoths can succumb to the twin evils of complexity and complacency. Progress doesn’t come from standing still. It’s time to Kill the Company… before someone else does. Participants will learn how to constantly reexamine their own businesses to keep innovation, and long-term success, on-track.

Lisa Bodell unveils a striking new perspective on how to create the killer culture of tomorrow. Instead of adding more complexity through expensive, sweeping culture change initiatives, Bodell shares how teams can actually simplify to achieve more. Leaders will learn why providing guardrails instead of handcuffs to their teams can reignite critical aptitudes (curiosity, inquiry, creative problem solving) and more. Rethink business as usual to reimagine the organization.

Media Coverage

  • Lisa has the winning combination you look for in a keynote speaker—she is insightful, engaging and energetic. She was the top rated speaker at two Google events and inspired our audience to start an innovation revolution.
    Meredith Cherwony, Marketing Manager, Think Events, Google
  • Lisa's message is incredibly relevant and compelling. I find her work to be thought provoking, challenging and necessary given today's complex and ever-changing business environment.
    Camille Mirshokrai, Global Managing Director, Accenture
  • Lisa Bodell is one of the most outstanding presenters I have ever seen. She passionately delivers well articulated messages that engage the audience and encourage action on the part of the listener.
    Duncan Niederauer, CEO, NYSE Euronext
  • Lisa captivated the audience with insightful and well-articulated thoughts about technologies and trends that could transform our industry. Her examples were credible, thought provoking, and, in a very short time, she energized people to be more proactive about shaping our future business environment.
    Wendy Mayer, Vice President for Worldwide Innovation, Pfizer
  • Lisa’s presentation included excellent examples and energizing exercises that brought innovation to life. She got us to look at our business with new eyes.
    Joan P. Lawrence-Ross, Chief Learning Officer, AXA Equitable
  • Over the years, I’ve tried many innovation ‘gurus’ to educate my leadership team. Lisa is the real thing—she’s an expert that also knows how to use both presentation and learning principles to hold an audience’s attention.
    David Owens, Director of Learning & Development, Bausch & Lomb
  • Lisa made my leadership team think in new ways and helped us develop winning business ideas right in the room. My team now embraces innovation rather than fearing it.
    Mary Fennoglio, Managing Director, Citigroup Corporate Investment Bank
  • Lisa’s presentations have transformed the way our leaders think of innovation. Lisa provides a mix of practical, easy to use tools and inspiration which has helped to create a new mindset around how to innovate in all parts of our company.
    Nancy Singer, R. Ph., Executive Director of Enterprise Learning, Merck
  • Lisa’s presentation on innovation was my absolute favorite presentation of our 3-day offsite! I now have a totally new way of looking at innovation. I would recommend her and her team to anyone planning an event in a heartbeat.
    Kate Connell, VP, Delta Airlines
Tracy Brower, PhD - bibliomotion

Tracy Brower, PhD

Bring Work to Life by Bringing Your Life to Work

Dr. Tracy Brower is a work environment sociologist studying how people affect their work-life and how their work-life affects them back. Over her career, Tracy has had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of organizations, including many of the Fortune 500. She is a pragmatic idealist, a keen observer, and a synthesizer. Tracy is a dynamic, award-winning speaker and she brings deep knowledge of organizations and work-life to her presentations.

Tracy has extensive speaking experience in corporate, conference, and educational settings. She engages successfully with groups from small to very large. She provides substance and insight in an engaging, interactive style. Throughout her decades of speaking experience, Tracy has received accolades and won awards for her contributions.

Professionally, Tracy is the Director of Performance Environments + Living Office Placemaking at Herman Miller, Inc. Tracy has experience in a wide range of industries including for-profit, not-for-profit, higher education, and healthcare. Her expertise spans work environments, organizational effectiveness and culture, change management, alternative working, business process improvement, and evaluation systems. Tracy has also taught university courses in management and organizational effectiveness.

Tracy received her PhD in sociology from Michigan State University. Prior to that, she received her Master’s of Management in organizational effectiveness from Aquinas College, and her Bachelor of Arts in English literature, communication, and business from Hope College. Her work has been referenced and published in multiple sources.

You can find Tracy at www.tracybrower.com.

Speaking Topics

Bring Work to Life: Possibilities and Potential

Learn the terrain of work-life and how to leverage work-life supports in your organization. Discover why work-life balance is the wrong goal and the power of work-life integration as an alternative. This dynamic session provides a thorough understanding of work-life supports and the benefits for employers and employees. It creates understanding of multiple possibilities for work-life supports and describes the variables that companies should consider in order to create the optimal mix of work-life supports for their unique goals and culture.

Bring Work to Life: Women’s Window

The paradigm of work-life balance has limited our ability to find solutions to work-life challenges. This interactive session provides the unique perspective of women on this key issue. Discover women’s unique realities with work-life and how their points of view and skills inform success in work-life. Learn pragmatic approaches to achieve work-life integration. This session is for women and it is for men who care about women’s success.

Bring Work to Life: Making it Happen

Companies benefit when they leverage work-life supports, and so do employees. This session provides the framework for work-life strategies and describes how to implement them successfully. Discover the leadership role in work-life success as how to make the business case and how to manage the change. No matter where they are in the work-life journey, participants will leave the session with a pragmatic, actionable plans for implementation of work-life strategies at their organization.

Bring Work to Life: Creating a Team Culture that Embraces Work-Life Integration

When work-life strategies are most successful at companies, it is because they are fully integrated into the organization’s culture. This session focuses on identifying culture – both current and desired culture – and closing the work-life gap. Learn strategies to engage teams in the work-life journey and leverage team interaction norms and patterns of behavior in the culture in order to have work-life strategies take hold.

Recent Events

NeoCon 2015

Jun 16, 2015: Chicago, IL

Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

May 12, 2015: Holland, MI

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Apr 23, 2015: Philadelphia, PA

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Nov 22, 2014: Grandville, MI

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

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Nov 10, 2014: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

National Workforce Roundtable Meeting

Nov 5, 2014: Boston, MA

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Oct 28, 2014: Washington, D.C.

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Oct 27, 2014: Washington, DC

CoreNet Global: Making the List: Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work

Oct 27, 2014: Washington, D.C.

CoreNet Global: Do Better than Balance: Bring Work to Life

Oct 27, 2014: Washington, D.C.

Executive Strategy Network: MARS

Oct 8, 2014: West Chester, PA

Executive Strategy Network: Living Principles

Oct 8, 2014: West Chester, PA

CoreNet Michigan: Presentation on Living Office

Oct 2, 2014: Holland, MI

People and Prosperity: Creating a Living Office -- Drucker Institute's HR Innovation Lab

Sep 15, 2014: New York, NY

Where is the OC Commercial Real Estate Market Headed? -- OCTANe

Jul 24, 2014: Irvine, CA

BOMA 2014 Every Building Conference & EXPO

Jun 23, 2014: Orlando, FL

ASID at NeoCon

Jun 9, 2014: Chicago, IL

Origins of Change in Commercial Offices

Jun 4, 2014: Innovation Symposium 2014, University of Houston

Living Office Research, Strategies, Solutions

Mar 13, 2014: CoreNet End User Conference

Real Data Meets Human Creativity

Oct 15, 2013: CityLAB Project – UCLA and Gensler

Commercial Investment and Development Essentials for the New Cycle

Sep 10, 2013: Urban Land Institute Arizona

Trends & Implications in Office Space Utilization

Jul 16, 2013: Utah Economic Summit 2013

We Feel Before We Think: Work Environments + Brain Chemistry

Jun 10, 2013: NeoCon 2013

Trends in Utilization and Data-Based Decision Making

Sep 13, 2012: Crown Corporation Work Space Forum

The New Face of Campbell’s – Partnering for Success

Sep 1, 2012: CoreNet Eastern Regional Summit Philadelphia

The New Face of Campbell's -- Partnering for Success

Jun 1, 2012: NeoCon 2012

Work-Life Support -- Work Environment & Design Implications

May 17, 2012: IIDA Los Angeles Design Leaders Roundtable

Making it Work -- Executive Research on Work-Life Support

Mar 21, 2012: Michigan State University: Work and the Family

Connecting Digital & Physical Space -- Workplace Implications

Mar 1, 2011: DePaul University Real Estate Center & Chaddick Institute

Table Facilitator for National Gathering -- Our Budget, Our Economy

Jun 26, 2010: America Speaks

The Cobbler’s Children Get Shoes: Leveraging Data for Great Design and Optimized Real Estate

Jun 10, 2010: NeoCon 2013

Media Coverage

Paul B. Brown - bibliomotion

Paul B. Brown

Creating innovation and opportunity everywhere.

Paul B. Brown has spoken worldwide on innovation and creating opportunity everywhere. He is a best-selling author and has spent more than 30 years studying how the most successful and productive people got that way. He knows what works and what doesn’t.

A long-time contributor to The New York Times, where he created the “What’s Offline” column for the newspaper and ToolKit for the paper’s website, now contributes to the Sunday business section. Brown has spoken and consulted with companies from Fortune 500 to start-ups.

Although you may have heard his nationally syndicated radio program that used to run daily on the Business Radio Network, Paul, who graduated with honors from Rutgers College, got his start in magazines.

He worked as a writer and editor for Forbes, Financial World, Business Week and Inc.

He was trained as a lawyer (Rutgers University Law School), and is a member of the bar, but asks that you don’t hold that against him.

Speaking Topics

Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us

Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us. How to Create Innovation and Opportunity Everywhere

It has gotten to the point where the word “innovation” is banned in some companies.


Because their experience in trying to come up with a repeatable process for creating successful new products and services has been so awful for so long that senior management doesn’t want to be reminded of it.

But there is a proven formula you can follow that will dramatically increase your chances of success (and cut your loses quickly if the idea doesn’t work out.) It is exactly the same approach that has made companies like Dell, Starbucks, and The Limited so successful.

Creating Customers For Life

Creating Customers For Life

You can turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers if make customer service an essential part of your business strategy (instead of something that is nice to have).

The talk is based on Brown’s best-selling book Customers for Life which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and provides on simple, common sense tools that businesses of any size can do to keep customers coming back.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do: How to Deal With An Uncertain Future

The uncertainty we all face every day—everything from wondering if we will we have a job tomorrow to whether the weather (hurricanes; massive storms) will up-end our lives—is like being on a confusing road trip. You know where you want to go, but the incomprehensible road signs, congestion, construction delays and the like make it extremely difficult to get from here to there.

As we try to move from where we are to where we would like to be in our lives, it sure would be nice to have a reliable GPS.

You will find one here. It based on how serial entrepreneurs, people who have started two or more successful companies, deal with the unknown. After all, there is nothing more uncertain than starting a business, and these people are masters at it. What will work for them will work for the rest of us.

Lee Caraher - bibliomotion

Lee Caraher

Communication strategist providing practical solutions to big problems

Lee Caraher is a CEO and acclaimed communication strategist known for her practical solutions to big problems. She started Double Forte as a new kind of communications firm designed to work with good people, doing good work for good companies by providing the best results and service in the business. So far so good. This is not her first rodeo, and she’s learned a lot along the way that she shares with others in the hopes that everyone can reduce drama and conflict in the workplace and create careers that matter.

Lee has a reputation for building cohesive, high producing teams who get a lot done well and have fun at the same time. A sought-after coach and confidant to her clients, Lee regularly helps organizations navigate complex, sensitive and critical situations. She is a straight talker who doesn’t hold too many punches, although she does her best to pleasant about it. An experience speaker and facilitator, Lee blends immediately applicable insights with inspiration and humor for engaging and entertaining sessions for audiences large and small.

Her first book is Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide To Making It Work At Work (bibliomotion, October 14, 2014). The book is based on her own work building a successful intergenerational workplace, as well as the insight from more than 100 managers, leaders and employees of all ages in different industries across the country. For Millennials, management, and senior leaders, the book is a practical and entertaining guide to breaking down the misconceptions between Gen Y, GenX and the Baby Boomer generations, and details how to build a constructive, productive work environment that builds business, loyalty and strategic advantage.

Having founded Red Whistle, an IPG-owned integrated communications company, and served as Sega of America’s youngest US vice president, she brings big company, foreign-owned company, publicly traded company and small company experience to bear for her readers and clients. Before joining Sega, Lee worked in Los Angeles and Boston at leading communications companies.

Lee is active in her San Francisco Bay Area community. Currently she serves on the boards of KQED Public Media and San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral in key leadership positions. Lee is also a member of Entrepreneurs Only (EO). She holds a BA from Carleton College in Medieval History, which she finds useful every day. She lives on the San Francisco Peninsula with her husband and two sons. Her website is leecaraher.com and she can be found on Twitter at @leecaraher.

Speaking Topics

Millennials & Management: Making it Work in the Intergenerational Office

“Why don’t they understand?!” is the common cry from Millennials, GenXers and Boomers alike about their colleagues of different generations. Each generation was raised in different times and different expectations which often causes frustration and misunderstanding in the workplace. Lee breaks down the myths people hold about different generations and lays out four easy-to-implement concepts that build cohesive and productive intergenerational teams that have a strategic edge in the marketplace.

Service Matters Most: Building Fun Service Cultures That Customers and Clients Love

In a world of choices, how you serve your customers and clients determines your opportunities and success, no matter what your company does. Having fun at it drives significant competitive edge. Lee shows how to build a fun culture of service with an entertaining and engaging session that gets everyone involved in building protocols that work.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Get Out of Your Own Way in the Office!

Manners matter in the workplace. Your manners have a profound impact on your career path and success. Your team’s manners have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the group. Successful teams have great working relationships, show each other respect and don’t distract from the task at hand, even by accident. Bottom-line, manners matter to the bottom line. In these workshops, Lee gives people the information, practice and tools they need to build confidence in themselves and the team, as well as build a common understanding of how to act in any situation. Everyone benefits when people know what is expected.

Recent Events

Engage2014: The Art & Science of Employee Communications

Dec 2, 2014: Boston, MA


Jun 2, 2014: Silicon Valley, CA

Debby Carreau - bibliomotion

Debby Carreau

Recognized in 2013 and 2014 as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women™, Debby Carreau is a proven leader, helping businesses deliver superior results by making better decisions about human capital. As CEO and Founder of Inspired HR, she uses her experience as a senior leader in Operations and Human Resource Management to advise businesses on optimizing the workplace experience and becoming an employer of choice. She helps businesses implement strategies to get the most out of their most valuable resource: people. Through her firm, Debby provides Human Resources support for over 200,000 employees across North America, cutting across a variety of industries such as construction, real estate development, hospitality, health and wellness, IT services, marketing and communications, insurance, large not-for-profits, and many others.

Debby is often asked to speak and write about workplace issues and developing talent for organizations, and is frequently interviewed regarding career development, women in the workplace, and creating the best work environments. Debby’s recent coverage includes Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNBC, MSNBC, and BBC. She consults CEOs globally about the importance of human capital for business results and is a master moderator and platform partner for Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Foundation. She holds an MBA and a professional designation in Human Resources.

Speaking Topics

The Mentor Myth

Mentors are overutilized, undertrained and, as studies show, underdeliver. From an employer’s perspective, assigning a mentor is often a quick fix to a larger problem. From an employee’s perspective, a lack of formal mentorship is seen as a serious hindrance to a successful career. Learn how to create a culture of personal accountability and take your business to a whole new level of performance.

Bring Your Workplace Into the 21st Century

Every day we hear about new workplace trends, but which ones warrant incorporation into your business? As the global economy improves and the war for talent heats up again, top employers are garnering the attention of your employees. Some have created some great Disneyland-like campuses; others offer nap pods, unlimited vacation, and remote work. What will work for you and how do you compete in this talent war?

Optimize Your Human Capital Strategy

Learn how to transition your HR department from a cost center to a strategic weapon. Learn how to leverage your people as your competitive advantage by becoming an employer of choice, reducing bureaucracy, and maximizing productivity.

Redefine Talent Management Through Personal Accountability

Based on The Mentor Myth, this interactive workshop will provide practical insights on how to rethink your approach to your own career and your organizations’ human capital. Most talent management programs are irrelevant to today’s business challenges. Budget cuts, shifting demographics, disruptive technologies, and economic uncertainty have changed the playing field and what’s required of employees to thrive. Those organizations that have not shifted their talent management strategy are at great economic risk. It is evident that a new normal in business is emerging and this session gives you a framework to drive personal accountability and become your own “talent agent.”

Marlene Chism - bibliomotion

Marlene Chism

Consultant, Professional Speaker and Author

Marlene Chism is a consultant, professional speaker and author of Stop Workplace Drama™, (Wiley 2011) and No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015).

Marlene is a seasoned international speaker who has the unique ability to speak across the boundaries of many types of audiences: from the fortune 500 executives to managers dealing with workplace drama to franchise owners, small business owners and nonprofit CEOs. On stage, Marlene is an engaging story-teller with the ability to take complex subjects and universal principles and make them immediately applicable to her audience. She is known for her thought-provoking yet down to earth practicality, her sharp wit balanced by a sense of humor, and her ability to create an intellectually stimulating and transformational experience.

Marlene brings her experience in manufacturing, business, entrepreneurialism, and story of reinvention to engage and inspire her audiences to discover, develop, and deliver their unique gifts to the workplace and to the world. She realizes that electing the right speaker is one of the key elements of a successful meeting. A powerful, polished and professional speaker is a reflection on the meeting planner and she works to make you look good. When you hire Marlene Chism to present at your meeting, you can be confident the details will be taken care of, whether it’s a breakout, a workshop, or a keynote.

In addition, many choices are available for assisting you in marketing your event or creating excitement to increase attendance. Depending upon your intended outcome, Marlene can design a customized approach to introduce her session to your participants. Some options that have been used before include audio, video messages and the opportunity for participants to share their insights through a web based survey.

Once you have chosen Marlene as a speaker or trainer, the core content is customized around your theme, objectives and suggestions, fitting the themes of empowerment, change, reinvention, life purpose, productivity, personal effectiveness, relationships, leadership, boss-employee issues, authenticity, goal setting, handling difficult communications, and creativity.

Speaking Topics

Transforming Workplace Drama to No-Drama Leadership

Gossip, poor performance, lack of engagement, absenteeism, and turnover. No matter what kind of label you put on it, it’s all drama. While most managers either avoid drama, or try to “nip drama in the bud” the no-drama leader takes a different approach. The no-drama leader identifies and eliminates drama at the root.

While the manager views drama as an obstacle, a time waster and a barrier to effectiveness, the no-drama leader views drama as a stepping stone to higher consciousness and leadership growth.

While the manager uses supervision to stay in control, the no-drama leader uses Super Vision to transform the environment, promote empowerment, and create enlightened engagement.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Identify the root causes of drama
  • Use drama to increase leadership effectiveness
  • Eliminate pockets of corporate misalignment
  • Communicate strategically
  • Navigate change using the four quadrants of change model
  • See how culture transforms from four perspectives
  • Create enlightened engagement

Available as a general session, breakout, half day or full day.

No-Drama Leadership

In today’s world of instant change, where forced transparency through the power social media has the potential for your organizations vulnerabilities and weaknesses to be broadcast to the world, we need a new model of leadership that transcends position, power and title. Leaders at the top must awaken to the facts: Nothing is hidden. Privacy is a thing of the past. Transparency is no longer a choice; it is a given. Your company’s bad customer service could go viral on social media for the world to see. Through the advances of social media the power is shifting and those at the bottom can organize and initiate change or wreak havoc with or without your approval.

Today’s leader needs more than position, power or business acumen. Today’s leader needs more than self-management, communication skills or emotional intelligence. We need leaders who are aligned, aware and accountable.

We need leaders who embrace and embody both the inner game of leadership growth with the outer game of business results, modeling both the mindsets and actions that transform the cultures they lead. No-Drama Leadership is about building enlightened leaders. Our world needs enlightened leaders at all levels: from the CEO to the supervisor, from the classroom to the boardroom. It will be enlightened leaders who promote culture change in our corporations, our communities and in our classrooms.

In this content-rich program leaders at all levels will learn:

  • How to identify, coach, and teach alignment
  • The one thing leaders must do to walk the talk
  • How to tap into enlightened thinking using both clarity and awareness
  • The distinction between responsibility and accountability
  • A model to identify the four quadrants of change that promote leadership growth
  • How to use the Enlightened Engagement
  • How to work with the four elements of environment to transform culture

Available as a general session, breakout, half day or full day.

Conscious Communication: From Soft to Strategic

Companies invest millions each year developing their leader’s technical skills, while communication skills are ignored. Communication skills are viewed as nice-to-have, but not necessary; soft but not strategic. This erroneous thinking produces unenlightened leaders that costs companies millions of dollars in wasted time, lost customers, lowered productivity, and workplace drama.

Enlightened leaders are conscious communicators. They understand the distinctions between soft versus strategic, manipulative versus persuasive, short term versus long term. They diligently practice and perfect the one skill that distinguishes them from all other leaders: Conscious Communication.

When companies awaken to the fact that communication is a strategy, their priorities shift. Strategic communication aligns with increasing sales, retaining talent, building the brand, negotiating, and developing trusting relationships.

In Conscious Communication: From Soft to Strategic, leaders will discover:

  • Why seeing communication differently produces different results
  • Why short-term thinking produces unconscious communication
  • A 3-part Strategic Communication Model
  • Why alignment is key to strategic communication
  • The four levels of awareness critical to communication competency
  • A five part process to initiate difficult performance conversations
  • How to transform reactive language to responsible language
  • How to identify and eliminate manipulative communication

Available as a general session, breakout or half day.

Recent Events

People Centric Consulting Group, Leadership Mastermind

May 15, 2015: Springfield, MO

Corporate Training Resource

May 6, 2015: Online

26th Annual PAHCOM Conference

Oct 23, 2014: Clearwater Beach, FL

Michigan Communications Directors Association

Oct 2, 2014: Midland, MI

ASTD St. Louis

Aug 28, 2014: St. Louis, MI

National SHRM Conference

Apr 28, 2014: Orlando, FL

  • Marlene Chism was the closing keynote speaker for our ASTD state conference. She was a perfect end to the day. She was energetic, passionate, meaningful, and she connected with the audience. Most importantly, she gave great content we could take back with us and use. Marlene was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend her.
    David McLaughlin, MEd, SPHR Central Oklahoma Chapter ASTD, Programming Committee Chair
  • Marlene, I cannot tell you how much your presentation was appreciated. I have heard great comments from our clerical staff to our doctorally prepared faculty. You packed a mighty wallop into an hour.
    Dr. Anne Brett President, Cox College
  • This was the most impressive and knowledgeable speaker that I’ve ever had in a conference.
    Manager Organizational Development, AAA Cooper Transportation
  • I want to send you a note of thanks for the incredible transformation that you've had in my life in what I've had the opportunity to learn from you, not only on a personal level, but as well how I’ve seen it impact my team and most importantly, the leadership. We now use the language of the drama triangle often and we even jokingly consider it our new team motto to say “step away from the triangle” when drama situations arise. Your work has truly had an impact on my life personally and professional and I thank you so much for that.
    Keli Barbee, Express Employment Professionals
  • I found out about you just as I started out in management, and with your help I have transformed a negative, drama-filled, self-involved team of individuals into a mostly pleasant and very well-functioning team. This year we have had two different members of our team out on extended medical leave. Three years ago, this would have meant disaster. Now, this experience has brought the team closer and shown them what they can do when they work together and build each other up rather than focusing on limitations or roadblocks. It has made all the difference for our team. I just finished doing mid-term reviews for my team members, and every one of them commented that "people seem happy to be here." I am so thrilled with this transformation! THANK YOU!
    Kari Brashers, Manager, Regulatory Compliance, ANPAC
Katherine Collins - bibliomotion

Katherine Collins

Reconnecting investing with the real world.

Katherine Collins is Founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, dedicated to pollinating ideas across varied fields in pursuit of optimal investment decision making. After a long and successful career in traditional equity management, Katherine set out to re-integrate her investment philosophy with the broader world, traveling as a pilgrim and volunteer, earning her MTS degree at Harvard Divinity School, and studying the natural world as guide for investing in a valuable and integrated way, beneficial to our communities and our planet.

Prior to founding Honeybee, Katherine served in numerous capacities at Fidelity Management and Research Company: as head of US Equity Research, she led one of the largest buy-side research operations in the world. As Portfolio Manager, she was solely responsible for investment decisions for the multi-billion dollar Fidelity America funds while based in London, and for the entire range of Fidelity Mid-Cap Funds while based in Boston. Every fund that Katherine managed at Fidelity outperformed its relevant benchmark during her tenure. As Analyst, she managed several different industry-specific Select funds and researched over a dozen different industries. She also spent two years at the Fidelity Foundations, acting as Program Officer for these large philanthropic organizations.

Katherine serves on the board of the Biomimicry Group, led by Janine Benyus, and on the Advisory Board of Ethical Markets Media, led by Hazel Henderson. She has traveled the world as an active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and has held numerous volunteer positions with Wellesley College and its Business Leadership Council. Katherine serves as board member of Last Mile Health, an organization building a frontline network of community health care workers in Liberia, and of Common Impact, a nonprofit that facilitates collaborations between global companies and local nonprofits. She is a member of the Harvard Divinity School Dean’s Council and of the Sprout Lenders group, and an advisor to Criterion Institute, the PopTech Impact Fund, and the Massachusetts chapter of the Trust for Public Land.

Katherine is an alumna of Wellesley College and Harvard Divinity School, and holds a CFA designation.

She is author of The Nature of Investing: Resilient Investment Strategies through Biomimicry

Speaking Topics

Honeybee Story – Reconnecting With Vocation

This is the story of Katherine’s personal journey as a professional investor, highlighting the increasing specialization and mechanization within finance and illuminating a more human, more natural path that reunites investing with the real world. This story can be presented as an investment-specific talk or a broader narrative of rediscovering vocation. A version of this talk can be seen here.

  • FORMAT: Keynote.
  • LENGTH: Versions from 15-45 minutes.
  • AUDIENCE: Professionals who want to rediscover the meaning within their own vocations.

The Nature Of Investing – How Natural Principles Can Improve Investment Decision Making

Highlights from Katherine’s book, The Nature of Investing, are covered in this talk, which covers three main topics: 1.) Why should we look to nature as a model for human systems? 2.) How do natural principles apply to investing? 3.) What does a positive, generative investing framework look like? The presentation can be framed for either professional investors or individual investors.

  • FORMAT: keynote, or keynote plus workshop.
  • LENGTH: keynote from 30-60 minutes. Workshop from 1-3 hours.
  • AUDIENCE: investment professionals who want to consider vital risks and opportunities within their own business or practice; individual investors who want a strategic framework for redirecting their own investment activity.

Case Studies – Focused Topical Seminars

These are seminar-style talks, best suited to groups of less than 50 individuals who are professional investors (or preparing to be). We decide jointly on a case study that is relevant for the group (company, product, or investment approach) and develop an analytical assessment together using the natural systems principles from The Nature of Investing.

  • FORMAT: interactive format; mostly discussion.
  • LENGTH: 1-2 hours (can be extended to a series as appropriate).
  • AUDIENCE: professional investors, especially active managers or fundamental research teams.

University Lectures – Links Between “Old” And “New” Finance

Katherine speaks at several colleges and universities each year; topics have ranged from an overview of social investing to a discussion of crucial strategic issues for social entrepreneurs to case studies of companies or issues relevant to the course at hand. Katherine especially likes to focus on the links between “new” approaches to finance and investing and traditional tools. Past hosts include Wellesley College, Harvard Kennedy School, Babson College, and the University of Michigan.

  • FORMAT: class lecture/guest presenter.
  • LENGTH: 30-45 minute talk, plus 30-45 minutes of discussion.
  • AUDIENCE: undergraduate or graduate students with interest in socially responsible investing, social enterprise, or impact investing.

Recent Events

24th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference

Feb 21, 2015: Cambridge, MA

Conscience Capitalism

Feb 15, 2015: Cleveland, OH

Slow Money National Gathering

Nov 10, 2014: Louisville, KY

PopTech 2014

Oct 23, 2014: Camden, ME

National Bioneers Conference

Oct 17, 2014: San Rafael, CA

Innovation & Finance Summit

Sep 5, 2014: Zurich Switzerland

Social Capital Markets 2014

Sep 2, 2014: San Francisco, CA

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Aug 20, 2014: Denver, CO

Savory Institute - Putting Grasslands to Work

Aug 1, 2014: London, England

Slow Money Boston

Jun 10, 2014: Somerville, MA

Ethical Alpha Conference

May 12, 2014: St. Augustine, FL

Conscience Capitalism Conference

Apr 9, 2014: San Diego, CA

Media Coverage

  • Not only is Katherine able to see connections among the worlds of investing, philosophy, and nature, where others do not, but she ties them together in a meaningful and actionable way.
    GEORGETTE WONG CEO, Correlation Consulting and Take Action! The Impact Investing Summit
  • Katherine Collins reconnects us with the older meaning of “to invest” – to spend or devote time and treasure for future advantages. Through honeybee alchemy she has combined her acumen as a very successful, traditional equity portfolio manager at Fidelity with the lessons she has learned as a pilgrim, volunteer and divinity school graduate to create an integrated framework for all investors to find ways to better serve our communities and our planet. Always thoughtful, friendly and accessible, she is the “dream” presenter for any group interested in impact or local investing and social entrepreneurship.
    MICHAEL BALDWIN Managing Partner and President & Ellen Stone, Managing Partner, Baldwin Brothers Investment Management
  • Katherine is an intellectual wildcatter, who is constantly exploring new intellectual landscapes. She combines a rare ability to dive deep and actually develop domain expertise, while constantly expanding her network of teachers and ideas. This ability for depth and breadth comes from Katherine’s broad experience as an analyst, investor, student, and entrepreneur. I have been fortunate to know Katherine as a colleague and friend for many years, and access to her work through Honeybee allows me to share in her intellectual journey. A journey that as an investor I find especially enjoyable and rewarding, as it is simply not replicated anywhere else.
    SAM PETERS Manager, Legg Mason Value Trust
  • Katherine spoke in my class at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and connected immediately with the students. She brings a breadth of perspectives—from managing a very large, very successful mutual fund to working nimbly in new micro-credit arenas—that spurred thoughtful, perspective-shifting dialogue in the classroom. She is also provocative. I know several students who came to class thinking one thing and left with new perspective. Most of all, for a woman of her distinction, she is extraordinarily approachable. Having Katherine in the room or leading a conversation would enrich any discussion; getting to know her as person would enrich anyone’s life.
    THERESA M. ELLIS Gleitsman Visiting Practitioner, Center for Public Leadership, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
  • Working with Katherine Collins in creating her signature keynote talk has been a highlight thus far in my career. I got to witness how her message – combined with her delightful authenticity, passion and deep intelligence – moved an entire crowd to awe, revelation and contemplation. She is a fresh voice speaking with great wisdom and humor about a topic that this world is hungry to receive. Audiences love her, and even more than that, they are left inspired and enlightened by their encounter with her and her brilliant words. She is a revolutionary thinker, leader and speaker whose message and time has come.
    KC BAKER Founder, KC Baker International
  • You are one of the most inspiring women in finance… and the work that you’re doing is path-breaking.
    SUSAN DAVIS MOORA Founder, CapitalMissions.com
Andrea Coville - bibliomotion

Andrea Coville

Author, PR Expert, Brand Marketing Advisor

For 25 years Andrea Coville has developed and executed high-performing global communications campaigns for organizations in the business-to-business, consumer products, and healthcare markets. Her agency’s extensive client roster has included the American Cancer Society (ACS), IBM, MasterCard, Corning, Phillips, RIM (Blackberry), Bio, Vertex, 3M, and GE Plastics.

Since becoming CEO of Brodeur Partners, she has diversified the company from a public relations firm specializing in technology to a multidisciplinary communications agency focusing on full-service communications, digital strategies, social change, and business consulting. During that process she has overseen the acquisition of companies that have expanded the agency’s portfolio in life science, policy, online strategy, and branding. She has also overseen Brodeur’s healthcare practice since its inception with particular emphasis on medical device and bio/pharma clients.

Andrea has led the creative planning process for three global movements, specifically around cancer, hepatitis C, and entrepreneurship. She has also developed a consulting practice focusing on leadership for women.

Her new book, Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition, specializes in helping organizations achieve relevance, an elevated brand state that fully engages the market’s emotions, senses, and community-minded impulses. She frequently leads workshops on social media and brand transformation.

Under her stewardship, Brodeur has won several awards, notably PR Week’s “Agency of the Year” as well as “Best Non-Profit Branding Campaign.”

Andrea has a degree in journalism and English literature from UNH and attended Colby College.

Speaking Topics

Logic is Overrated

Every CEO wants better results from their marketing spend – more leads, a stronger brand and louder buzz. Unfortunately, most communications initiatives are underperforming because they rely far too heavily on logic. Prospects, whether they realize it or not, are at least as interested in the sensory experiences you deliver, the values you express and the kind of community you’re creating. Andy details systematic ways to quantify your current relevance in terms of logic, sensory triggers, values and community considerations.

Is Your Brand Relevant?

Brands often suffer because they lack relevance in their markets. Although this is sometimes a product problem, it’s more often a communications problem. So what exactly is brand relevance? How do we measure it? And most importantly, how do we get it? Andy will provide answers to these questions and more as she outlines the relevance formula to provide you with a solid framework for making measurable relevance improvements in the next month.

Meaning is where it’s at: Values in the workplace

When work lacks meaning, everyone suffers. You can’t get the most out of your employees, and they can’t get the most out of work.

Creating meaning at work is a formidable challenge. What’s meaningful to one employee is meaningless to another.

At my company, Brodeur Partners, we make work meaningful by considering the wants, needs, passions and styles of each employee through the lens of our Relevance model.

That means we devise ways to ensure different employees find meaning in our organization in different ways, whether it’s the community our workplace offers, the values we stand for, the sensory experience of the workplace itself, or the impeccable logic of a well-managed company with a killer value proposition.

Recent Events

Wharton Marketing Conference: Innovative Marketing Campaigns

Nov 7, 2014: Philadelphia, PA

PRSA Boston: How Do You Develop the 'Big Idea'?

Oct 8, 2014: Boston, MA

Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Sep 17, 2014: Institute of Communication Agencies, Toronto, ON

Women in PR Summit: How Not to Compromise Your Brand

Aug 21, 2014: Chicago, IL

Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Aug 14, 2014: Institute of Communication Agencies, Toronto, ON

Staying Relevant, Ad Women of Toronto and ICA

Aug 13, 2014: Toronto, ON

Harvard Dynamic Women in Business Conference

Feb 22, 2014: Boston, MA

Holmes Report's In2 Summit

Jan 22, 2014: San Francisco, CA

Yale Marketing Club

New Haven, CT

Wharton Women in Business

Philadelphia, PA

Dick Cross - bibliomotion

Dick Cross

Nine-time turnaround CEO, consultant, private equity partner, and author

Dick Cross is a turnaround CEO, consultant, private equity partner, and author.

Dick Cross is the founder of The Cross Partnership, Ltd., a 23-year consultancy centered driving performance of mid-tier businesses, and a partner and founding member of Alston Capital Partners, a New York City, middle market private equity firm focused on environmental and specialty manufacturing businesses. Dick has led eight “hands-on” turnarounds. He has been an influential advisor to ownerships, boards of directors, CEO’s, and senior managements of over one hundred more. At Fenway Partners, he was president of Fenway Holdings.

From posts as CEO, chairman, and president, Dick has run businesses in building products manufacturing, paper converting, telephone equipment manufacturing and distribution, data processing, sporting goods manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, commercial real estate development and services, logistics support, and franchising. His most recent “hands-on” turnaround grew a 250-unit automotive services franchise from insolvency to 400 units. He led the business through a recapitalization at 10X trailing EBITDA. Dick has been the driving force in creating $150 million of value gains in the companies he has run.

His book, Just Run It! Running an Exceptional Business is Easier than You Think, debuted in April 2012, as an Amazon best selling new release. His views on “The Job at the Top” and how to do it well have appeared most recently in The Conference Board Review, Chief Executive Magazine, CEO Read, The Chicago Tribune, Personal Excellence Magazine, Leader’s Edge Magazine, AMEX Open Forum, and others. He is a frequently featured guest on widely followed business podcasts and radio. Mr. Cross is a professional keynote speaker on the topic of “The Job at the Top.”

Mr. Cross holds degrees from the University Of Virginia, Harvard and Columbia Business School. He developed, and far many years led, the mid-tier presidents course in a Harvard summer program for executives. Mr. Cross served in the United States Navy as a Top Secret Special Intelligence Officer on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations.

Speaking Topics

Character At The Top

The ways most people handle themselves at the top don’t work any more! Extreme support from today’s social workforce requires new principles for how to handle yourself at the top. In this thought provoking message Dick lays out nine underpinnings for compelled followership.

Your Business On The Back of an Envelope: It's that simple?

In this fast moving message Dick leads audiences through an immediately credible and adoptable model that reveals the points of leverage and how to exploit them to unlock the hidden potentials in both invest or owned and independently-owned businesses.

The Greatest Question Never Asked: "How Do You Run A Business?"

Why never asked? Because no one expects an answer. In this edgy keynote Dick demystifies this most important determinant of business success with simple, proven methods that audiences can use the very next day to be more effective in their jobs at the tops of their organizations.

Recent Events

The New Architecture for “The Job at the Top”

Oct 22, 2014: HR.com webinar

The New Architecture for “The Job at the Top”

Jul 14, 2014: HR.com webinar

Chyten Educational Services Annual Conference

Boston, Massachusetts

BASF International Sales Conference

Chicago, Illinois

BB&T Annual Automotive Aftermarket Investors Conference

New York, New York

Mitchell International Automotive Group Annual Conference

San Diego, California

IBIS Annual Conference Germany

Berlin, West Germany

CARSTAR Annual Conference

The Homestead Resort

Boston Harbor Alliance Annual Fundraiser

Spectacle Isl. Massachusetts

New England Commercial Realtors Annual Conference

Boston, Massachusetts

Media Coverage

Roger C. Davis - bibliomotion

Roger C. Davis

Author, wealth manager, and speaker

Roger Davis is a wealth manager for successful families and individuals, as well as an author and speaker. He is CEO of LA-based Woodridge Wealth Management, LLC and runs the operations of Woodridge Equity Partners, LP. Roger has over two decades of experience working in the financial services industry, including his service as senior vice president at UBS Financial Services and also as limited partner at J.C. Bradford & Co., where he was a member of the senior advisory council. To learn more about Roger, visit RogerCDavis.com.

Speaking Topics

Wall Street's Just Not That Into You: Practical Advice From an Insider for Protecting and Growing Wealth

In his latest keynote, Roger provides a convincing overview of why the most common practices used by financial advisors simply cannot reliably get you where you want to go. In his down-to-earth style, Roger offers audiences fact-based, pragmatic advice on how to invest more wisely. He shows audiences:

  • The inevitability of market ups and downs, and why traditional investment strategies can’t reliably grow and protect wealth
  • How critical it is to identify financial goals, timelines, and risk-tolerance, and incorporate these into an investment approach
  • Innovative yet practical investment strategies based on years of research to help navigate good markets and bad
Mason Donovan - bibliomotion

Mason Donovan

Global Inclusion Strategist, Best Selling Author, Employee Engagement Expert

Mason Donovan is a Managing Partner at The Dagoba Group, a New England-based diversity and inclusion consultancy that specializes in leadership development, unconscious bias, and inclusion dynamics. Mason is also a Founder and Fellow at Yaru Institute, a think tank and strategic consultancy focused on finding inclusive solutions to core corporate people challenges. He has spent more than a decade consulting clients in the areas of talent acquisition, performance management, and leading inclusive teams.

Mason believes inclusive cultures give organizations a winning competitive marketplace advantage. He has consulted with over half of Fortune 1000 global companies on talent acquisition and management initiatives. Mason has also represented the US Government and the State of Florida on a commercial and diplomatic basis in EMEA. Mason is the author of The Golden Apple: Redefining Work-Life Balance for a Diverse Workforce, coauthor of The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off and SET for Inclusion: An Underlying Methodology for Achieving Your Inclusion Dividend, and the author of DRIVEN: A Manager’s Field Guide to Sales Team Optimization. He frequently serves as a speaker and panelist on a wide range of topics, and is often interviewed for organizational engagement strategy. Mason earned a MA in International Business from Webster University in The Netherlands and a BA in International Relations from University of Mary Washington in Virginia.

Speaking Topics

Finding Your Inclusion Dividend: Crafting a Personal Business Case

Ask most any leader in an organization what is the business case for investing in diversity and inclusion and you will often receive very murky high level answers. This interactive discussion breaks through the clouds and helps leaders develop a business case that is not only aligned with the organization, but is also personal to their situation and teams.

Four Core Leadership Competencies for Inclusion

Inclusive leadership is a skill that is developed and practiced like any other leadership practice. This talk focuses on four competencies that are required for any leader to move their culture forward.

Mitigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: Moving From Awareness to Action

Nobody wakes up thinking about how exclusive they can be that day. Leaders have good intent and want to have inclusive productive teams. It is good for them, their team and the organization. So if the intent is there, why are we not seeing matching good results? The answer can be found in something that all humans need to manage to be better leaders; unconscious bias. This is a very down-to-earth talk that speaks to moving beyond awareness of the subject and into very practical actions.

Achieving a Healthy and Inclusive Work-Life Balance Culture

Since the Great Recession, organizations having been trying to do a lot more with a lot less. Employees are stretched thin leading to decreased productivity, innovation, and overall well-being. In addition, this poor balance of work and personal life has a measureable negative impact on diversity and inclusion efforts. This talk provides a practical path for leaders that do not have the flexibility to hire more staff or reduce hours, but want to create a healthier culture for themselves and their teams.

  • Mason's talk immediately resonated with our senior executives.
    CDO, Energy Industry
  • Mason is the type of executive that brings fresh ideas, perspectives, problem solving approaches and solutions to each business initiative he tackles. His approach is refreshing and translates to highly productive results. I've had the pleasure of working along side Mason in diverse capacities for years. As a peer, he is a true pleasure to work with and a leader by example. He consistently sparks a motivation and energy in those around him. As a direct leader, his teams benefit from his strategic coaching, relentless support and creative approach. Mason is responsible for contributing to countless business units at CareerBuilder.com & Personified; driving revenue in an urgent capacity and fueling the new growth of products, people and company divisions.
    Carisa Miklusak, Director, Client Services, Personified
  • We wanted our sales leadership to connect with diversity and inclusion. Mason accomplished that and more.
    Director of Sales L&D, Global Bank
  • I have worked with Mason twice. First on a venture where we worked together and again when he worked for me as a consultant to rebrand my company to Helix Recruiting. Mason is one of the most creative, intuitive and grounded individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again and anyone thinking about employing his services should not hesitate.
    Richard Herbert
  • Practical, down to earth and rooted in what our leaders needed to hear. Mason's presentation had them leaning in to diversity and inclusion more than I have ever seen before.
    Director of Technology, Silicon Valley
Rose Fass - bibliomotion

Rose Fass

Strategic thinker with a rare gift for bringing structure to chaos

Rose Fass is the founder and CEO of fassforward Consulting Group and works with business leaders on translating strategy, driving change, and growing leadership. She has over 35 years of corporate experience in technology and consumer-based industries. During her career she has opened new businesses, acted as a general manager with full P&L responsibility, and led major corporate transformations. As the Chief Transformation Officer at Xerox Corporation she worked on acquisitions with diverse cultures and operating units to develop and execute the enterprise strategy. Prior to starting fassforward consulting group, Rose was a corporate SVP at Gartner. As a dynamic speaker, Rose is frequently invited to speak at conferences and events. She has a degree from Boston University’s School of Management and the Advanced Executive Studies Program at Harvard Business School.

Speaking Topics


What is Customer Experience? It is a term often used and repeatedly misunderstood – and most likely not taken seriously by companies or customers. Companies don’t take it seriously because they don’t really, deep down, believe it makes a difference. Customers don’t take it seriously because it is often promised to them and rarely delivered. Customer Experience has become a new entrant into the corporate buzzword bingo lexicon alongside Re-Engineering, Total Quality, and Six Sigma. For most, Customer Service and Customer Experience are synonyms. For others, CRM is the answer to the Customer Experience question. Although both are an answer, neither is the answer. Most Customer Experience conversations focus on the problem in isolation. They focus on the symptom, not the cure, and ignore these two fundamental truths:

  • A customer’s experience is the sum total of all interactions with a brand.
  • The Customer owns the Customer Experience, the business creates the conditions for it.

Customer Experience is a wide-open space on the competitive landscape, but companies are afraid to compete here because most are simply not built for it. In fact, the majority of companies are organized around functions and disciplines that put their internal structure, process, policies, and procedures before the customer. In this discussion, Rose talks about how to redesign the Customer Experience through working with your people – how they act, what they say, how they say it, and the conversations they have with customers and each other — and how to create actionable strategies based on these interactions. Learn how to authentically represent your brand and engage customers in a way that serves them and your business.

The Chocolate Conversation

How can a conversation transform your company? Your leadership, market leadership, followership, and change all happen in the conversation. The single factor that determines your success or failure as a leader is the conversations you’re having. What is a Chocolate Conversation and how does it factor? When you think of chocolate a lot may come to mind: Snickers, truffles, or Éclairs. One person’s Snickers is another person’s truffle – every single person has a different interpretation. The most effective leaders are those who strive to understand different interpretations, standards, and concerns. Instead of letting those differences separate and confuse people, the best leaders do the opposite: they create a common Worldview where people feel that they play a part. They don’t stop there, however. They understand individual points-of-view of how and what to do with that common worldview — the Standard each person is working with. And finally, the leader uncovers the unmet needs, or Concerns, that can undermine an organization and keep an individual from moving forward. Rose speaks about how the conversation determines leadership and transformation, how leaders can avoid meltdowns, and how leaders can drive change in four key areas – growth, scale, productivity, and relevance.

Recent Events

Women of the Channel Winter Workshop 2014

Dec 9, 2014: New York, NY

Judith Glaser - bibliomotion

Judith Glaser

Organizational Anthropologist

Judith E. Glaser is the CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and the Chairman of The Creating WE Institute. She is one of the most innovative and pioneering change agents, consultants, and executive coaches in the consulting industry—and refers to herself as an Organizational Anthropologist.

A best-selling business author, Judith is the world’s leading authority on WE-centric Leadership, Neuro-Innovation, and Conversational Intelligence.® Through the application of neuroscience to business challenges, Judith shows CEOs and their teams how to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration, and innovation to positively impact the bottom line.

Judith coaches and consults to Fortune 50 & 100 leaders from all industries to help them set and achieve new benchmarks for success. Through her innovative conversational intelligence technologies, Judith has proven that when leaders focus on shifting from “I” to “WE,” they catalyze and build agile and higher performing individuals, teams, and organizations posed to positively impact the bottom and top line growth of their organizations.

Her clients include: Target, Clairol, Citibank, KKR, Siemens, Unilever, Donna Karan International, Burberry, Coach, PWC, Chase, American Express, AIG, CIGNA, AVON, Weil Gotshall, & Manges, Ferragamo, MSNBC, Reed Elsevier, VeriSign.

Judith is the author of six books and an animated film. Three of her books are best selling leadership books, with a forthcoming book, Conversational Intelligence (fall 2012, Bibliomotion).

Judith was ranked in the Top 20 Leadership Consultants in the world by Executive ExcellenceLeadership 500. In 2004, she received the New York City Business Woman of the Year award, and the Benno Curtis Entrepreneur of the Year and the Quality Consultant awards. She is a Founding Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching. Judith has also spoken in Dubai, China, and South America to global leaders on her revolutionary workplace approaches.

Judith has appeared on CBS, NBC’s Today Show, ABC World News, The Fox News Channel, CBS Morning News, The Martha Stewart Show, and the Family Network talking about We-Centric Leadership and Cultural Transformation. She is frequently quoted on her revolutionary workplace approaches in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO Magazine, Crain’s, Harvard Management Review, AMA World, etc. and is a contributing Editor for Executive Excellence Magazine.

Speaking Topics

Alignment in the C-suite

Neuroscience & Alignmentare the most important factors leaders need to understand to build a healthy thriving organization. This session helps executives address the challenges at the intersection of culture, leadership and brand. We’ll focus on how CEOs can work most effectively with other members of the executive team and through out the business to identify processes and solutions that can lessen uncertainty in business decisions and lead to an increase shareholder value.

Discussion Topics

  • Uncover the 5 Invisible Forces that drive failure and success in organizations.
  • Learn how leadership teams get out of sync and how to get them back in sync for business success.
  • Gain insights from groundbreaking and pioneering research into “Neuroscience of WE.”
  • Discover what every leader needs to know to transform toxic cultures into growth engines.

Turning Difficult Conversations into Coaching Moments

The least developed muscle in the world of business is the ability to be candid—to have a difficult conversation with someone we care about. When we are upset with someone, it’s so much easier to talk through others—that is called triangulation. This highly engaging session will focus on marrying candor and caring and provide templates for having conversations that transform relationships and outcomes.

Raising Your Organizational & Conversational IQ

No work is more important for a leader than creating a culture in which all team members can contribute. That raises the collective IQ of the company and pays big dividends as the business gleans ideas for new strategies and improved processes. Before most workers will share their ideas and insights, leaders must create the environment for sharing-it doesn’t happen by telling people to do it. In this highly engaging session, leaders will learn how to create “safe spaces” for healthy, innovative conversations for harvesting the wisdom and insights from their employees and team.

Conversational Intelligence™: How Leaders Succeed, How they Fail

Leadership success, or failure, comes from a leader’s ability to understand what happens at the “moment of contact”—when two people, two teams, or clients and vendors come face-to-face with each other in the pursuit of their greatest ambitions. Will the interaction provoke a sense of threat and fear? Will it provoke anticipation and hope? Will the outcome be fruitful or lead to unintended consequences and risks that threaten the health and wealth of a business and the related parties’ relationships? Our brains are designed to be social. Our need for belonging is more powerful than our need for safety. When we are rejected, the brain experiences pain in the same centers in the brain and body as when we are in a car crash. Being emotionally orphaned is more painful than death. When others show us love, respect, and honor us, it triggers the same centers in the brain as when we eat chocolate, have sex, or are on drugs. Once leaders learn this wisdom, they will change how they lead.

Recent Events

Skillsoft Live

Jun 10, 2014:

Economist/CFO Publishing

ABA - American Bar Association

NAPFA - National Association for Professional Financial Advisors

American Express

Media Coverage

  • Thank you. You were the HIGHEST RATED speaker at CFO Rising. You absolutely rocked their worlds. It was obvious to me at the time. But here are the raw numbers indicating how much they loved you and the verbatims. I am in total awe. Thank you.
    Lori Calabro,
Editorial Director, Conferences, CFO Publishing
  • Thank YOU for making the NAPFA LFE experience such a success on all dimensions—practical, business, relationships, uplifting, door-opening. I am confident that I speak on behalf of all of the attendees that the conference was transformative. I have had the good fortune to create many programs for my colleagues over the years but I have never had so many people seek me out to say thank you—this conference was the best I have ever attended. My firm will be a difference place going forward. I feel fortunate to have been a part of that experience and that success for my friends and colleagues.
    Cheryl R. Holland,
Chair, NAPFA
  • I wanted to thank you for speaking today at American Express. I have spoken to Kinjal and several others who attended and the feedback has been very positive. People enjoyed your insights and found it relevant to their own leadership situations. Those who attended also appreciated the novel focus on understanding the science behind leadership. Several commented that it gave them new things to think about.
VP, Global Leadership Development, American Express
  • I am a grizzled veteran of many Harvard Business School seminars—always trolling for a nugget, an insight. Your seminar was a waterfall of wisdom that still has me thinking: The Heart-Brain connection; The I and We paradigm; DNA especially Dialogue: share & discover together and Needs; feedback rich organizations. I would be less than honest if I didn't say you were uncomfortably spot on with the Tell - Sell - Yell Syndrome...I have been there and done that, ouch!!! Judith, your presentation and concepts had diamond clarity and force...I look forward to reading more of your material...hope our paths cross again in 2009.
    Bruce McKinnon, Harvard Business School
  • On behalf of the MIT Sloan fellows Program in Innovation ad Global Leadership, we thank you for meeting with the fellows this year during our annual trip to New York. The candid remarks about your own experiences with executives helped set the stage for the leaders wee met later in the week and offered the kind of leadership insights that the fellows can use as they continue to build their own leadership abilities. We are grateful for the time and passion you shared with us, and it was our great pleasure to meet you.
    Stephen J. Sacca,
Director, Marsha Warren
Associate Director, MIT
  • Thought you'd be interested in the feedback! Highest I've ever seen—100% excellent overall—you rock!
    Margaret McLean Walsh,
Chapter President, HRNYC
  • Your speech was extraordinary! Professional, enlightened and so knowledgeable. You impressed every one of us with your thinking. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your great thinking. It was a special joy having you among us. With my warmest appreciation.
    Carole Hyatt
CEO & Founder, Hyatt Associates, Inc.
  • What a splendid job you did today! You had the room in the palm of your hand—and how wonderful for everyone to experience that! I can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and insights, and I hope that those who drank in the goodness will take your ideas home to their respective businesses, and bring you in to the spread the light.
    Jane M. Hewson, Weil, Gotshall & Manges
  • On behalf of the MIT Sloan fellows Program in Innovation ad Global Leadership, we thank you for meeting with the fellows this year during our annual trip to New York. The candid remarks about your own experiences with executives helped set the stage for the leaders wee met later in the week and offered the kind of leadership insights that the fellows can use as they continue to build their own leadership abilities. We are grateful for the time and passion you shared with us, and it was our great pleasure to meet you.
    Stephen J. Sacca,
Director, Marsha Warren
Associate Director, MIT Sloan Fellows Program
  • Your presentation was so impactful! We are truly grateful for your flexibility and energy!
    Ellen and Barbara, Liz Claiborne
  • Of years of monthly Luxury Marketing Council Inner Circle CEOs Salon luncheons, Judith's was the most memorable. Hers is a rare gift: heightening awareness and educating through intelligence, warmth and laughter. An organizational anthropologist rooted in a deep understanding of how the brain works, Judith brings a wonderfully surprising combination of insights into how we speak to one another. Her book CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE (a must read) and her consulting approach are world class. She blazes trails for individuals and corporations to converse more intelligently, making where and how we work and live better places, better worlds.
    Gregory J. Furman, Founder & ChairmanThe Luxury Marketing Council

Interview with Pat Williams (11/2/13) pt. I

[sc_embed_player fileurl="http://bibliomotionspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/JG.PatWilliams1.mp3" title="Interview with Pat Williams (11/2/13) pt. I"]

Interview with Pat Williams (11/2/13) pt. II

[sc_embed_player fileurl="http://bibliomotionspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/JG.PatWilliams21.mp3" title="Interview with Pat Williams (11/2/13) pt. II"]
Frank Guglielmo - bibliomotion

Frank Guglielmo

Leading and competing in the Social Age: Helping Companies Make the Shift from Hierarchies to Communities and Leaders Make the Shift from Generals to Mayors

Frank Guglielmo is a dynamic speaker, award winning educator, consultant and coach. He has created and led executive development programs around the world for over two decades, is a sought after speaker for companies, conferences and professional associations and coached executives in a wide range of industries.

Frank’s work in defining talent solutions and leadership requirements in the age of digital connections and socially created knowledge – Social Leadership – is a transformative approach to helping leaders succeed in the new millennium. His new book, The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for the Complex Social Age, written with Sudhanshu Palsule is drawing widespread interest and attention.

Frank is also well known for his innovative concept of “context-based coaching”. An award winning approach to distance coaching blending executive coaching, business simulations and internet technology that has had a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of leaders around the world.

Frank has held senior positions in a range of Fortune 500 companies including Interpublic Group, Altria Group, and Prudential Securities; and has consulted in industries ranging from media and advertising, FMCG, financial services, bio-tech and telecommunications. His work in leadership development has included working with C-suite executives and Boards on talent assessment, succession planning and high potential executive development.

Frank has published numerous articles and professional presentations on topics as diverse as coaching, leadership development, ethics training and HR strategy & infrastructure. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York.

Speaking Topics

The Shift is On: Making the Transition From General to Mayor

Social media, new forms of communication, and global connectivity have not changed the world – they have replaced it with a new reality – The Social Age. Thriving as a leader in this word requires us to abandon notions of a leader as a general leading troops into battle and replacing this with the idea of a leader as a mayor, tending to a diverse and noisy set of constituents. In this lively and interactive talk, Frank explores new leadership challenges and discusses the five key ways to make the necessary transition to leading in the Social Age.

The Socially Enabled Organization

The advent of the Social Age had brought with it a new world of challenges and a new competitive landscape – from the emergence of the pro-sumer, consumers (and employees) who demand a share of voice and an opportunity to influence the companies they care about, to a new focus on weak signals to catch business disruptions while they are still over the horizon. In this thought provoking discussion Frank explores with his audience what it means to evolve a business from a hierarchy to a community and the impact this has on leadership, business processes and employees.

Evolving Human Resources to Compete in the Social Age

The Social Age is a new world. Employees who came of age during this time are digital natives, fully comfortable in a world that is flat, highly networked and transparent. Many longer-term employees are digital immigrants, with views and approaches learned in a world that no longer exists. In this provocative and engaging presentation, Frank discusses adapting talent management approaches to compete in the Social Age and address the needs of both digital natives, clamoring for a new way to work within companies and digital immigrants, trying to find their footing within these new realities.

Martha Heller - bibliomotion

Martha Heller

Expert and columnist on the CIO role, speaker, and author

Martha Heller has been a columnist for CIO magazine since 1999. She was founder and managing director of the CIO Executive Council, a professional organization for Global 1000 Chief Information Officers. She is the author of two books—The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership (Bibliomotion, 2012)and Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT (Bibliomotion, 2016)—and she is president of Heller Search Associates, a CIO and IT leadership executive recruiting firm she founded in 2010.

Over the years as a columnist, public speaker and executive recruiter, Martha has conducted in-depth interviews with thousands of CIOs on their greatest challenges and triumphs. These first-hand stories “from the trenches” allow Martha to bring the CIO experience to life.

As a keynote speaker, Martha brings to her audiences a combination of substance and personality. She is relaxed and humorous while commanding the attention of executives with the most relevant insights on the challenges they face as business leaders.

Speaking Topics

The CIO's Role in Digital Transformation

Digital change is everywhere in business today. In some industries, it means engaging more effectively with customers; in others, it’s about creating new data-driven products or accelerating service delivery. All this potential for business impact has the attention of CEOs, CMOs and other senior executives across the enterprise—and they expect their CIOs to deliver. So how are you driving digital change in your company? Martha Heller leads a lively town hall discussion of the leadership challenges and emerging issues around the CIO’s role in the digital enterprise.

Surviving the IT Talent Hunger Games

Computer science enrollments are at an all-time low. Your baby-boomer workers are retiring and taking their legacy knowledge with them. Competitors and start-ups are going after your top technologists. Is your recruiting organization positioned to win this latest war on talent? Are you developing “blended executives,” or IT leaders with a balanced mix of technology and business skills? In this session, Martha Heller discuss how top CIOs are responding to the tightening talent market with aggressive approaches to hiring, retaining and developing their people.

The Top 10 Competencies of the Modern CIO

“Communication,” “business acumen,” and “relationship building” are all familiar entries on every “Top CIO Skills” list ever written. While these attributes continue to be important to the CIO role, in our current climate of risk, innovation and IT opportunity, they are just a drop in the bucket. The modern CIO must have so much more. From “storytelling” to “dismantling the iceberg” to “bringing the outside in,” Martha Heller offers case studies, anecdotes, and advice to arm attendees with the skills they need to bring their companies into the future.

Landing Your Next Great IT Leadership Role

There is no one path to senior IT leadership. IT executives have backgrounds in development, operations, business leadership and even finance. But one attribute that all IT leaders share is the knowledge that they need to manage their careers. In this lively and dynamic session, Martha Heller will offer advice for managing your own IT journey.

Breaking the CIO Paradox

Your many successes are invisible, yet your few mistakes are highly visible. Your business peers are getting smarter about technology, but your job is getting harder. Those are just two examples of the CIO Paradox, which Martha Heller explores every month in her CIO magazine column. In her book, The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership, Martha reveals how to work past the many inherent contradictions in the CIO role and establish yourself as a strategic, business-focused CIO. In this presentation, she will detail the practical approaches CIOs can take to increase their business credibility and be seen across the enterprise as outstanding leaders who make their companies stronger.

  • Martha combines knowledge, insight, wit, humor, and credibility to make a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting presentation.
    Maureen Carley, Program Director, Fast Track Executive MS-IS (FTEMS), Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Martha, I was contemplating heading back to the office after the first few sessions of the event, but decided to stay to hear you speak, and I was very happy I did. Your presentation was excellent—informative and engaging! You established a great connection to the audience and delivered very concentrated useful information. Thank you—it was worth the wait!
    Peter Forte, CIO, Analog Devices
  • Martha has been a frequent speaker at our events both large and small, and has always been one of the highest, and sometimes the highest rated of our speakers.
    Pam Stenson, SVP & GM, CIO Executive Council
Vicki Hoefle - bibliomotion

Vicki Hoefle

Parent Educator, Coach, Author, Creator of the award winning Parenting On Track and 3RParenting programs

Helping thousands of families for over two decades, Vicki Hoefle shares her parenting tips and techniques across the country. She combines expertise in Adlerian Psychology with a suite of actionable, time-tested tools. Her informative and highly engaging presentation style keeps her in demand as a speaker, facilitator, and educator.

A master story teller who is part comedian, part sage, mostly parent, Vicki offers ways to strengthen and enhance the parent-child relationship and bring out the best in each parent, the best in each child, and the best in each encounter. Vicki Hoefle leads parent education programs nationwide. It’s not about the latest quick-fix discipline strategy, sticker-chart, or trying to become the perfect parent. It’s about developing relationships that will last a lifetime.

Vicki has a new book, The Straight Talk on Parenting: A No-Nonsense Approach on How to Grow a Grown-up (April 2015) in which she makes the bold claim that it’s time for parents to get off the perfection path and get back to the real job of parenting: to grow a grown-up. In this no-nonsense parenting guide, Hoefle draws upon twenty-five years of experience with helping parents see the big picture and sidestep what she calls the “detail drama” that too often trumps everyday life with our kids. Parents learn more than just strategies; they learn a methodology that allows them to help their toddlers build a strong foundation for success in adulthood.

In her first book, Duct Tape Parenting (August, 2012) Hoefle presents a witty, straight-shooting philosophy to help parents build a solid relationship with their kids, to improve children’s behavior and decision-making, and to prepare kids to steer their own futures. This all ages guide is an invaluable resource for parents who are looking to break old habits and build new ways of parenting with their children’s best interest in mind.

Vicki offers families a proactive, sustainable parenting program that provides parents with tools to create a respectful and peaceful family life. This program was recently awarded “Seals of Approval” from both PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) Media Inc., and from The Baby Planners. www.vickihoefle.com/tools-for-success

For organizations Hoefle has developed 3RParenting, an acclaimed, respected and time-tested parenting program that offers training and support to corporations and employee assistance programs who are ready to address the human and financial cost of work-life imbalance. 3RParenting champions Responsibility, Respect, and Resilience to reduce the stress and conflict of parenting and create a healthy Family-Life Balance both at home and the workplace.

Professional Highlights:

  • Member of NASAP, North American Society of Adlerian Psychology
  • Member of ICF, International Coaching Federation
  • Strategic Partner to the Adler International Learning
  • Completed ICASSI training at Wheaton College
  • Workshop presenter at the Florida Adlerian Society Conference

Vicki Hoefle is a parent; mom to six beautiful children. Her first concern is her family, her second is the well-being of yours. Vicki is like your smartest, tell-it-like-it-is neighbor, encouraging you to trust your instincts. Vicki knows being a parent is not easy even on a good day. On a bad day parenting can be the ultimate challenge to mind, body, and spirit. Her mission is to empower and encourage parents so they can parent with confidence and enthusiasm.

Vicki’s parenting philosophy and approach to raising “thinking” children, does not include “getting children” to comply or using so-called “discipline” strategies (which include nagging, reminding, lecturing, bribing, counting, and time-outing) for dealing with pesky behaviors. Grounded in Adlerian theory, her entire approach focuses on these simple, yet powerful principles:

  • Focus on individual and family strengths
  • Establish a Democratic Parenting Style
  • Build a sense of community
  • Support personal freedom and responsibility
  • Encourage participation, self-reliance and independence
  • Foster mutual respect
  • Invite cooperation

Her strategies work for every family, whether you have young children and are just starting the parenting journey, beginning to experience the first challenges of raising children in the 21st century or you’re facing crisis, stress, or the effects of divorce. Vicki inspires REAL families and shows them how to spend their time and energy investing in the relationship, to get on track with what is important and experience the joy of living in a healthy, loving family.

Speaking Topics

Money Management for Munchkins

In today’s economic times, it has become clear that the next generation of consumers and leaders will require a “healthier relationship with money than their parents had.” Vicki Hoefle provides a step-by-step plan for introducing children to money and how parents can act as “financial coaches” as kids learn the ins and outs of Money Management 101.Although many parents give their children an “allowance,” they don’t have an effective plan for teaching the respect and responsibility that comes along with money. Vicki teaches parents how to give children real-life practice in developing a healthy relationship with money. This process includes allowing children to make mistakes, learn by loss and develop the habits for “saving, spending and giving it away.”

Today’s economic uncertainty has made it clear to parent’s that it’s time to invite, train and support children as they learn the importance of developing a healthy and realistic relationship with money.

Quit your Job as the Maid

“If they can walk, they can work.”-Vicki HoefleAre you feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do in a day? Do you find yourself feeling more like the maid and less like a parent? Are you feeling a bit resentful as you rush around waiting on the kids so that they can enjoy their childhood, only to realize that they are acting entitled and ungrateful?

If you answered YES to more than one of those questions, then you are not alone. Most parents admit that they spend too much time “doing for” their kids, but aren’t clear about how to change the dynamic in the family. The cycle seems to get worse as the kids get older.

What would you give to watch as your kids become active members in the family, helping out on a regular basis with no fuss or fight? What would you give to experience the joy that comes from knowing you are preparing your children for life beyond your threshold and the skills they are practicing are the foundation for a satisfying life?

Vicki Hoefle shares real stories from her own life when she decided to adopt the “If they can walk, they can work” approach to family contributions and what happened when she introduced her five kids to the “Timeline for Training” technique. With a perfectly balanced combination of “aha” moments and instantly applicable tools, this funny, inspiring, and engaging presentation is a great way to kick off or close any conference.

Duct Tape Parenting

The rising concern that we’re raising a generation of children with unprecedented amounts of entitlement and authority has left a number of parents asking what is wrong with their children. According to professional parent educator Vicki Hoefle, your kids aren’t the problem—YOU are the problem. Hoefle offers parents a hands-off approach that will bring an end to unwanted behaviors, train children to do for themselves over time, give them the space to learn from mistakes, and gain important skills.Hoefle believes that the common quick fix strategies—nagging, reminding, counting, and time out-ing—do not create long-lasting change, and actually make things worse. And too often, parents micromanage their children in an effort to protect them, teach them how to do things the “right” way, and to keep the house running smoothly. But Hoefle has seen how these good intentions actually rob children of crucial opportunities to develop life skills and gain self-confidence.

According to Hoefle, parents have two purposes: to enjoy their children while they’re at home and young, and to make sure that they become responsible young people who are adequately prepared to throw the doors open at 18 and walk into their lives with enthusiasm and confidence. Duct Tape Parenting challenges parents to change their way of thinking toward long-term solutions, give their children room to grow, and sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Recent Events

Norwich Bookstore, book signing

Jun 10, 2015: Norwich, VT

Vermont Bookstore, book signing

May 28, 2015: Middlebury, VT

Bridgeside Books, book signing

May 11, 2015: Waterbury, VT

King’s English Bookshop, book signing

May 5, 2015: Salt Lake City, UT

Barnes & Noble, book signing

Apr 30, 2015: Henderson, Nevada

Flying Pig Bookstore, book signing

Apr 6, 2015: Shelburne, VT

Phoenix Books, book signing

Apr 2, 2015: Burlington, VT

Parent to Parent Speakers Series

Oct 9, 2014: Andover, MA

Media Coverage

  • This woman is TED Talk gold; someone please get her booked. We recently hosted Vicki Hoefle, author of Duct Tape Parenting: A Less Is More Approach to Raising Respectful, Responsible, & Resilient Kids, and wow, was she fantastic. This was one of our best-received events ever, and that is saying something.
  • Hoefle gives a very funny, very thoughtful and persuasive presentation on how to quiet down, step back, and let go of the kinds of control that hinder children instead of helping. The goal is to learn who your children are, so you can help them become self-sufficient and able to cope with frustrations, disappointments, and the myriad other challenges life will throw at them.
    Elizabeth Bluemle, Flying Pig Bookstore, Owner
  • We always love working with Vicki Hoefle and offering her program. Our employees find the material very interesting, inspiring and helpful.
    Bonnie Cortese, National Life Group of VT, Program Coordinator
  • Engaging, hard-hitting, relevant and funny. The best presentation I have ever attended.
    Ellen D., Consultant, 4 children, ages 15, 13, 10, and 7
  • Vicki’s style is contagious. Her get real, common sense approach seems to work for any parent.
    Alyson C., School Guidance Counselor, 2 children, ages 6 and 3
  • Vicki’s presentation is like the dinner show, without dinner. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
    Abby N., Fitness Coach, 3 children, ages 7, 5, and 2
  • Vicki not only holds the attention of her audience, she brings you on a ride that has you laughing and crying at the same time.
    Lindsay H., 3 children, ages 4, 2 and 9 months
G. Shawn Hunter - bibliomotion

G. Shawn Hunter

Speaker | Author | CEO, Mindscaling.com

Shawn is a “high-content” speaker at companies and conferences throughout the United States and Canada, although occasionally he has traveled to Europe and Asia for consulting and presentations. In each keynote, workshop, or interaction, Shawn delivers these key things:

  • provocative and contemporary evidence-based insights from researchers and leadership practices around the world,
  • memorable, fun, interactive, and engaging content
  • hard-hitting, pragmatic, actionable ideas people can put to work immediately

Shawn believes that every audience participant should walk away with not only a higher awareness of the effective traits of leadership and innovative cultures, but also a simple plan of action to put these ideas to work.

Speaking Topics

Resolve: Thriving Through Resilient Leadership

Drawing from stories and research of Olympic athletes, wilderness adventurers, entrepreneurs, and thriving business leaders today, this interactive presentation presents four of the primary attributes resilient leaders posses in today’s volatile and turbulent work environment, including:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Developing Self-Efficacy
  • Turning Negative Stress into Positive Pressure
  • How Challenge Drives Tenacity in Yourself and Those Around You
  • Why Energy Accretion is More Important than Capabilities and Short-term Outputs
  • How Strategic Stories Align Values

This engaging, provocative, and actionable presentation is designed to build purpose-driven and resilient leaders, and organizations.

Flipped: How a New Leadership Style is Turning the World Upside Down

The #1 reason (at 46% surveyed) people leave their job is their direct manager. The #2 reason (way down at 15%) is that they don’t like the work they are doing. In other words, people find the quality and integrity of their boss even more important than the actual work they are doing.

A new style of Flipped Leadership has emerged that is creating the biggest innovations, attracting talent, and driving the greatest impact in the world. These Flipped leaders have shed the dogma of the past, and adopted a new style of leadership that is generous of credit, inclusive of diversity, highly communicative, and driven by purpose. Having great managers at companies has enormous impacts on innovation, efficiency, culture, mood state, talent acquisition, retention, speed-to-market, and ultimately the bottom line.

This presentation takes participants through the behaviors of the very best managers including:

  • Avoiding the Power Poisoning Effect
  • Clearing clutter and removing bad bureaucracy
  • Mining the organization for dormant expertise
  • Praising Positive Deviance
  • Making the comfortable uncomfortable

This presentation is designed for high-potential and emerging leaders, as well as existing managers.

Practices of Actionable Leadership in the 21st Century

Deadlines, constant email, multiple deliverables. The noise can be deafening, and your team and organization is looking to you for leadership. But the leadership traits that worked in the past aren’t as effective in today’s changing economy.

What got us here won’t get us there. In order to overcome complacency, or the paralysis of feeling overwhelmed by this turbulent economy, new methods and mindsets are needed. Organizational managers and leaders who can drive innovation know that the key is to tap into the discretionary levels of passion, creativity and initiative within all of us. This is where Out Think leadership comes in.

Drawn from original executive interviews, research by SkillSoft, and industry studies on the emerging traits of next-generation leadership, this presentation focuses both on understanding those new mindsets of the global leader, as well as, the methods to apply these ideas in practice to drive competitive innovation.

This presentation is designed for both developing and senior leaders, and those groups responsible for developing leadership talent in organizations.

  • It was an honor for us to have Shawn keynote our annual conference. He succeeds in being at once insightful, relevant, witty, and interesting. Not many people are so thoughtful yet also practical. A triumph!
    Louis Biggie, Director of Learning, Johns Hopkins University
Michelle Icard - bibliomotion

Michelle Icard

Helping adults feel more confident about guiding kids through their social world.

Michelle is a funny and informative speaker who engages and entertains her audience. Her lively presentations are full of clear wisdom and pragmatic tools to ease stress and create connection during the tricky years of adolescence. Michelle is the creator of the social leadership programs Athena’s Path & Hero’s Pursuit taught across the country, as well as the creator of the parenting website MichelleintheMiddle.com, and the author of Middle School Makeover: Improving The Way You and Your Child Experience The Middle School Years. She speaks regularly at schools and community organizations across the country.

Speaking Topics

Unflustered: How Brains, Bravery and “Botox Brow” Can Make You a More Confident Parent

It takes a lot of bravery to get through adolescence – not just as a kid, but as a parent, too. Learn what’s really happening in your child’s social world and understand the significant impact of that world on your child’s developing identity. Together we’ll discuss:

  • What’s different for tweens and teens today
  • How to work with the changing dynamics of your child’s growing brain and use “weaknesses” as assets
  • The best tip for getting your child to tell you about his day
  • How to teach kids to be social leaders and solve their own problems
  • How to help kids become more resilient in the face of social pressure

Unflustered: Making Sense of Social Media Through Great Parenting

What kind of terrible mom loves her kids being on social media? This one! In my social media talk, I address the common fears many parents have about their kids entering an unknown and rapidly changing online world and provide relief a different perspective on why social media can be a valuable tool for creativity and connection among kids as well as families. Audience members will leave knowing:

  • Pros and cons of social media use
  • What kids are really doing online
  • How to teach kids to be social leaders online
  • What to expect when technology and parenting meet
  • The secret to getting our kids to tell us more
  • Why social media is an effective parenting tool

Recent Events

Southeast Psych Super Conference

Oct 24, 2014: Charlotte, NC

Media Coverage

  • Thank you for coming to our PDS Middle School Faculty meeting. I feel that you are exactly what we needed. I am trained in my field and education but not necessarily in the changing landscape of "the middle". Thank you!
    AnneMarie Peterlin, middle school teacher
  • I did want you to know how much I enjoyed your talk today; as someone involved in theatre and public speaking I often find such parenting workshops tiresome, but yours was terrific. You are a really wonderful speaker and I learned a ton from your talk.
    Sharon Green, professor, Davidson College
  • Thank you Michelle for your words of wisdom at our event this past weekend. You are terrific. Every middle school mom and child need to participate in your programs!
    Stephanie Starr, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services of Charlotte, NC
  • Excellent, fabulous conference. I had the best talk of my life with my daughter on the way home! She came away from the frenemies chat with an action plan, too. Thank you!
    Joy Berry, mom of middle schoolers
John H. Johnson, PhD - bibliomotion

John H. Johnson, PhD

Professional economist, expert witness, author, and speaker

Through his leadership, Edgeworth Economics has become one of the world’s premier economic consulting firms. Dr. Johnson is known internationally for his ability to explain highly sophisticated concepts in a simple, straightforward manner and brings this skill to his consulting, writing, and speaking.

At Edgeworth, Dr. Johnson provides consulting and expert testimony for Fortune 100 clients, trade groups, and government agencies. In his litigation work, he guides companies and outside counsel on the appropriate use and interpretation of complex data sets, and has served as expert witness in some of today’s most high-stakes corporate lawsuits. On the business analytics side, Dr. Johnson helps companies translate their complex internal data sets into strategic, actionable information across a variety of business settings including human resources, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and business intelligence. Both aspects share the need to understand—and properly apply—large, complex sets of data. He applies this same skill to his writing and speaking, where he helps audiences avoid the most common pitfalls people make when confronted with data, so they can become more confident and discerning consumers of data and make better decisions in their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Johnson is a frequent presenter on economic topics and the use of data, and co-author of EVERYDATA: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Everyday. He hasalso authored numerous papers across his areas of expertise.

Dr. Johnson received a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA in Economics with Highest Distinction from the University of Rochester. He lives with his wife and two children in McLean, Virginia.

Speaking Topics

EVERYDATA: Understanding the Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day

In his keynote, John shows audiences the importance of understanding how to recognize the misinformation buried inside the “little data” that we consume all day, every day. By providing an engaging and easily understandable overview of basic statistical analysis techniques, coupled with real world examples that show their relevance in our daily lives, John gives his audiences the tools and the confidence to be smarter and more discerning in their approach to data. Through this keynote, audiences learn:

  • The most common mistakes people make when analyzing data
  • What questions to ask to ensure the data they consume is accurate
  • How to become more discerning consumers of data so they can make better decisions in their professional and personal lives

EVERYDATA: Understanding the Data You Consume Every Day At Work

This talk can be customized by functional area to focus on the specific types of data a particular group works with most.

The reality is that most of us are not trained as data experts or statisticians—but many of us are required to make data-based decisions in our jobs on a daily basis. Sometimes these decisions are small, while other times they can be costly. Think about the faulty market analysis that results in a significant capital investment, or misinterpreted production data that causes a product to be dramatically under- or over-priced. Or, the analysts at NASA who excluded critical data points about the operation of O-rings that resulted in the fated Challenger shuttle flight. In this address, Dr. Johnson works with your audience to understand what conclusions can (and cannot) be drawn from the data you routinely work with and what questions to ask about the data so you make better, fact-based decisions.

Audiences: Broad based. Any organization, association, functional team, or group that routinely makes decisions based on the data they receive. This includes businesspeople- (human resources, marketing, production, or finance professionals), journalists, policy-makers, lawyers, doctors, educators, students, and parents.

Customized Economic Seminars

Dr. Johnson offers educational seminars to law firms and businesses around a range of litigation issues where his firm, Edgeworth Economics, holds expertise. These seminars last approximately one hour and can be tailored to suit your specific area of interest. Examples include:

• Presenting Econometrics Effectively in Litigation

• Estimating Causal Relationships in the Calculation of Antitrust Damages
• Advanced Topics in the Econometrics of Merger Analysis

• A Practitioner’s Guide to Statistical Audits
• The Role of Statistics in Discrimination Litigation
• New Frontiers in Wage and Hours Litigation

• “Commercial Success”: Economic Principles Applied to Patent Litigation
• Trade Secrets Valuation and Damages Assessment

• How “Bad” Data Can Derail Litigation
• Managing the Data Deluge: E-Discovery Issues in Class Actions

Patti Johnson - bibliomotion

Patti Johnson

Author, Speaker, Advisor, CEO of PeopleResults

Patti Johnson is the CEO of PeopleResults, a change and human capital consulting firm she founded in 2004. She and her team advise clients such as PepsiCo, Microsoft, 7-Eleven, Accenture, Burlington-Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), Frito-Lay, McKesson and many others on creating positive change in their leaders and organizations. Previously, Johnson was a Senior Executive at Accenture and held numerous global leadership positions, including Global Leader for talent and careers and Chief People Officer for one of the largest divisions.

Patti has shared her expertise in many national conferences, client forums and panels. She has leadership and knowledge in change, talent development, organizational effectiveness, learning strategy and programs, and communications strategy.

Patti is an instructor on Leading Change for SMU Executive Education and for the Bush Institute Women’s initiative, a selective program that includes women from around the world. She has been featured as an expert in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, MONEY Magazine,U.S. News and World Report, Entrepreneur, Working Mother, and many more. She was selected as an ongoing expert contributor for SUCCESS Magazine.

Patti is the author of Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life (May 2014).

Speaking Topics

The DNA of a Wave Maker

How can you become a Wave Maker? Explore the make-up and practices of individuals who start a lasting change, or wave, by influencing and engaging others. We’ll learn how Wave Makers think and the impact on decisions and actions. Your wave may be a change within your team or a much bigger wave impacting your entire organization or the market. No matter what the wave, we’ll give you a new perspective based on Patti Johnson’s experience and research in Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life. Become the one to start or contribute to an organic change that matters.

Is Personal Success Getting in Your Way?

Our desire to have all the answers and the quest for personal recognition can become the very obstacles that get in our way. Meaningful changes, or waves, require experimentation, engaging others and a bias for action. We’ll explore the value of shifting from “me” to “we”. Reframe your goals and definition of success, whether it is starting a new business, increasing collaboration within your team or introducing a new idea to your group. It all starts with how you think. We’ll also learn from the stories of an eclectic mix of Wave Makers from Patti Johnson’s new book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life.

How to Cultivate Wave Makers & Why You Need Them

If your strategy depends on innovation, accountability and engagement, success will come
from relying on individuals who can develop and execute impactful ideas. Patti Johnson will share a new framework for how change happens and how to develop more Wave Makers throughout the organization. Everyone has a role to play. Also, leaders must knock down the organizational obstacles so that it’s safe and expected that individuals play a vital role in your strategy. We’ll also learn from the experiences of the Wave Makers featured in Patti Johnson’s book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life.

What’s Your Wave? Are You Ready to Make it Happen?

We all have waves within us. A wave, or meaningful change, begins by always asking “What can I do?” and “What if?” Our thoughts get in our way and we rely on the same steps that work for other projects. But, a true change, a wave, is different. We’ll dive into the stories and examples of those who have led their own changes – big and small – and apply them to your situation. Patti Johnson will share the strategies from her experience and the eclectic mix of Wave Makers featured in Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life. So, what’s your wave?

Reframing Change: How You Can Make Waves in Your Organization

You are in a unique position to be an advocate and connector for meaningful change, or
waves, in your organization. If your business strategy depends on innovation, accountability and engagement, you must carve out your role in activating small and big changes. We’ll explore how emerging trends are creating new expectations and opportunities for leading change. And, we’ll look at how conventional wisdom gets in our way in seeing the changing culture and workplace. Patti Johnson will share her experience and the strategies of an eclectic mix of Wave Makers featured in her new book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life.

Recent Events

Network of Executive Women

Apr 24, 2014: Irving, TX

Bush Institute Women’s Fellowship Program Instructor and Speaker

Mar 10, 2014: Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Dell Entrepreneurs in Residence

Oct 24, 2012: Texas Conference for Women

McKesson OWNIT Leadership Program

Hewlett-Packard Women’s Program

Texas Conference for Women

Cognizant Women Empowered Program

  • I have had the privilege of seeing Patti present to various audiences – from small groups, to Boardrooms, and to the community with people from all persuasions. In all cases, Patti has gravitas. She engages people with both her message and her method….and, most of all, people depart changed for the better!
    Kreg Bryant Accenture, Senior Director
  • Patti Johnson is one of our frequent speakers on the topic of change and she has a very interactive and engaging style that always resonates with our executive education clients.
    Dr. Shelette Stewart SMU COX, Executive Education
  • Patti Johnson was a speaker for our Women Empowered: Group Mentoring Program. She has the unique ability to both educate and motivate participants. She also provided a refreshing perspective with real life examples and practical advice. She created a very engaging and productive session!
    Sheela Dalal, Cognizant Technology Solutions
W. Brad Johnson, PhD - bibliomotion

W. Brad Johnson, PhD

W. Brad Johnson, PhD, is professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law at the United States Naval Academy, and a faculty associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. A clinical psychologist and former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy’s Medical Service Corps, Dr. Johnson served as a psychologist at Bethesda Naval Hospital and the Medical Clinic at Pearl Harbor where he was the division head for psychology. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of the Johns Hopkins University Teaching Excellence Award. He has served as chair of the American Psychological Association’s Ethics Committee and as president of the Society for Military Psychology. Dr. Johnson is the author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters—many on the topic of mentoring—and 12 books, in the areas of mentoring, professional ethics, and counseling. Books of related interest include: On Being a Mentor: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty (2nd Ed.) (2015), The Elements of Mentoring (Revised Ed.) (2008, with Charles Ridley), The Elements of Ethics for Professionals (2008, with Charles Ridley), and Becoming a Leader the Annapolis Way (2006, with Greg Harper).

Whitney Johnson - bibliomotion

Whitney Johnson

Companies don’t disrupt, people do

Whitney Johnson is the leading thinker on driving innovation via personal disruption and is the co-founder of Clayton Christensen’s investment firm Rose Park Advisors (Disruptive Innovation Fund). Ms. Johnson is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and a Senior Advisor to the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.

As a former Institutional Investor-ranked equity analyst on Wall Street, Johnson developed expertise in valuing publicly traded securities and analyzing how management can create or destroy value. She was rated by Starmine as a superior stock picker vis-à-vis her peers, and became an Institutional Investor all-star within a year of becoming an analyst—an honor she was accorded for eight consecutive years.

In 2011, Ms. Johnson’s work was cited as an HBR Editor’s Pick and appeared in the Top 10 Business and Management Blogs list by Marcus Buckingham. She was listed on Inc magazine’s 12 People to Follow on Twitter in 2012 and Business Insider’s 54 Smart Thinkers Everyone Should Follow on Twitter. Both her recent Harvard Business Review article Disrupt Yourself®, and Johnson’s book Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream (Bibliomotion, 2012) reflect her passion for improving the odds of success by pursuing a disruptive course.

Speaking Topics

Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream

None of us realize our potential…or remotely understand our own capabilities. Whitney shows how to invest in yourself in new ways for remarkable gains…how to disrupt your own thinking, dream big, and execute on those dreams. No one can do this for you but you, but now is the time. Whether in your personal life or career, you will leave with the confidence to take the first step.

Put Innovation on Overdrive: Throw Your Company a Curve

Everyone wants a culture of innovation: innovation opens new markets, creates jobs, drives revenue, and is an engine of economic growth and personal wealth. But have you pulled back the curtain on what is necessary to foster an innovative culture? In this thought-provoking keynote, Whitney Johnson, an award-winning equity analyst and professional investor, shares how she determines if a company and a prospective investment has an innovative culture. Johnson re-imagines the S-curve as a tool for understanding the learning curve of an innovative culture, identifying variables that can accelerate/decelerate innovation such as: taking the right kinds of risk, battling entitlement (a surefire innovation killer), and getting the mentoring equation right. Listen closely to Johnson’s intriguing approach, and you’ll not only accelerate into the sweet spot of your own S-curve curve, you’ll have the tools to put innovation on over-drive across your organization.

Dare to Disrupt: Innovate from the Inside

Disruptive thinking improves the odds of success for products, companies and even countries, and harnessing this powerful mindset begins with the individual. In this compelling keynote address, Whitney Johnson builds on her Harvard Business Review article Disrupt Yourself®, applying the road-tested theory of disruptive innovation to the individual, providing practical tips along with real-world examples of personal disruption, with a focus on how managers can drive individual and firm-wide innovation. If you are ready to move your organization to the next level, it’s time to disrupt the status quo and innovate from the inside.

Recent Events

Marketing Summit 2014

Dec 3, 2014: Istanbul, Turkey

Indiana Governor's Conference 2014

Oct 21, 2014: Indianapolis, IN

The Next Frontier: Celebrating Women in Innovation

May 14, 2014: FEI USA

Media Coverage

  • Whitney rocked at BIF-7. She wowed our audience. Everyone in the room thought she was speaking directly to them. Whitney's message and delivery are compelling and inspiring. If you get the chance to hear her speak, drop everything and go.
    Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory
  • Whitney Johnson keynoted the Women Tech Awards 2012, which brought over 550 technology leaders, including men and women, together to support women in technology in the State of Utah. Whitney engaged the audience with business insight, wit and humor to remind this seasoned audience that women are disruptive innovators. Over 75 high school and university students also attended, giving these youth an opportunity to hear Whitney's inspirational story of how she disrupted herself. We were honored to have her speak and it was obvious to all that Whitney is one to watch.
    Sara Dansie Jones, Chair of Utah Women in Tech
  • Whitney Johnson is an excellent speaker, and gave two great presentations on our college campus as part of our fall lecture series. Her afternoon talk for our first year seminars centered around her theme of ‘disrupt yourself’—she was witty, engaged, and dynamic, and the students responded very well. The evening event centered around Dare, Dream, Do, and was well delivered and received, and left the students with a great deal to talk about! Having organized and hosted over a dozen speaker series and lecture events on campus, it was one of the easiest programs to organize. Whitney and her team were extremely efficient, professional, and fun to work with. I would recommend her highly to colleagues at other college campuses as a great campus speaker in the areas of professional and personal development, career strategy, and student engagement. Given her themes, she would also be excellent in corporate or professional association settings.
    Dr. Steve Bragaw, Professor of Political Science, Sweet Briar College
  • Thank you so much for being a storyteller during our inaugural Unleash:WD Summit. We ventured to set a new agenda for the industry and your 18 minutes were instrumental to our success. Your unique ability to challenge while inspiring individuals and businesses to disrupt themselves is priceless. You have helped us individually and as an industry move towards greatness by finding the courage to jump from our comfort zones.
    Dirk Beveridge, UNleash: WD Summit, President, 4th Generation Systems
  • Whitney Johnson inspires everyone to follow their dream! She speaks eloquently of the challenges of navigating a highly competitive, male-dominated investment banking culture all the while driving herself to learn and succeed. She captivated her audience, men and women of all ages, with stories exemplifying her core idea of ‘disrupting yourself.’ At Babson College, we celebrate entrepreneurs of all kinds™ and Whitney is certainly a fitting role model!
    Wendy Murphy, Professor, Babson College

Q & A with Whitney Johnson

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Mark Kaplan - bibliomotion

Mark Kaplan

Seasoned Global Expert in Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Strategy

Mark was the CEO of MGK Consulting before becoming a principal for The Dagoba Group, a New England based organization development and training firm that specializes in leadership development, diversity and inclusion. He has been consulting since 1986 and has advised organizations in the areas of management development, executive coaching, team building and group dynamics, organizational assessment, and diversity management, assessment, and strategy development. Mark has worked with global Fortune 1000 corporations, non-profits, and small business organizations. He has worked on five continents, in many environments, and with all levels of management. Mark has been published in leading diversity publications, has been a guest speaker at global D&I focused conferences, and is often quoted in international business publications.

Mark is comfortable speaking in an intimate small group setting as well as a convention environment. His style of speaking is engaging and participatory.

Speaking Topics

LGBT Inclusion

Is your company in the beginning stages of introducing LGBT inclusion? Are you looking for an effective workshop to move beyond awareness? Are you finding it difficult to create an engaging and constructive conversation? Mark is a global leader in LGBT workplace issues. He has helped companies create inclusive environments where everyone is valued. LGBT is an area of expertise with over 20 years of noted global success. Mark has been included in Forbes India cover story of LGBT inclusion in the workplace as well as led several inter-bank forums in Europe and Asia on the topic.

Global Management: Leading Across Boundaries

Today’s global workplace demands leaders who can manage across boundaries and all dimensions of differences. Managing multi-national remote teams, securing global clients and multi-sourcing with international suppliers requires advanced inclusive skill sets. Our Global Management Leading Across Boundaries talk is targeted for global corporations seeking to bring their leadership talent to the next level. The talk is developed for senior leaders and high potentials geared for a global management track.

Unconscious Bias

A big challenge for leaders in today’s increasingly complex, diverse, and global workplace is developing a personal awareness of how their unconscious bias impacts the daily inclusive decision making process. Leaders make better decisions (e.g. policies, promotions, selection, team development) when they have a heightened level of personal awareness. In this client customized topic, emphasis can be given to the overall impact of mitigating unconscious bias in daily decision making or more narrowly to the talent acquisition and/or performance management process. Mark will speak to the different types of bias and how they reside in the different levels of systems from individual to group to systemic to marketplace. The talk can be pared with realistic experiential activities to increase the overall audience participation.

The Inclusion Dividend

Like any corporate investment, there is an expectation of a return. Historically, the business world has not applied this metric to diversity and inclusion investments. In the over 20 years Mark has been working with F1000 clients, he has seen firsthand the financial impact of a well-grounded D&I strategy. On this topic, Mark speaks directly to internal challenges and rewards as well as the external results of a more inclusive culture.

Recent Events

Dialogue on Diversity Conference

Oct 23, 2015: Louisville, KY

Corporate Inclusion & Diversity Conference

Jun 12, 2014: New York, NY

  • Mark was instrumental in helping our senior leaders get a clear understanding of the benefits of an inclusive climate. He helped our leaders examine their own behaviors and practices and improve them. This had a tangible business and financial impact. I highly recommend Mark to any large global organization that is looking to tap the benefits of inclusion.
    Carolyn Jones
  • Mark is a conscientious and passionate professional who works in both the diversity and inclusion and leadership development arenas. I have known Mark both personally and professionally for twenty years and have always had the highest regard for his insight, performance, and ethics.
    Susan Mannlein, President/Managing Director, Global OD Solutions
Brian Klapper - bibliomotion

Brian Klapper

Innovation and management consulting expert

Brian Klapper is the President and Founding Partner of The Klapper Institute. He is an internationally recognized expert in corporate transformation. Brian has worked with global companies in a variety of sectors including: financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, food service, utilities, retail, and healthcare. While Brian’s experience spans all elements of the value chain, as well as all customer touch points, his work primarily focuses on helping his clients achieve a culture of Execution Excellence.

Prior to founding The Klapper Institute, Brian served as the President of The Tatham Group, a boutique strategy implementation firm, and was a Partner in the Financial Services practice of Oliver Wyman/Mercer Management Consulting (formerly Strategic Planning Associates).

Brian a recognized thought leader, speaker and writer. Brian was the keynote speaker at Avon’s Leadership Summit and a featured speaker at the Chief Learning Officer Symposium. Brian’s upcoming book, The Q-Loop: The Art and Science of Lasting Corporate Change, details his research and provides insights on the issues companies must address to achieve and sustain effective organizational transformation. He co-authored a chapter in Redesigning Healthcare Delivery, “Applying Performance Engineering to Medical Care,” which has become an industry standard and is a regular contributor to Chief Learning Officer magazine.

Brian has been profiled in several publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fortune, Business Week, and The New York Times. Brian holds an MBA from The Wharton Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

Speaking Topics

Maximizing Your Organization’s Collective IQ

Is your company taking advantage of the deep reservoirs of knowledge contained in the minds of your front line employees? In this speech, Brian delivers an actionable strategy to show you how to unlock the potential of your organization’s collective intelligence. In particular, you’ll discover how to profit from the insights of your frontline workers who are closest to customers and the services and products you offer—yet are so often detrimentally overlooked in major decisions and change initiatives.

The Art and Science of Lasting Corporate Change

How does an established organization filled with long-time employees, a deeply entrenched culture, and a history of drawn-out planning and development cycles become nimble, innovative, and responsive in today’s challenging business climate? Brian will share with you simple, proven methods to extract the deep knowledge found in front line employees, break down their inherent resistance to change, and convert them into passionate advocates who are fully invested in leading the organization to achieve the new operating philosophy.

Creating a Culture of Execution Excellence

Is your company world-class at executing its business? If not, why not? What went wrong? Why do so many companies fail to execute? What is stopping them from being successful? In this thought-provoking discussion, Brian demystifies this important constraint to achieving breakthrough performance with an intuitive, proven approach that audiences can use the very next day to effectively link their strategy, people, processes, and technology to achieve true business execution excellence.

Media Coverage

  • Brian Klapper has a tremendous track record of delivering results with both large and small companies.
    Neal Pomroy, Managing Director Credit Suisse Merchant Banking Partners
  • Brian Klapper's approach has given us a proven way to quickly achieve outstanding results.
    Dave Benson, Executive Vice President, CIO, Progress Software
  • The Klapper Institute’s approach has swept like wildfire throughout our organization and people at all levels are clamoring to become involved Over my career, I have worked with many consultants and none have had the permanent effect on our organization as The Klapper Institute has.
    Sam Mancino, Managing Director, New York Life Retirement Plan Services
  • I have known and worked with Brian Klapper for the past 10 years in a variety of roles and engagements and have found working with him to be one of the most rewarding partnerships of my professional career. Brian personally is a great partner and terrific to work with. His business model is flexible and he worked closely with us to build a program that fit our culture and specific needs. For any organization serious about improving and sustaining long term operating performance, I would strongly recommend partnering with the Klapper Institute.
    David Bedard, Chief Financial Officer, Hartford Life Insurance
  • Klapper added tremendous value for us. I would be surprised if an organization did not get tremendous payback from its relationship with The Klapper Institute.
    Thomas Kelly, Senior Vice President, Avon Products, Inc.
Tom Koulopoulos - bibliomotion

Tom Koulopoulos

Author, Futurist, Visionary, Leader

Tom Koulopoulos is Chairman and founder of Delphi Group, a Boston-based think tank providing advice on leading edge technologies and futures to global 2000 organizations and government for the past 25 years. He has also been the Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, an Executive in Residence at Bentley University, and the leader of a global innovation lab for Perot Systems (Now Dell). Named one of the industry’s most influential information management consultants by InformationWeek magazine, he is an authority on the implications of trends in technology, society, and business for global organizations. His articles and market insights have appeared in national and international print and broadcast media such as BusinessWeek, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Economist, CNBC, CNN, and NPR. His nine books include: Cloud Surfing, The Innovation Zone, Smartsourcing, Corporate Instinct, Smart Companies, Smart Tools, and The X-economy. His insights have received wide praise from luminaries such as the late Peter Drucker, the father of modern management; Dee Hock founder of Visa International, and Management Guru Tom Peters, who called his writing, “a brilliant vision of where we must take our enterprises to survive and thrive.” According to Tom’s mentor Peter Drucker, Tom’s writing “makes you question not only the way you run your business but the way you run yourself.” Tom’s current book, Cloud Surfing looks at the dramatically changing forces and behaviors that are driving the way we work, live, and play in the hyperconnected cloud. In his prior book, The Innovation Zone: How Great Companies Re-innovate for Amazing Success, Tom boils innovation down to its essence and provides a playlist for companies and individuals who want to increase their ability to innovate. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Tom has also been an adjunct professor at the Boston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management and a guest lecturer at the Boston University School of Management and the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Speaking Topics

The Future

With technology changing at light speed how can we possibly predict what the future holds? Well, here’s a surprise. Predicting the future is not about predicting technology—that’s actually fairly easy. The hard part is predicting how technology will change human behavior. In this fast paced keynote Tom will show you how we constantly fail to take into account the simple nuances of behavior that ultimately act as the real catalysts for change. From the pyramids to The Cloud he will take you on a journey of understanding that will ultimately enable you to break free of the limits we place on our view of how inevitable radical change is and how we can factor its implications into the growth of our business and our lives, for the better. Fair warning, however, this is an optimist’s view of the future that does not subscribe to the gloom and doom scenarios that economists and pundits have made commonplace. Instead you will leave with a new enthusiasm for what’s to come and how you can surf the tsunami of change to a better place.

The Innovation Zone

In this lighting-paced, tour-de-force session Tom looks at how companies are radically changing their approach to innovation by learning how to fail fast, embrace uncertainty, build for the unknown, abandon the success of the past, focus on their core competencies, and challenge conventional wisdom. Tom uses examples from some of the pioneering innovators from Sony to Apple and 3M to NASA to illustrate some of the best and brightest success stories of innovation at work. His views will provide a prescription for change in how you approach innovation, in a way that is straightforward, comprehensive, and, above all else, incredibly practical. You’ll identify the ways in which you can drive your own organization’s efforts to increase innovation and better leverage the latent creativity in every organization.Come prepared for an enlightening and life changing discussion about the importance of innovation and get ready to take a hard look at how issues the of culture, generations, and leadership impact the way we innovate. Tom’s approach is insightful and cutting but be forewarned, at times unorthodox. It’s the reason Forbes.com called him Business Visionary with an incisive view of world trade and why, in the words of his long time mentor Peter Drucker, “Tom makes you rethink not only your business but yourself.”

You’ll leave this session with a roadmap and a context for your conference experience and with specific insights, methods, and tools to help you quantify your organization’s innovative ability as well as a solid foundation for the decisions you will need to make in the months and years ahead.

Living in The Cloud

The Cloud is the hottest topic since the advent of the Internet. And nobody can speak to it with more insight, energy, and humor than Tom. It’s why HP, Microsoft, Gartner, Intel, Cisco and many others have asked Tom to keynote their organizations’ cloud events. Drawing on his latest book, Cloud Surfing (May 2012, Bibliomotion), Tom paints a powerful picture of how The Cloud will change the way we live, work and play.How will The Cloud define your job? Social Media, open models for education, the ongoing debate about classroom versus virtual learning, mining online conversations, and identifying needs for education. What is The Cloud? It’s a framework for the disruption of structure. A place where we will all learn, live, work, and play in the 21st Century. It’s where nearly 35 million people already work. It’s where your kids are when they dive into online play. It’s a classroom without walls, instructors, or curriculums. It’s where you meet and make friends in social networks and where conversations are turned into communities. It’s where companies go to find the next big idea. It’s where political campaigns are won and lost. It’s where the future will outweigh the All that may seem radical, but it doesn’t even come close to defining how disruptive The Cloud will be.

In its simplest terms The Cloud is the new context for innovating business and society. However, the Cloud is NOT just about technology. In fact technology is only a small part of The Cloud. Just as important is the way The Cloud changes the way we collaborate, work, how we are influenced and how we influence, and how we experience the world.

Join Tom as he takes you into the cloud to better understand how we can respond to this massive change in order to transform ourselves and our industry!

Recent Events

Becoming Digital: The Digital Business Virtual Summit

Nov 6, 2014:

LRP’s Human Resources and Technology Conference 2012

Chicago, IL

Advantis User Group and Tech Support Symposium

Anaheim , CA

OPC Technical Summit

Orlando, FL

Association of High Technology Distribution

Quebec City, PQ

CSC Executive Exchange

Pebble Beach, CA


Cincinnati, OH

Zinpro Performance Minerals

Minneapolis, MN

Media Coverage

  • Tom Koulopoulos of Delphi played a key role in the winning formulae. Not only did his keynote speech receive accolades, as evidenced by the attendee questionnaire, but in his key role as moderator for the two panels he adroitly provided much needed linkages in the diverse subject matter. Tom's breadth of knowledge coupled with his podium panache are no doubt the reasons why he is one of North America's most sought after speakers.
    Pat Griffith, Director, Business Processes and Information Division Hill & Knowlton Canada Ltd., Treasury Board of Canada
  • Your talk was engaging and inspiring! The insight you offered encouraged and motivated our guests to preserver in their support of successful business operations which must be delivered in today's environment.
    Dennis Wisnosky, US Department of Defense Chief Technical Officer and Architect
  • I cannot tell you how may of our attendees commented on how well you hit the mark in you observations. Your presentation made a huge impact on the attendees and, as our fist presentation of the day, set a great tone for the remainder of our program.
    Pauline A. Seleski, Marketing Manager DoxSys, Inc
  • Your presentation was immensely engaging, entertaining, dynamic and thought provoking. We all came out in awe of the pace of change and the intoxicating and alluring nature of technological advances, and the impact it has on our culture and lifestyle. You certainly did an outstanding job in keeping the audience attentive and engaged. Many attendees reflected on your presentation and rated you as one of the top presenters in their experience.
    Manuel A. Garcia, P.E. Associate Director Construction Industry Institute
  • Thanks so much for participating in the Intel Marketing Summit. The event was quite successful due in large part to your involvement. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation.
    Terry Scalzo, Marketing Excellence and Operations, Intel Corporation
  • On behalf of Microsoft, we appreciate you joining us on Monday June 6th and presenting at the largest engineering event at Microsoft. The talk was very well received and you had a great message that will continue to resonate with our engineering community.
    Hazem Abolrous, Product Manager Microsoft

Q & A with Tom Koulopoulos

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Andrea S. Kramer & Alton B. Harris - bibliomotion

Andrea S. Kramer & Alton B. Harris

Nationally recognized advocates for women’s equality, experts on gender communication.

Andrea S. Kramer (“Andie”) speaks frequently to audiences about how to break through gender bias in the workplace. She draws on her and Al’s extensive professional and business experience and their combined perspective to provide audiences with realistic, detailed, and readily usable advice. She approaches gender bias and career success with a blend of compassion, candor, and practicality.

Alton B. Harris (“Al”) speaks to women and men on gender bias from a man’s perspective. He provides an unfamiliar voice on this topic. He is able to speak to women about what male colleagues expect from future leaders. He offers women creative ideas and useful techniques to present themselves in ways that will allow them to be seen as such talented, and ambitious leaders.

Andie and Al speak together on topics addressed in their book, Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work (Bibliomotion, 2016).

Speaking Topics

Navigating Gender Stereotypes to Achieve Career Success

All too often today, a woman’s career success is at risk because of discriminatory gender stereotypes. This is particularly the case in career paths that have been traditionally male but remains true even in many of the most well-intentioned organizations. Breaking Through Bias makes clear that women don’t need to act more like men to succeed. They do, however, need to be attuned to gender stereotypes, anticipate the biases these stereotypes foster, and manage the impressions they make to avoid or overcome them.

Andie and Al provide a frank assessment of the reality of gender bias in the workplace and offer a series of sensible, practical, and effective techniques to help women break through bias and achieve the career success they desire and deserve.

Understanding Gender Communication Differences

Women and men often communicate differently. This applies to verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Andie and Al’s talks on gender communication differences focus on helping women recognize communication patterns they may follow that exacerbate the saliences of gender stereotypes and hence of gender biases that may adversely affect their career. Using real life examples and the latest social science research, Andie and Al provide entertaining and practical advice to help women:

  • “Understand” men’s communication nuances
  • Develop communication techniques that allow them to work
  • Better understand what is really going on when women and men effectively with men without triggering gender bias interact at work and how those interactions all too often lead to such negative consequences for women.

Positive Attitudes for Career Success

Andie and Al make clear that it is not simply workplace policies that hold women back from career advancement but the real existence of gender stereotypes and bias, even in the most well-intentioned organizations. In this talk, Andie and Al focus on how women can take control of work situations suffused with gender stereotype and be recognized as the competent, confident, and likable people they are. Based on years of experience helping women succeed in their careers, and the latest social science research Andie and Al identify 4 key attitude adjustments women can make to develop positive mindsets toward her work and career objectives along with practical, actionable techniques to develop, maintain and strengthen these attributes in the workplace.

Advocating for Yourself to Advance Your Career

Despite being told from an early age that a woman should be self-effacing and “lady like,” women in demanding careers must advocate for themselves if they are to achieve the compensation and advancement they want and deserve. In this talk, Andie and Al frankly confront the modesty/self-promotion dilemma and present a series of practical, workable, unique suggestions for how a woman can effectively advocate for herself without triggering adverse reactions because she is violating the prescriptive modesty stereotype.

Be Seen as a Leader

The stereotypes associated with leadership — strength, independence, competitiveness, and assertiveness — are also associated with men. Women, by contrast, are stereotypically viewed as gentle, warm, compassionate, and caring — positive qualities but not those of a leader. The trick for a woman if she wants to be seen as a leader is to show the qualities associated with leadership — but not to be perceived as unfeminine, cold, and unlikable. Andie and Al present a unique approach to women put themselves forward as leaders. They most definitely do not believe that women in careers should try to act more like men, but do believe and offer a series of suggestions as to how a woman can present herself as fully capable of effective leadership and be a warm woman, open to others ideas, capable of social sensitivity, and very likable. This session is highly interactive with role-playing exercises.

Recent Events

Building Grit and a Positive Mindset

Jul 24, 2015: McDermott Will & Emery, Chicago, IL

Improving Gender Diversity in the Financial Services Industry

Jul 14, 2015: Ally Financial, Detroit, MI

Navigating Gender Bias in the Banking Industry

May 27, 2015: Bank of America, New York, NY

Media Coverage

  • Andie is exceptionally engaging and very passionate about the subject of gender equality and increasing employment and advancement opportunities for women. I have heard other speakers on the topic, but Andie not only raises the issues, she breaks them down into cause, effect and potential solutions. Audience members walk away with concrete objectives and practical action plans to help them move forward.
    PAULA GALBRAITH, Managing Director, Hubbard Galbraith
  • Andie’s voice stands out among other women’s leadership speakers because of her blend of compassion and practicality. She clearly understands the reality of gender bias and offers strategies all women can adopt to reach their career goals. Our group was never more engaged and walked away with many actionable tips.
    DORRI McWHORTER, Chief Executive Office, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
  • Andie’s presentation about workplace bias offered new, practical, and effective advice. I felt we were having a personal conversation. I believe everyone else felt the same. I will use what I learned when I next talk about my compensation and career path. She is so generous with her knowledge and time, supporting women at all stages of their careers.
    KATHLEEN CALLAHAN, Executive Director, Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance
  • Andie has had great career success, but always remembers the barriers so many women face. She never seems to tire or falter in her efforts to help other women advance. Her talks offer guidance that is caring and useful; equally inspiring to a new up-and-comer as to a woman who feels stuck or off track. And her kindness extends beyond race or ethnicity.
    LESLIE RICHARDS-YELLEN, President Elect of the National Association of Women Lawyers
Pamela Meyer, PhD - bibliomotion

Pamela Meyer, PhD

Pamela Meyer inspires leaders, teams and organizations to be more agile and innovative.

Drawing on more than 20 years of organizational development experience and the latest research, Pamela Meyer, PhD, inspires leaders, teams and organizations who want to be more agile and innovative. She is a featured speaker at conferences, associations and organizations worldwide and is sought-after for her high-content, high-engagement keynotes and workshops. Using the strategies she learned in her years building creative teams in the professional theater, she combines best practices from artistic collaboration with cutting edge management research to help her clients work at the top of their capacity.

Pamela is the author of three books on innovation: Permission: A Guide to Generating More Ideas, Being More of Yourself and Having More Fun at Work (Playspace Press, 2011), From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement (Jossey-Bass, 2010) and Quantum Creativity: Nine Principles to Transform the Way You Work (McGraw/Contemporary, 2000), and has contributed two chapters to edited books on transformative learning, as well as numerous articles and papers. Her next book, The Agility Shift will be published by Bibliomotion in September 2015.

Pamela received her doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and holds Master of Arts degrees from Antioch University and Fielding Graduate University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University’s School for Theatre Arts. In addition to her work with organizations, She teaches graduate courses in business creativity, organizational change and adult learning at DePaul University, where she is director of the Center to Advance Education for Adults and a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Creativity and Innovation, part of the Driehaus College of Business and the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Speaking Topics

Making the Agility Shift

Making the Agility Shift: Creating Agile Leaders, Teams and Organizations

In this high-content, high engagement keynote, you will learn how organizations are thriving in the midst of uncertainty and change by making the agility shift. Drawing on years of research and more than 20 years of experience helping leaders, teams and organizations be more agile and innovative, Pamela Meyer, will share inspiring examples and best practices of agile organizations across businesses and industries, from global resource-rich to local and resource-constrained. In addition, you will:

  • Discover the strategic business case for creating an agile organization.
  • Discover the six dynamics of the agility shift to boost your bottom line, shorten product development cycles, as well as improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Understand management’s role in fostering agility and how to coach leaders, participants and other stakeholders to support and sustain the responsive organization.
  • Learn how to recognize and reinforce your agility shift for sustained success.
  • Be inspired by success stories of agile teams and organizations.

Balancing Creativity and Constraint in Uncertain Times

Balancing Creativity and Constraint in Uncertain Times: Keys to Developing Your Innovation and Improvisation Capacity

Can your organization improvise when necessary? Most business schools and training programs are excellent at helping people develop their capacity for planning and analysis. In other words, they are excellent at teaching constraint; they are less adept at helping business leaders expand their capacity to respond to the unexpected and unplanned using available resources—their capacity to improvise. In this lively, interactive keynote you will learn to balance the necessary boundaries of constraint, with the essential capacity for innovation. Participants will discover the three key dimensions of improvisation capacity and several strategies business leaders can use to improve the improvisation capacity of their organization in the midst of uncertainty.

You will learn how to consistently create space for dynamic engagement to make innovating, learning, and changing ongoing organizational processes, rather than rare events. In addition, you will learn the playspace model and leave armed with research that makes the business case for developing the agile organization. In this participants will learn to:

  • Think on their feet and respond effectively to change
  • Overcome blocks to innovation and change
  • Foster full participation in innovation initiatives
  • Unleash the full potential of new ideas
  • Build an innovation and change-friendly team and workplace

Reclaiming Play for Agility, Innovation and Engagement

Reclaiming Play for Agility, Innovation and Engagement

Most of us were socialized that work and play are incompatible. In reality, agile and innovative businesses are thriving because they have found ways to transcend this dualism. In this interactive, high content keynote, you will learn how to tap the power of play to help your employees work at the top of their talent for innovation, agility and engagement. You will also learn about the mindset shift that can help you transform your workplace into a playspace for innovating, learning and positive change. In addition, you discover best practices from high-performance organizations that have transcended the work-play dualism and leave with ideas to bring back to energize your colleagues. In addition, participants will:

  • Understand how play and playspace enhance agility and why they are essential to innovation and engagement.
  • Learn how making the mindset shift from workplace to playspace can improve your bottom line and help sustain business success.
  • Discover specific strategies for reclaiming play in your organization.

Recent Events

MLA 2015 Conference

Oct 30, 2015: Novi, Michigan

Chicago SHRM

Oct 29, 2015: Chicago, IL

The Agility Shift: Book Talk

Oct 22, 2015: DePaul University, Center for Creativity and Innovation

Adult Learning Innovation Institute at Loop Campus

Nov 10, 2014: DePaul University, Center to Advance Education for Adults

Keynote: Reclaiming Play to Kickstart Agility, Innovation and Engagement

Oct 15, 2014: Illinois Library Association Annual Conference, Springfield, IL

Developing Your Capacity for Agility: Balancing Creativity and Constraint in Uncertain Times (Workshop)

Sep 6, 2014: National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Annual Conf, Chicago

Reclaiming Play for Agility, Innovation and Engagement

Jun 24, 2014: SHRM National Conference, Orlando

Agile Learning and Development Strategies for a Changing World

Apr 24, 2014: DePaul University, Center to Advance Education for Adults

Introducing Agile Learning and Development Strategies for a Changing World

Mar 18, 2014: DePaul University, Center to Advance Education for Adults

Global Cafe: Women Empowerment, Panel Discussion

Mar 6, 2014: DePaul University, School of Public Service, Chicago IL

Balancing Creativity and Constraint in Uncertain Times

Oct 15, 2013: Illinois Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago

Learning Lab: Understanding and Exploring Learning Agility

Sep 19, 2013: DePaul University, Center to Advance Education for Adults

Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Improvisation (

Aug 10, 2013: Academy of Management Annual Conference, Orlando, FL

Reclaiming Play for Agility, Innovation and Engagement

Aug 7, 2013: VitalSmarts REACH Conference, Provo, UT

Creating an Agile Organization: Responding to the Unexpected and Unplanned

Jun 17, 2013: SHRM National Conference, Chicago

Exploring the Changing Landscape of Organizational Improvisation and Agility

Mar 14, 2013: ODN Chicago

Developing Your Superpowers for Agility: Balencing Creativity and Constraint for Heroic Success (Keynote)

Mar 10, 2013: National Council for Marketing and Public Relations Annual Conf, Chicago

  • Thank you for an educational, enlightening and energizing keynote! WOW! You are really terrific and you get your point across with facts and enthusiasm.
    Attendee Leadership Illinois Conference
  • Thank you for your stellar presentation... It was indeed a grand finale session! You were a great success, and participants were sent on their way with renewed enthusiasm. I am keeping your principles on my desk to spearhead me into the new year!
    Mary Elsesser Program Chairman Virginia Economic Developers Association
  • I rated you a “10.” Your session was by far the best of the conference!
    Attendee Illinois Park and Recreation Association Convention
  • I wanted to thank you again for the motivating seminar that you gave at Automatic Data Processing this past week. I feel rejuvenated and am ready to spread the creativity!
    Cherin Saxe, Manager, Major Accounts Implementation, Automatic Data Processing
  • "Awesome!” “Very informative and I loved that you gave us ideas, not just content!” “Fun! I needed to laugh!"
    Audience Members International Society for Human Resource Managers Annual Conference
  • Our members are hard to please, and you managed to impress them with the time and expertise you put into your half-day session. It was evident from the customization of your program and the way you incorporated group exercises, that you are familiar with how adults like to learn. Thanks for contributing to the success of our conference!
    Barbara Grimsgard, CMP, Director of Education and Meetings, The Association Forum
  • With Pamela Meyer's high-energy interactive program our employees are igniting their own creativity. Meyer designed the program to complement existing initiatives and provide employees with the tools they need to build on the success of our 'innovative teamwork' approach.
    David Dalton, SPS Payment Systems
  • Best session of day. Well done! Great content, materials & activities!
    Participant American Society for Training and Development Annual Conference
  • Your knowledge, insight and energy helped us create a fun, engaging, and well-rounded event.
    Kevin Sheridan, Author and creator of the Employee Engagement Emporium event
Liz O'Donnell - bibliomotion

Liz O’Donnell

Engaging, relatable speaker committed to helping women, and the organizations that hire them, thrive

Liz O’Donnell is an author, blogger, speaker and communications executive. In November of 2014, Liz published Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, a book that picks up where Lean In leaves off—looking at the impact women’s personal lives have on their careers and the ways business can harness the talent of working women. Liz is also the founder of Hello Ladies, one of the top 100 websites for women according to Forbes and a Best of the Net according to Working Mother Magazine. She is also a regular blogger at the Huffington Post.

Liz is particularly tuned in to the growing demographic of working mothers, and working daughters, and the unique challenges and opportunities they face. She is passionate about helping women thrive and helping companies reach and mobilize this powerful resource. Her opinions on the topic have been sought by Time magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Investor’s Business Daily and The Washington Post.

Liz is a frequent speaker and consultant to professional organizations, universities and corporations. Her messages are honest and entertaining and grounded in her own experience as a senior-level executive. She is a Senior Vice President and General Manager at Double Forte, an independent public relations and marketing services firm, where she runs the East Coast operations and leads the digital/social media practice. Her clients have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 10 companies, from enterprise and consumer technology companies to large commercial banks, from businesses developing sustainable building materials to mainstream consumer products. In early 2014 she co-founded SheStarts, a networking group for women founders and investors in Boston.

Speaking Topics

Keep the Work in Working Mother

Many women who work full time report they would rather not. In fact, 44% of working mothers say not working outside the home would be ideal. But it’s been well documented in research from Catalyst and Credit Suisse that women improve both productivity and profits. What if we could make having a career and having a life more manageable? Liz outlines the steps businesses can take to create a workplace culture that keeps women at work, increases productivity and boosts morale. Session takeaways will include:

  • How to shift an up or out culture
  • How to implement flex by adding trust and accountability to the equation
  • How to manage the “invisible tasks” that lead to both absenteeism and presenteeism

Most Inclusion Programs Fail, But Yours Can Succeed

Efforts to advance and retain women in the workplace aren’t working. According to McKinsey & Company, 70% of attempts to transform a corporate culture fail. That’s because most programs only focus on half of the problem – what’s happening at the office. In order to support women at work, we need to examine what’s going on at home too. Liz makes the case for why business should close the housework gap in order to close the gender gap, and offers practical solutions to do so.

Session takeaways will include:

  • Which corporate perks and benefits can help close the housework gap
  • How to recognize burnout and presenteeism in order to reduce turnover, retain talent and improve employee engagement
  • Why women may not want the corner office, but can make impactful leaders anyway

You CAN Have Work Life Balance

Work life balance does it exist—it just doesn’t look like you think it does. In this session, Liz identifies the five limiting beliefs that hold women back from pursuing their dreams. And then she shares the eight habits of successful women who are designing their lives based on their own definitions of success. Participants will walk away from this session with an actionable plan to make time for what truly matters in their lives.

Session takeaways will include:

  • Why should is a four-letter word and how to delete it from your vocabulary
  • How to craft your own definition of success and take steps to make it a reality
  • How to identify and defend your non-negotiable priorities

Recent Events

Believe Inspire Grow, Work, Life, Fit

Jun 19, 2014: Plymouth, MA

Bossed Up Bootcamp, Lunchtime Keynote

Mar 29, 2014: Boston, MA

Wake Forest University, Women’s Center

Mar 24, 2014: Winston-Salem, NC

MommyBites, The Ultimate Mom’s Night Out

Mar 20, 2014: Somerville, MA

MOM Conference

Mar 6, 2014: Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY

UMass Boston Emerging Leaders Program, Mogul, Mom & Maid: A Panel Discussion,

Feb 24, 2014: UMass Boston, Boston, MA

  • Liz personally connected with everyone on the call by sharing her experience, journey, and struggles that all of us identify with. The knowledge, steps, and tips that she shared with us are invaluable—each one of us can use what we learned and create an individualized plan to work toward balance in our lives.
    Symantec SWAN Sales & Marketing Chapter
  • Liz O’Donnell strikes a remarkable balance between engaging storyteller, sharing her own candid and often hilarious commentary, and educator. Her “we’re all in this together” mentality is a breath of fresh air. Our attendees laughed, nodded their heads in agreement and all vowed to help support one another in the juggle of being a working mother.
    Jenny Powers, Running With Heels LLC
  • Engaging, insightful, and humorous, Liz held the interest of the room as she shared stories and advice. Fantastic topic and speaker—everyone can benefit from this. Authentic and entertaining.
    WITI Boston
  • Elaborating on the stories found in Mogul, Mom, and Maid as well as “Lessons from the Ladies” that she’s developed over the years, Liz O’Donnell not only shares a multitude of life experiences with her audience – she also opens spaces for women and men to give voice to their own experiences and perspectives that are too often left to sit in silence.
    Paige Meltzer, Wake Forest University
  • Liz was funny, sincere, relatable, and honest. The women could relate to everything she spoke about. In a world of chaos and reaching for perfection, Liz was able to tell us that it’s perfectly okay to put down the mop. It’s okay for us to let things go. It’s okay for us to be our true selves. Who doesn’t want to hear that? Thank you Liz for speaking the truth!
    Ceylan Rowe, CEO, Mommy’s Event BFF
  • Liz uses humor and approachability to help women think about an overwhelming topic—having it all. We would welcome her honesty and encouragement back to Wonder Women of Boston anytime.
    Jeanne Dasaro, Founder, Wonder Women of Boston
  • Liz is a sincere, humorous, and energetic speaker. She shared clear, insightful ideas to help balance the many roles we undertake as women. By following her suggestions I feel I am more purposeful in my actions and that I have more time than I previously thought for the things I WANT to do!
    Amanda Murphy, Believe. Inspire. Grow.
Steven Overman - bibliomotion

Steven Overman

Steven Overman has built his career as a pioneer at the intersection of major social shifts, media communication, and technology innovation for over two decades. He works on the front line of business and culture transformation, helping teams grow new ideas into massive international phenomena that generate billions of dollars of economic value, but even more importantly, new ideas that positively change the lives of people everywhere.

He was one of the earliest members of the group that created and spread the message of the Digital Revolution at Wired magazine, even collaborating on the invention of the the ad banner for the world’s first commercial website Hotwired (an early offshoot of Wired.) He helped create the Academy Award-winning movie Philadelphia, which transformed the global conversation about HIV/AIDS. He led the international launch of the world’s first smartphone, the blockbuster Nokia N95, and went on to lead the creation of innovative marketing for a whole new category of affordable mobile technology that connected a billion new consumers to the internet, from India to Indonesia to Sub-Saharan Africa. Overman recently joined Kodak as Chief Marketing Officer, where he will lead the renewal of one of the world’s biggest brands.

As a strategy and innovation consultant for startups as well as Fortune 100 companies across a range of industry sectors, and during his tenure as Vice President of Global Brand and Marketing Creation for Nokia Corporation, Steven has directly engaged with a broad range of leaders from the C-suite to the product and software design studio, from the R&D lab to the patent department. He has pored over state-of-the-art market research and consumer insight from nearly every corner of the globe, collaborated with the world’s leading creative studios and advertising agencies, developed future scenarios for the shipping and logistics industry, imagined and evangelized concepts for sustainable hospitality and sustainability infrastructure for international brands, co-created award-winning youth marketing in countries and cultures around the world, and mentored young entrepreneurs.

Steven is a frequent public speaker at industry events ranging from NorthZone Ventures CEO Summit, Cannes Lions EuroBest Festival of Creativity, Yahoo Mobile Senior Leaders Summit, and Nokia World, to the Conference Board, SIME Technology Conferences, PSFK, and other international thought leadership events, he has been quoted in Wired, Marketing Week, Fast Company and Business 2.0.

Speaking Topics

The Rise of the Conscience Economy

Introducing the global phenomenon no business or brand can afford to ignore. Now that we’re all interconnected and interdependent, what comes next? An emergent global conscience – a shared sense of right and wrong — accompanied by a growing sense of personal agency in making a difference through individual economic choices. It’s about to impact every sector and every institution. Good is the new bad. And the old rules of economics are about to be turned upside down.

Mobile Humanity

How emerging and mobile technology is transforming life, work, and world. Sensors, location-based services, health and wellness applications, the mobile internet, trackable data streams, artificial intelligence — are these technologies making us more or less human? A forward-looking, provocative survey of the fast-emerging innovations that are profoundly changing every aspect of everyday life, across every business sector and institution. A wakeup call to pay closer attention to change-drivers that are both all around us and in our pockets, and an invitation to re-imagine the world we are fast creating.

The Advertising Renaissance

Despite constant predictions of the demise of the advertising sector, there’s increasing demand for information about a proliferation of ever-new services and products, coupled with an explosion of new media and communication channels means that the power of advertising is set to expand. But do today’s clients and agencies have what it takes to ride the next wave? How to shift creative competencies toward delivering abundant, cut-through, real-time, and most importantly, meaningful and true stories that will drive future business success.

Supersonic >> Faster Innovation, Better Solution

You and your team can save the world in 45 minutes — or at least design the blueprint for a better society and healthier planet. How rapid-prototyping can generate breakthrough answers to the world’s toughest challenges. What about the challenges facing your business? When you let imagination outrun logic, you can solve those too. A superfast, superinteractive session that amps up creativity by generating game-changing ideas in under an hour.

Magnetic: From Marketing to Matchmaking

Marketing is changing faster than nearly any other function in business. Marketing accountability has never been higher, nor the need for ROI greater, while abundant data and increasing automation put marketing leaders in the hot seat. A presentation that inspires teams become a powerful force for business growth by transforming from marketers into matchmakers: creating magnetism between products, services and the people who need them. This talk enlightens both sides of the client/agency relationship, enabling better empathy and collaboration.

Bob Parsanko - bibliomotion

Bob Parsanko

Confidant & Advisor to CEOs Worldwide

For over 20 years Bob Parsanko has served as a personal coach, confidant, and advisor to presidents, CEOs, and senior executive teams throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and South America.

He and co-author Paul Heagen wrote The Leader’s Climb (September 2012), an engaging tale of how leaders often ascend quickly to the top, only to unknowingly slip down a path of decline—until it’s too late. The Leader’s Climb offers a way out, with valuable insights into how to get “unstuck” when leaders need it most.

Bob is an engaging presenter who warns today’s leaders of the ill-conceived tendency to go too fast, fight too much, and force too many decisions. He challenges corporate and conference audiences to dig more deeply into their understanding of themselves and to explore the essential qualities of leadership ‘at the top.’

Bob is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and has shared his learning with executive groups such as the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and Vistage International. In his practice, Bob integrates a wide range of coaching, team development, and strategic planning disciplines and methodologies.

Speaking Topics

We're Not Alone – Leadership Trends Worth Knowing And Sharing

The business environment is rapidly changing. As these changes occur, leadership perspectives must change as well. This presentation identifies the critical shifts in business today, and how truly effective leaders and leadership teams are adjusting to those changes. Bob Parsanko offers real-time knowledge of current shifts as witnessed through his CEO clients, and he enthusiastically challenges all participants to grow with the changes, or die.

Unstuck Leadership: How To Overcome The Struggles We Face

Leadership is easy…until it gets hard. When things get tough, great leaders know what to do. In this presentation, senior executives, and executive teams will learn their individual and collective tendencies when faced with opportunities, challenges, struggles, and ‘stuckness.’ For most, struggles represent the start of decline. There is a way out, and this presentation is designed to help each participant learn what that is for him/herself during periods of stress

The Leader's Climb: Three Things All Leaders Must Do

It’s easy today for executives and executive teams to get wrapped up in going too fast, fighting too much, and forcing too many decisions. But the temptations must be resisted. In this presentation, senior managers and management teams will learn why more awareness, more acceptance, and more abundance are ALL requirements for building great cultures and sustainable organizations, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Cindy Pierce - bibliomotion

Cindy Pierce

Sex educator, speaker, and author

Cindy Pierce is a leading social sexuality educator and comic storyteller who has been performing her one-woman comedic show and providing educational program around healthy sexual behavior and choices since 2004. Combining humor and research, she talks to audiences about the realities kids confront in today’s media-driven world. Cindy is the author of Sexploitation: Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn Driven World and is co-author of Finding the Doorbell. She lives with her husband Bruce and their three teenage kids in Etna, New Hampshire, near Dartmouth College, where they own and run Pierce’s Inn. To learn more about Cindy, visit Cindy-Pierce.com.

Audiences include educators, parent groups, coaches, high school and college students, independent schools. Content is customizable to audience age and needs.

Download Cindy’s speaker sheet here.

Speaking Topics

Navigating the realities of sex in a hyper-sexualized world

Cindy’s keynotes weave together humor, expert opinion, personal anecdotes, and the real feedback of today’s college and high school students to openly address the real influences, seen and unseen, facing kids today as they develop their own sexuality. She addresses sex, relationships, the hookup scene, and the impact of alcohol on decision-making.

By talking directly about these difficult subjects, she makes these conversations a little easier for everyone. Her keynotes can be customized for parents and educators, college students, or high school students. Her goal is to:

  • Help teens form their own values in this critical area and not accept those put on them by peers and society
  • Offer concrete tools and tactics to help them stay true to those values
  • Guide kids toward healthy life choices by helping them develop a workable life plan

Recent Events

Sexploitation book event, The Flying Pig Bookstore

Nov 3, 2015: Shelburne, VT

Sexploitation book event, Norwich Bookstore

Sep 25, 2015: Norwich, VT

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH

Empower Lacrosse Camp for girls

Norwich, VT

Cedar Crest College

Allentown, PA

Burke Mountain Academy

East Burke, VT

The Family Place

Norwich, VT

Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, MA

Green Mountain Valley School

Waitsfield, VT

Colby College

Colby, ME

Are We There Yet? (storytelling)

Lyndonville, VT

Media Coverage

  • Pierce cites a wide range of problematic media-driven issues for kids (e.g., hypersexualized female body images, violent masculinity) and urges parents to enter into the dialog to give their children alternative ways to behave and think. While Pierce points out seemingly insurmountable pressures on today’s youth, she devises a workable plan for guiding them toward healthy life choices.
    Library Journal
  • Cindy Pierce is, was, and will continue to be the funniest woman I have ever met. She is a natural storyteller.
    Mike O’Malley, Creator and Executive Producer of Survivor’s Remorse, and Burt Hummel on Glee
  • Cindy Pierce delivered perhaps the most hilarious, informative and resonant performance I have seen since coming to Dartmouth. Her approach of addressing gender dynamics was neither self-conscious nor combative. She fully engaged everyone in the audience, both male and female.
    Keshav Poddar, Dartmouth College, Class of 2014
  • Cindy has an uncanny gift of bringing closet subjects about sex and relationships into the open. She educates in a humorous manner. Cindy’s presentation is thought provoking and inspires discussion with a message that is not only beneficial to college students, but desperately needed.
    Josh Dooley, Dartmouth College, Class of 2006
  • Students are still talking about Cindy's program. The term ‘healthy tribe’ really struck students, and they commented on the evaluations that they needed to find a ‘healthy tribe’ to encourage them to make better decisions…obvious to us, but the term ‘healthy tribe’ is what made it click with them.
    Kimberly Choleqinski, Health Education Coordinator, Old Dominion University
Linda J. Popky - bibliomotion

Linda J. Popky

Award-Winning Strategic Marketing Expert, Transforming Organizations Through Powerful Marketing Performance

Linda J. Popky is the president of Leverage2Market Associates, a Redwood Shores-based strategic marketing company that helps transform organizations through powerful marketing performance. Her clients range from small businesses and consultants to mid-sized companies and large Fortune 500 enterprises.

In 2009, Linda was named one of the top women of influence in Silicon Valley and inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame. She is the first marketing expert worldwide certified to offer the Private Roster™ Mentoring Program for consultants and entrepreneurs, and the first licensee of Alan Weiss’s workshops and seminars. Linda is the past president of WIC, and she served as VP of Marketing for the Northern California chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA). She is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) and Watermark, the organization for exceptional executive women who have made their mark, where she serves on the Strategic Development Board.

Linda has served as Program Advisor for the Integrated Marketing Program at San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning, and she is a member of the Advisory Board of University of California Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley. She’s the author of workbooks on Marketing Your Career and Promoting Your Non-Profit, the co-author of the ebook Disciplined Marketing for Building a Professional Services Practice, and the editor of Alan Weiss on Consulting: A Guided Journey with the “Rock Star of Consulting.”

A classically trained pianist, Linda recently released Night Songs, a CD of classical piano music.

Speaking Topics

Use the Force: Leveraging Marketing Gravity to Build Your Consulting Practice

Combining material from Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss with that of award-winning marketing expert Linda Popky, this one-day workshop is designed to help you create and master the marketing activities that will help you take your business to the next level by bringing clients and prospects to you, rather than you having to chase business on an ongoing basis.

Consulting Triple Play: How to Acquire Clients, Value-Based Fees, and How to Write a Proposal That's Accepted Every Time

Focusing on three of the most popular topics from Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss, this special workshop cuts to the essence of successful consulting, giving participants the foundation you’ll need to drive business growth. Whether you want to jump start your practice or increase your momentum, this day will provide you with the tools you need to realize rapid ROI on your efforts.

Marketing Your Career: Positioning, Packaging, and Promoting Yourself for Success

In today’s environment, now more than ever, it’s important to take a proactive approach to marketing and promoting yourself. This workshop will help you learn how to apply proven marketing techniques to your own career situation.

ROI for the Rest of Us: Measuring Return on Marketing

Learn how to better measure and manage marketing investments to objectively substantiate the value of marketing campaigns. Here’s a practical approach to marketing measurement, including an introduction to accepted measurement tools and techniques, and a focus on choosing the right metrics to measure.

Brand Strategies

Branding is integral to marketing any product or service. Learn about the key elements of branding, as well as the importance of brand and product positioning, brand identity and messaging to successful marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Positioning: Right From The Start

Understand how to differentiate yourself with a positioning strategy that focuses on the value you provide your target audience. Learn how solid positioning and messaging impact strategic decisions for your business. Why a solid marketing foundation can make or break your new venture.

Promoting Your Nonprofit

It’s never simple to promote and grow a non-profit organization. Recruiting volunteers, fundraising, building awareness, and delivering programs to key constituents are just a few of the challenges non-profits face on a daily basis. Today’s tight economy makes things more complicated. Learn how your nonprofit can get the attention and dollars needed to be successful.

The Leverage2Market Series

Stop Marketing and Win Business: What’s Missing from Today’s Marketing Campaigns

Every time you turn around these days, someone is introducing a new tactic or technique that will reinvent the way businesses do marketing – social media, mobile, user-generated content, crowdsourcing, etc. Yet is marketing is so simple, why is it so hard to do it effectively?

Learn why it’s so important for B2B marketers to step back from today’s modern marketing madness, take a broader view of the business environment, and assess the 5 key factors that can make or break a large-scale marketing effort.

Setting the Right Coordinates: 7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Marketing This Year

A new year brings new marketing challenges. What’s changing this year? Are you clear on what you need to accomplish? Do you know what you’ll need to do to get there?

Before you make and break too many New Year’s resolutions, consider what you need to put in place to make this a successful year for you and your marketing organization. You’ll learn key factors to consider when planning your year. Understand the importance of setting benchmarks and establishing clear objectives. Find out how you can do less, listen more, and stand out from the crowd. Learn seven tips you can use to jumpstart your marketing efforts now.

Top Reasons Why Marketing Doesn’t Work (And What to Do About It)

Learn how to avoid common mistakes companies and consultants make in developing and deploying marketing programs: Why customers never buy products. How companies snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. When your competitors’ victories help you win.

Planting the Seeds: How Marketing in a Down Time Helps Business Turn Up

Investing in marketing seems harder to justify when business is down. Yet that’s often the right time for business owners to ramp up their marketing efforts. Learn proven marketing techniques to apply to your own business situation, including how to be more proactive in marketing to promote yourself and your business. Understand why it’s so important to plant marketing seeds when business is slow to be ready to reap success in the future.

Big Marketing Tips for Small Company Budgets

What do big companies know about marketing that makes them successful? How can companies with smaller marketing budgets produce results that equal or surpass their bigger competitors? Learn the key marketing programs that can be implemented by any size company to get results. Find out how to dramatically improve the return you get from your marketing initiatives, no matter what your budget.

Marketing Product YOU: A Proactive Approach to Managing Your Career or Your Business

In today’s environment, now more than ever, it’s important to take a proactive approach to marketing and promoting yourself. This workshop will help you learn how to apply proven marketing techniques to your own career or business situation.

There’s No Sound Unless You Make It: Why Stealth Marketing Doesn’t Work

In contrast to previous big budget, overhyped marketing efforts, many companies today are cautiously testing the marketing waters bit by bit. There’s only one problem: Stealth marketing doesn’t work. Learn why in today’s business environment it’s even more important to be loud enough to be heard above the noise.

The Forgotten Marketing Tool

You’ve crafted the message, created the marketing materials, launched your new campaign. But if you haven’t carefully considered one other key element, you won’t fully capitalize on your marketing investment. Find out how improving the readiness and effectiveness of your marketing team can give you the edge you need to win in the marketplace.

Why Marketing Leverage Matters

In today’s environment, having a great product, a creative service or terrific technology is not enough to win. Find out how improving your positioning, programs, processes and people can help you cut through the clutter and more effectively reach your marketing goals.

Recent Events

Cut Through the Noise: Make Your Marketing Matter

May 11, 2015: Books Inc., Palo Alto, CA

  • It has been my experience working with most marketing consultants that they do not "get it." You are a breath of fresh air. As I listened to you, I found myself continually saying, 'Yes! Yes.'
    Pello Walker, Daily Digital Imaging
  • I had the honor of having Linda facilitate events for FountainBlue's When She Speaks series. She is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and grounds and weaves the conversation well, so that all benefit from the discussion. I highly recommend her for her stellar communication skills and marketing aptitude.
    Linda Holroyd, CEO FountainBlue
  • Your presentation and the hands-on exercise of creating a marketing plan helped me understand not just what to do, but how and when to do it.
    Pam Creason, Senior Partner GreenAxle Solutions, Inc
  • Linda's marketing acumen is exceptional. She effectively articulates how to architect, manage and deliver initiatives focused on driving revenue ROI.
    Carol Montgomery-Adams Former Vice President, Worldwide Marketing NetManage
  • In Measuring Return on Marketing, Linda clearly and concisely covered an important topic for marketing professionals, giving real-life examples that allowed class teams to execute what we had just learned.
    Karen Young, Marketing Consultant Northern Lights
  • I really enjoyed your teleseminar. Lots of great information, concisely packaged and presented! Information I can really use!
    Joyce Prescott, Prescott and Associates
  • I recently chose Linda to present to a group of senior executives in transition. She was the true professional all the way through the process, developed a creative approach to the topic and presented the material in an engaging and informative manner. She made a challenging topic "real" for the group and captured the attention of everyone in the room.
    Bobbie LaPorte, Career & Leadership Consultant RAL & Associates
  • Taking classes from Linda is like trying to drink knowledge from a high pressure fire hose - she has so much terrific information to share and shares it generously. She has great energy and a passion for what she does. Linda truly cares that her students and clients are successful.
    Stephen Balzac, President The Society of Professional Consultants
Allison Rimm - bibliomotion

Allison Rimm

Soulful strategic planner and award-winning educator helps professionals find success and joy in business and in life

Allison Rimm is an author, consultant, coach, and strategic planning expert who inspires individuals and organizational leaders to create breathtaking visions and practical plans to make them come to life. The former Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Information Management at Massachusetts General Hospital, she engages the hearts and minds of her clients to drive performance and create teams joyfully committed to their collective missions.

In her book, The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life, Allison presents eight practical steps to help readers find their purpose, set priorities, and fulfill even their most elusive goals. She is also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. A sought-after speaker, Allison presents on topics related to strategic planning, workplace engagement, and leadership development.

She has merged her passion for teaching and mentoring with her extensive professional repertoire to create the Business of Life™ workshop series where she sets participants on an organized path of self-discovery. Participants leave her programs with a sense of direction and balance, ready to move forward with confidence, focus and optimism.

Speaking Topics

Signature Keynote: Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

Soul-satisfying success doesn’t just happen. Just as a business requires a mission and a plan, so does a joyful and fulfilling life. Successful companies don’t leave their business results to chance and you don’t have to leave your dreams to chance. Whether you want to be an effective leader, start something new, or just make it home for dinner by six, author, consultant and executive coach Allison Rimm provides a structured, step-by-step program to create a business plan for your life.

Who is it for?

  • Leaders wanting to build highly engaged and effective teams
  • New leaders in transition
  • Professionals looking to optimize their performance
  • Entrepreneurs, startups and visionaries who need a strategic plan
  • Anyone who wants to be more balanced, effective, and joyful at work and at home

Attendees Will…

  • Acquire a set of strategic planning tools to manage any project effectively
  • Learn steps towards creating a personal/professional strategic plan
  • Set goals and priorities and develop plans to achieve them
  • Relieve stress and have fun
  • Learn to identify the fears that limit their success and how to overcome them

Leadership Strategies for Women: Building and promoting your personal brand

Are you having a hard time getting what you want at work and keeping your career trajectory on track? Having trouble finding your own voice and being heard? Certainly, you are not alone. Professional women often face more challenges in climbing the leadership ranks than their male colleagues. So, what can you do about that? First, you need to know what you really want and then you can devise strategies to get it. This keynote address will help you:

  • Figure out what really matters most to you. Whatever you do produces results. Make sure you get the results you want.
  • Find your voice and be heard. Identify your unique strengths and passions to create and promote your personal brand.
  • Nurture your network. It’s all about relationships.
  • Harness the upside of disillusionment.
  • Find some joy in every day.

Whether you want to take on a leadership role in your organization, attract more clients, or find more balance in your life, accurately naming your game is the first step toward winning it.

Business of Life Workshop

In this highly experiential program, participants apply the principles of strategic planning to achieve their personal and professional goals while deriving greater fulfillment from their lives.The core course introduces the key elements of strategy and the planning process. Students then apply these methods to projects related to their work and/or personal lives. In-class exercises give participants ample opportunity to practice these skills while creating a practical plan to make immediate progress on their priorities while experiencing joy along the way.

Participants will:

  • Acquire a set of strategic planning tools to manage any project effectively
  • Create a personal and professional strategic plan
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Focus their actions on achieving the results that matter most
  • Develop plans to fulfill their vision and create balance in all parts of their lives
  • Learn about critical success factors for effective implementation
  • Relieve stress and have fun

Other benefits of this course include:

  • Team building
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased staff engagement

The Engagement Edge: The power of harnessing your team's passion to create and implement effective strategic plans

What separates strategic plans that collect dust on a bookshelf from those that serve as a true blueprint and compass for an organization? Enlightened leaders know that if they can fully engage their staff in the creation and execution of their strategies, they are more likely to set and achieve a compelling vision than if the planning is done by an exclusive group of C-suite executives. Through a real-life case study, audiences will learn how to excite their teams and ignite creativity. The passion principle is what sets organizations up for the successful implementation of their strategies and sustainable performance. Audiences will also learn five common mistakes managers make that diminish their effectiveness and limit their productivity.

Recent Events

Business of Life Workshop

Jun 25, 2014: Babson Executive Conference Center, Wellesley, MA

Healthy for Life Seminar: Formula for Success and Joy

Jun 16, 2014: Massachusetts Hospital Association

Strategic Planning for Innovations in Health Care

May 30, 2014: Umass Memorial Medical Center Worcester

Success Strategies in Business and Life

May 20, 2014: New England Journal of Medicine/Mass Medical Society

Conquer Your Fears & Conquer the World

May 18, 2014: MGH Office of Women’s Careers Leadership Strategies Workshop

Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

May 8, 2014: New Beginnings

Success Strategies in Business and Life

May 7, 2014: USB

The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life

Apr 17, 2014: Harvard School of Public Health/Harvard Longwood Medical

Creating Strategies for Success and Joy

Apr 11, 2014: ASIS Expo MGH

Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

Feb 21, 2014: Boys and Girls Club Boston

Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

Feb 12, 2014: Women’s Bar Association at Sullivan & Worcester

Business of Life Course

Feb 3, 2014: MGH Leadership Academy

Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

Jan 15, 2014: MGH Women’s Group

Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life

Jan 7, 2014: Boston Public Library

The Business of Life: Bringing Organization to Souls and Soul to Organizations

MGH Leadership Academy, MGH Center for Faculty Development

The Engagement Edge: The power of harnessing your work force’s passion and creativity to create a powerful strategy and ensure effective implementation

IEG Chief Strategy Officer Summit, New York

What's the Big Idea: Happiness at Work

Brookline High School 21st Century Fund

Your Personal Brand: Being and Selling Your Best You

Inclusive Connections Group

Balancing YOUR Priorities

Joint Committee on the Status of Women, Harvard Medical School

Develop Leadership Strategies And Build a Personal Brand

Women’s Bar Association & Women in Transportation

  • Allison Rimm presented an amazing team-building program to the staff of the Pediatric ICU. She was very well prepared and not only was the content superb, her delivery was warm, witty and engaging. She is definitively an expert in this field. She was able to involve everyone in the discussion and provide insights and solutions to some of our biggest challenges working with a multi-disciplinary team and family members of critically ill children. Her unique mix of experience, wisdom and phenomenal track record are unbeatable. I am looking forward to more opportunities to benefit from her expertise. She is superb!
    Natan Noviski, M.D., Chief, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Associate Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
  • You inspired so many people with your sound advice, your warmth, and your willingness to share your talents.
    Meredith Ainbinder, Litigation Partner at Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, Vice President, Women's Bar Association
  • Allison Rimm is a black belt in strategic planning
    Timothy Ferris, M.D., M.Phil., MPH, Medical Director, Massachusetts General Physician Organization
  • Thank you so much for your guidance in planning and facilitating our retreat. The day was a success and we are excited and energized by the experience. You delivered so much more than promised and we couldn’t have done this without you.
    John Davidow, News Director, WBUR
Lauren A. Rothman - bibliomotion

Lauren A. Rothman

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and TV Style Commentator

Lauren A. Rothman, founder Styleauteur, is a fashion, style, and trend expert. She is one of the nation’s most sought after stylists who works with international royalty, foreign diplomats, and VIP’s on Capitol Hill. She is responsible for many famous looks along the campaign trail, as well as subtle styles that have made their way into the halls of the Supreme Court and the front rows of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Lauren is passionate about working with our servicemen and women returning from overseas deployments and has also counseled Four Star Generals at the Pentagon regarding professional civilian dress. Her mantra underscores that dressing is about much more than the clothes—it is about who you truly are and the image you want to project. Lauren works with politicos and our nation’s game changers—a group that still views black as a color only worn to funerals.

A trend spotter and fashion maven, Lauren has her finger on the pulse of fashion—from shopping closets across the country to scouting the best pieces available worldwide. At Styleauteur, Lauren guides clients in the creation of their signature style and imparts strategies that empower them to realize their style and beauty goals. Many Fortune 500 companies hire her to help educate and enlighten employees about executive presence, assisting them in identifying and discovering their personal styles in order to help them achieve higher levels of success. Her process prepares professionals to streamline their wardrobes according to the latest trends that are appropriate for their careers. Lauren teaches clients to become confident, proactive shoppers, and to avoid costly mistakes. She is the key consultant for many companies and the media nationwide when it comes to fashion, political style, and executive presence. Lauren also writes a column for The Huffington Post that speaks directly to fashion and politics, Fashion Whip. Recent topics include why Hillary Clinton’s fashion faux pas are awesome, what it means when Mitt Romney dresses too rich, an analysis of Michelle Bachmann’s shoes, and a list of best-dressed politicians.

Sought after as a public speaker and commentator from Silicon Valley to the halls of Washington, DC, her tips on wardrobe management and creating a versatile, fashion-forward closet have been featured in Glamour, Real Simple, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Financial Times, MSNBC, AP News, Reuters, on NPR, and on XM/Sirius radio. You can also catch Lauren discussing politics and style on CBS’s The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, and in her column on The Huffington Post, Fashion Whip. When she’s not dishing on shopping within and around the beltway on local DC daytime talk show, Let’s Talk Live, Lauren tackles topics ranging from fashion etiquette to seasonal trends on CBS, Fox, and ABC news. Lauren was recently named one of the top “Women Who Dress Washington” in Washingtonian magazine.

Speaking Topics

Dressing for the Job You Want, Not Just the Job You Have

We live in a world led by visual cues. Your audience often sees your picture on LinkedIn or a social media network before they even meet you. Learn to manage your image and stylize your profile. It’s not just about style—body language, makeup, hair, and overall grooming can enhance your promotion from the cubicle to the C-Suite.

Fashion as a Foreign Language

Learn the 10 fashion mistakes you don’t want to make at the office! This session teaches Fashion 101 basics and will empower you to use style as a tool in your career arsenal. Even if you are not interested in landing on the best-dressed list, every leader wants to command their audience. Lauren demystifies the world of fashion and educates both men and women on understanding the perfect fit. Learn how to shop your closet, project power with colors, and actively manage first impressions.

Executive Presence: Decoding the Workplace Dress Code

Do you struggle with the difference between business casual and casual Friday? Or wonder if women need to wear suits just because men do? In this dynamic seminar, Lauren outlines and defines workplace dress codes and examines today’s cultural trends to best help you dress to impress. Lauren can tailor her discussion to focus on regional dress codes and will focus on top pieces every executive should have in their closet to be an effective leader. Learn how to maximize your personal brand and dress for work without losing a sense of style.

  • Lauren Rothman is a great go-to fashion expert. Her style expertise is vast and she has been on our show to discuss a variety of topics including inaugural gowns, maternity fashion, and holiday gifts. She always has great insight on what is new, trendy and ahead of the fashion curve
    Paul Raphel, Segment Producer/Reporter FOX-5/WTTG
  • Lauren Rothman is one of the nation’s capitals most sought after fashion gurus who always has her finger on the pulse of cutting edge trends. She styles Washington’s elite—from the titans of business to political heavyweights. When we need a fashion expert for Let’s Talk Live Lauren is always at the top of the list. And needless to say, she is always dressed to the nines
    Alison Kentworthy, Segment Producer/Let’s Talk Live
  • Putting together ‘fashion’ and ‘Washington D.C.’ is no longer a non sequitur. Lauren empowers Capitol women to express their own sense of style, be it in a power suit for Capitol Hill, a hip look for the local tech community, the right ensemble for the charity cocktail set or a fun night on the town. She helps your closet to do it all
    Jessica Doyle, Reporter USA9 CBS Affiliate
Robert Sher - bibliomotion

Robert Sher

Making Midsized Companies Mightier

Robert Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. He was chief executive of Bentley Publishing Group from 1984 to 2006 and steered the firm to become a leading player in its industry (decorative art publishing).

As a speaker he is direct, like most CEOs. His ability to capture complex issues and frame them in an easy to hear manner sets him apart. He also excels at facilitating and moderating discussions within the audience, just like they are his clients, sitting beside him, tackling live situations. Audiences immediately sense that he is a practitioner, with real leadership experience.

From 1984 to 2006, Robert was CEO and co-founder of Bentley, a privately held firm based in Walnut Creek, Calif. Early in the business, he and his partners identified a gap in the fast-growing market for framed artwork: high-quality yet affordable prints perfect for the decorative market. Sher and his partners bootstrapped the business, but key successes breathed new life and cash flow into the business. He led the acquisitions of four competitors between 1999 and 2004 and left Bentley two years later. The firm merged with Global Arts in 2011 to form Bentley Global Art Group.

He is involved in three Northern California associations as a Director of the Alliance of Chief Executives since 2007, President and Board member of the Association for Corporate Growth San Francisco, and an Advisory Board member of the California Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

Robert speaks frequently, and has published extensively on the successful leadership traits and skills of CEOs of midsized companies. He is a regular columnist on Forbes.com as well as CFO.com, authored his first book, The Feel of the Deal; How I Built a Company through Acquisitions (1toPonder, 2007) numerous posts for Harvard Business Review online, and articles for many other publications. He also publishes his own newsletter, The CEO Insomnia Factor. His newest book, Mighty Midsized Companies; How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers, (Boston: Bibliomotion, 2014) to be released September 16, 2014.

Robert received a B.S. degree in business administration from Hayward State University in 1986 (during which he ran a small business), and an MBA degree from St. Mary’s College in 1988, where he was the recipient of the Jack Saloma Award for student citizenship. From 1995 to 2000, he taught MBA and executive MBA courses at St. Mary’s on growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Robert and his wife Renee have two children, Ben and Jessie, and live in Northern California. They love sailing and travel.

Speaking Topics

Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers

For an executive team, the excitement of leading a steadily or rapidly growing midsized firm can be exhilarating – that is, until growth grinds down to a halt. In this presentation, Robert Sher explores from his years of research on more than 100 companies how seven silent growth killers have derailed midsized firms. He then shows how executives can overcome or avoid them altogether.

Silent growth killers are hard-to-detect pitfalls that drain momentum and energy, stop growth and sometimes put a firm out of business. The impact of the growth killers is unique to midsized companies. Small, venture-funded companies don’t typically suffer from them, and while they do strike big companies, they typically have the financial and managerial strength to survive them.

Illustrating the seven silent growth killers through real examples, Robert explains how CEOs and other leaders can protect their companies from them or avoid them altogether.

What you will learn:

  • Why the seven silent growth killers are much bigger risks for midsized companies
  • How to identify the growth killers early
  • Ways to survive them with tried-and-true methods
  • How to steer clear of the killers altogether

How Midsized Firms Can Avoid Deadly Lethargy

Midsized companies with laser market focus and rapid execution capabilities can outrun bigger and smaller foes alike. Yet many midsized firms bog down, with projects taking months longer than planned, teams that get more excited about the free lunch than delivering high performance and confusion grips the firm at many levels.

This talk explores the root causes of deadly lethargy at midsized companies, drawing from the first three chapters of the speaker’s book, Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers. Rich with examples, Robert explains how the most successful midsized companies create a culture of urgency and an uncommon respect for deadlines. He also explores why frequent changes to a firm’s strategy are destructive, and how to introduce new growth ideas without disrupting a company from its present course.

What you will learn:

  • How lethargy develops in even the best midsized companies
  • How get employees to meet deadlines without top managers having to become drill sergeants
  • Keys to monitoring the performance of complex projects and making sure they are delivered on schedule
  • How to make sure the CEO isn’t unwittingly contributing to corporate lethargy
  • How to decide how much risk to take on big growth initiatives

How Midsized Companies Can Create a Dream Leadership Team

At the core of the most successful midsized companies is a stellar leadership team. With such a “dream team” in place, a midsized firm can deliver profitable growth, year after year, in good times and bad. However, when even one member of the team is dysfunctional, a midsized company can’t hope to have a dream team. They don’t have the luxury of a large leadership team to support weak links in the executive chain. This presentation drawn from four of the chapters of the speaker’s book, Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers.

CEOs of midsized companies who tolerate dysfunctional leaders weaken their business’s ability to avoid and fight off seven silent killers of growth.

This talk reveals the underlying issues that cause midsized company leaders to accept a mediocre leadership team and how to counteract them. A collection of great leaders does not make a team. Robert Sher will explain why the way those leaders communicate, meet and plan determine the issues they discuss and how well they resolve them. Robert also explores role definitions, visibility of results and approaches to creating accountability.

What you will learn:

  • Why dysfunctional leaders are tolerated, and how to counteract it
  • How a leadership team can set the ideal communication cadence
  • How to institute crucial planning and project management disciplines that keep the team in sync
  • How to hold leaders accountable in a positive yet firm approach
  • How to insure that acquisitions and operations are well-led

Keeping Rocketing Growth From Spiraling Out of Control

Many founders, entrepreneurs and business executives dream of leading a high-growth company. Then they get the chance, and as the rocket passes Mach 2, they notice the tiles cracking and falling off the rocket, and the ship starts shaking. Uh-oh.

Leading a high-growth company into and through midsized is both exciting and difficult; it is full of risk. This talk, drawn from four of the chapters of the speaker’s book, Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers, explains how to avoid the growth impediments that can bring down these firms in painful, awful spectacles.

Midsized firms can increase headcount incredibly fast. So keeping the leadership team trained, aligned and informed on growth and all its costs is crucial – particularly on how ideas are evaluated and resources allocated to them.

Acquisitions can be a rocket booster, but the leadership team must be prepared to manage them after deals are closed. Lastly, midsized firms run the risk of operational meltdown, where they simply can’t deliver on their promises. Robert explains how to avoid such harrowing scenarios.

What you will learn:

  • Crucial factors in increasing the odds of a successful growth campaign
  • How to keep the entire leadership team on track during times of high growth
  • How to get time on your side to get projects completed on schedule
  • How to pick the right acquisition targets and boost their performance after the deal is closed
  • How to insure that your rocket stays on course, with no lives lost!

Avoiding the Seven Silent Growth Killers: Building Leadership Infrastructure

Growing companies can be victims of their own success. When they get the growth they so desperately seek, they may just as quickly outgrow their leadership infrastructure, rendering the business chaotic and inefficient.

Leadership infrastructure is the sum total of management systems, processes, leadership teams, skillsets and disciplines that enable companies to grow successfully beyond small scale operations into midsized or large firms. Business schools don’t teach classes in building leadership infrastructure, and it is not a natural skill for most. Many midsized executives shun it, equating it with big-company bureaucracy. Midsized companies are always the victims of insufficient leadership infrastructure, because small firms don’t need much, and big companies already have it. To transition from small to big, you must build your own leadership infrastructure.

This talk walks midsized company leaders through the process of assessing the state of their leadership infrastructure then intentionally designing and building their leadership systems and team based on the future requirements of their firm.

What you will learn:

  • What leadership infrastructure is and why it’s critical to growth
  • Common signs that your leadership infrastructure may put your company at risk.
  • How to objectively assess your leadership infrastructure
  • The starting points for upgrading your leadership infrastructure, and how to get started.

Building and Maintaining a High Performance Environment

For the last 12 years, Gallup polls consistently indicate that more than two-thirds of employees at U.S. companies are not motivated to be productive. They are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.” Even more important, companies with high “employee engagement” financially outperform those with low engagement. Clearly, low morale is widespread – and costly.

A big contributor to the problem is that many mid-market CEOs do not take a strategic and disciplined approach to shaping the workplace environment. The workplace environment is the sum total of what it feels like to work at the firm. Most CEOs I know feel responsible for achieving the company’s mission by using their management team and resources. They need their team to perform. But creating a highly productive working environment beyond the top team requires far more: a CEO and top team with a long-term commitment to create such an environment, and then a step-by-step plan to put it in place.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the five common causes of low performance environments.
  • Learn how to apply performance pressure in a productive fashion.
  • Understand the power for visibility to drive results.
  • Learn when to put the risk of failure front and center.
  • Discover why your employees should not feel satisfied with their performance—ever.

Seven Essentials to Sell Your Company at a Premium

Many mid-market CEOs sell their companies for far less than what they’d hoped for because they hadn’t prepared for the “Exit Day”. One such firm started in the early 1980’s and grew into an industry leader. After scorning an exit opportunity in 2007 (4X EBITDA wasn’t enough), in 2011 the business was sold in distress for just enough cash to pay off the bank plus seller-financed debt, which is now in default. The owners walked away from 30 years of toil with only their memories.

CEOs under invest in training themselves and preparing their firms for an exit. Most CEOs are inexperienced at selling a business and selling rarely feels urgent. As a result, other priorities jump ahead, and they don’t build skill or knowledge exiting until the event is upon them.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to build a list of potential buyers.
  • Modify how you run the business to increase value at time of exit.
  • Understand the time frame to exit.
  • Know buyer turn-offs and turn-ons.
  • Get a grasp of the role of lawyers, investment bankers, accountants and others that can help.

CEOs must manage the business with the exit in mind (even if the exit isn’t for many years), and take full responsibility for producing an excellent exit (before, during and after the transaction).

Recent Events

Kreinces Rollins & Shanker Host Mighty Event

Dec 9, 2014: New Jersey

Make it Mighty Webinar

Oct 24, 2014:

Make it Mighty Webinar

Oct 15, 2014:

Executive Roundtable: Seven Essentials to Sell Your Company at a Premium

Apr 25, 2014: The California Israel Chamber of Commerce, Palo Alto, CA

The Crossroads of Business Planning and Executive Performance Review: Why You Need a Concise Plan

Apr 22, 2014: Northern California Human Resources Association and Society for Human Resource Management National Conference, Oakland, CA

Minimizing the Risk of Maximizing your Growth

Mar 6, 2014: Comerica Bank, San Francisco, CA

How to Create and Use a Reality-Based Business Plan To Drive Results

Feb 8, 2014: St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA

CFO Leadership

Feb 6, 2014: Robert Half Management Resources, San Francisco, CA

The Leadership Infrastructure That Enables Startups to Grow Up

Oct 4, 2013: Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Building and Maintaining a High Performance Environment

Sep 20, 2013: CICC, Palo Alto, CA

Creating a Powerhouse Executive Team

Aug 27, 2013: Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal Event, San Jose, CA

How CFOs Can Keep Revenue – and Budget – on Target

May 21, 2013: Robert Half Management Resources, San Ramon, CA

Building Dynamic Operating Plans for Fast Changing Organizations

May 17, 2013: CICC, Palo Alto, CA

CEO Roundtable: Managing your Board of Directors

Feb 28, 2013: CICC, Palo Alto, CA

Media Coverage

  • I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your masterful facilitation of the meeting yesterday. I found it quite inspirational to hear why everyone came to Parties That Cook, and I think they did too. I noticed lots of emotion and passion being evoked in the process and the whole team was on a high afterwards. They were energized by the process and they are in love with our why! Now our next steps are to push this out to all that we do. Thank you so much for doing such a great job.
    Bibby Gignilliat, Founder and CEO, Parties That Cook®
  • Your presentation was excellent—strong takeaways and a very involved audience. We’ll be calling you next year.
    Michaela Marek, Audience Development Director, San Jose Business Journal
  • Robert Sher is a top-notch keynote speaker. He presented at our Fourth Annual Food and Beverage Forum in 2010 to about 120 CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and other senior executives. His speech was well thought out, eloquent, educational and beautifully delivered. It was very well received. Overall our event was a huge success, and Robert’s speech and participation was a large contributor to that.
    Rimma Tabakh, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP
Jen Shirkani - bibliomotion

Jen Shirkani

The EQ Over Ego Coach

Jen Shirkani’s mission is to make common sense more common. She wrote Ego vs EQ to help leaders help themselves. Using her experience as an executive coach, she identified the common traps that set senior executives and business owners up for failure. From thinking technical skills trump leadership skills, to not letting go of control, to losing touch with the front line experience she watched first-hand how executives struggled with staying grounded in a feedback desert.

She takes the science of EQ (emotional intelligence) and brings it to practical application for the senior executive or business owner who not only wants to survive, but thrive. She provides insight into emotional intelligence from a leadership perspective filled with practical strategies and immediately useable tips. Jen has worked with organizations from the Fortune 50 to family-owned companies helping leaders leverage the power of EQ. She was born and raised in Southern California and holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Speaking Topics

Ego vs EQ: How Top Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps with Emotional Intelligence

Somewhere along the line, while climbing the corporate ladder or growing their own company, ego takes over and business owners and senior executives lose the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that keeps them connected to their workforce and grounded in the day-to-day realities of their business. The risk of falling into “ego traps” increases, hurting the business and threatening their hard-won success. EQ refers to a skill set that includes an ability to recognize one’s own impulses and moods (self-awareness), the ability to read situations accurately (empathy), and the capacity to respond appropriately depending on the situation (self-control). By contrast, ego is characterized by a high degree of self-absorption and exaggerated sense of self-importance. In other words, EQ and ego are mutually exclusive.
So, how can otherwise brilliant leaders keep from succumbing to self-sabotaging, ego-driven behaviors? This presentation defines and provides strategies for increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), particularly for executive “C-suite” leaders and company founders with high technical competence. The session explores the critical role Emotional Intelligence plays in business performance and provides the audience with practical tools for raising their own EQ—possibly the most important exercise an executive leader can do to ensure a prolonged career and catapult the business to the next level.

Strategic Selection Using EQ

This session dives into the landscape of the labor market today and the proven techniques being used by industry leaders for successful talent acquisition. Participants will receive a simple, yet powerful tool for quickly identifying the Emotional Intelligence skills most important for each job, along with the technique for revealing truthful information about the candidate’s experience.
“Right retention” continues to be a major challenge for most employers and with the cost of turnover today, it’s time to take a good hard look at hiring practices. The stakes are high as hiring managers are confronted with the challenge of interviewing candidates that are savvier than ever. Applicants have educated themselves on the insider tips for winning the interviewing game. With the increasing difficulty in obtaining reference information and candidates who are well educated and well-rehearsed, interviewers are baffled at how to separate the style from the substance. This session will help interviewers take back the advantage and uncover high or low Emotional Intelligence skills during their interviewing and selection process.

Leadership Applications of EQ

Someone with high Emotional Intelligence demonstrates a sensibility – he or she can manage their own emotional impulses, can communicate with others effectively, can manage change well, problem solves, uses humor to build rapport, has empathy and remains optimistic even in the face of adversity. Studies show a direct correlation between high Emotional Intelligence and job success for all roles.
Progressive organizations are including Emotional Intelligence within their talent management strategy – from interviewing and selection to retention and leadership development. This presentation provides details on EI’s correlation to leadership effectiveness and business results. Participants will receive definitions of the skills associated with Emotional Intelligence; learn how to diagnose performance issues related to low Emotional Intelligence; and learn techniques to develop Emotional Intelligence in themselves and others.

Recent Events

Concordia University Irvine: Business Insights Series

Sep 18, 2014: Irvine, CA

Strategic Human Resources New England Conference, 2012

Hand Tools Institute National Conference, 2012

Vermont SHRM State Conference (Keynote), 2012

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) National Conference, 2014, 2012, 2011 and 2009

SHRM National Talent Management and Staffing Conference, 2012 and 2011

Maine SHRM State Conference, 2012 and 2011

  • I first met Jen at an Emotional Intelligence workshop; I was impressed with both the material and the quality of her presentation. Jen has a unique ability to present her material in both a thoughtful and thoroughly engaging way, providing humorous stories and encouraging dialogue. Participants inevitably leave her sessions with a sense that it was time well spent, which in the investment management field is no small feat! I’m thrilled to recommend Jen’s work, as she has been a great partner for me and for our firm.
    Sue Synodis, Principal, IR+M
  • Jen Shirkani’s greatest strength is her ability to connect with her audience. Her motivational, inspirational and practical style provides solutions to our manager’s everyday business challenges. Catering to our ever changing needs, she has facilitated numerous specialized Emotional Intelligence based sessions. We don’t consider Jen as just a speaker, we consider her to be an essential partner to our on-going success.
    Danielle Morgan, Senior Vice President, MBK Senior Living

Interview with Pat Williams (11/23/13) pt. I

[sc_embed_player fileurl="http://bibliomotionspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/JS.PatWilliams1.mp3" title="Interview with Pat Williams (11/23/13) pt. I "]

Interview with Pat Williams (11/23/13) pt. II

[sc_embed_player fileurl="http://bibliomotionspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/JS.PatWilliams2.mp3" title="Interview with Pat Williams (11/23/13) pt. II"]
David Smith, PhD - bibliomotion

David Smith, PhD

David Smith, PhD, is an active duty U.S. Navy Captain and permanent military professor in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law at the United States Naval Academy, having served four years as the chair. A former Navy pilot, Dr. Smith led diverse organizations of women and men culminating in command of a squadron in combat and flew more than 3,000 hours over 19 years including combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a sociologist trained in military sociology and social psychology, he focuses his research in gender, work, and family issues including dual career families, military families, women in the military, and retention of women. Dr. Smith is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters—many on the topic of gender and the workplace. His most recent publications include: “On the Fast Track: Dual Military Couples Navigating Institutional Structures” in Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (2013), “Dual Military Families: Confronting a Stubborn Military Institution” in Military Families and War in the 21st Century, Comparative Perspectives (2015), “Leadership and Peer Behaviors: Women in Combat” in Military Medicine (2016) and “Gender and the Military Profession: Early Career Influences, Attitudes and Intentions.” in Armed Forces & Society.

Yalda T. Uhls, PhD - bibliomotion

Yalda T. Uhls, PhD

Director of Creative Community Partnerships at Common Sense Media and a Child Psychological Researcher with UCLA.

Dr. Yalda T. Uhls is the Director of Creative Community Partnerships at Common Sense Media and a Child Psychological Researcher with UCLA. She is passionate about translating science into useful knowledge for parents, families and educators. Her understanding of the academic literature along with her many years of senior management experience in the entertainment industry allows her a unique and relevant perspective steeped in an understanding of the business world. Her position is balanced, based in fact, and relevant to those concerned with using media in realistic and positive ways to shape youth development.

Yalda’s research focuses on how both older and newer media impacts the social behavior of preadolescents. It has been featured in Time Magazine, the NY Times, USA Today, and NPR, as well as in many scholarly publications. Her notable awards include UCLA’s Psychology In Action Award for excellence in communicating psychological research to audiences beyond academia, and the Society for Research in Child Development’s Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award. Prior to her academic career, Yalda spent over fifteen years as a senior entertainment executive and producer at studios such as Sony and MGM and consulted for Google. Her book, Media Moms & Digital Dads, will be published October 2015 by Bibliomotion. Most importantly, as a mom of two digital teens (a boy and a girl) she has hands-on experience dealing with these issues.

Speaking Topics

The Basics

This talk is a basic overview of the media landscape and parenting in the digital age. Geared towards parents of preschool and elementary age children.

This talk can include:

  • Kids These Days: What the Statistics Reveal
  • Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
  • Demographic Differences in Media Behavior
  • Baby and Toddler Screen Time
  • Learning from Observation: The Real World
  • Learning from Observation: The Screen World
  • Learning from Media and Real Life Combined
  • Children Under Two, No Screens… Really?
  • Parenting Styles for the Digital Generation
  • Proactive Involvement in Your Child’s Media World
  • When is Your Child Ready for a Phone?
  • Mobile in the Bedroom
  • Five Suggested Rules No Matter the Age

Social Media

An overview of both the costs and benefits of social media. Geared towards parents of older elementary school, middle school and early high school children.

This talk can include:

  • How the Internet Became Social
  • Share, Share All of the Time
  • Research on Social Media and Teens
  • New Social Media, New Worries
  • Social Media Challenges
  • Psychological Mechanisms Meet Social Media Features
  • Tweens and Teens: A Perfect Storm
  • Likes, Comments and Views = Extrinsic Rewards
  • Capitalism at Work: Social Media = Big Business
  • 15 Minutes in the Digital Age
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Selfies
  • Social Media Guidance


This talk looks at the research on learning, how it impacts learning in both formal and informal environments.

This talk can include:

  • Distraction—A By-Product of the Digital Age?
  • Multitasking
  • Reading in the Digital Age
  • Paper Versus Screen
  • Writing Longhand versus typing
  • Does Texting Hurt Writing Skills
  • Is the Internet Affecting Memory
  • Education in the Digital Age
  • Is Technology the Magic Bullet?
  • One-to-One Programs
  • Other Forms of Technology Integration in the Classroom
  • Phones in the Classroom
  • Best Practices

Video Games and Learning

This talk is specific to video games and both the positive and negative aspects of gaming. Geared towards educators, parents, video game developers, or companies who may be interested in the research.

This talk can include:

  • Early Research on Video Games
  • Does My Kid Need Spatial Skills?
  • The Benefits of Playing Video Games
  • No Longer a Loner
  • Are All Games Equal?
  • Video Games—The Answer to Education?
  • The Costs of Playing Video Games
  • Girls and Video Games

Recent Events

Wilshire Blvd Temple

May 19, 2016: Los Angeles, CA

Wildwood School

Apr 13, 2016: Los Angeles, CA

Laurence School parent talk

Feb 3, 2016: Los Angeles, CA

CEE, Reveta's Book Club

Jan 14, 2016: Los Angeles, CA

Curtis School

Jan 8, 2016: Los Angeles, CA

Park Century School parent talk

Dec 1, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Barnhart School parent talk

Nov 19, 2015: Arcadia, CA

Mirman School parent talk

Nov 19, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Pages Bookstore

Nov 16, 2015: Manhattan Beach, CA

Village School parent talk

Nov 10, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Lowell School

Nov 3, 2015: Washington, DC

Georgetown Visitation School

Nov 2, 2015: Washington, DC

Green Apple Books

Oct 28, 2015: San Francisco, CA

Media Moms & Digital Dads launch party, Diesel Books

Oct 27, 2015: Brentwood, CA

Authors at Google

Oct 26, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Morristown School District

Oct 13, 2015: Morristown, NJ

Alliance for Family Entertainment

Oct 1, 2015: New York, NY

Parents Education League

Sep 17, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Navigating the Tides of Adolescence, Sacred Heart Prep

Sep 14, 2015: Atherton, CA

Bentonville Film Festival, Championing Women and Diversity in Film

May 7, 2015: Bentonville, AR

St. Mary's IB World School, Parent Talk

Apr 1, 2015: Orange County, CA

UCLA's Krieger’s Food for Thought

Mar 18, 2015: Los Angeles, CA

Media Coverage

Sara Villanueva, PhD - bibliomotion

Sara Villanueva, PhD

Dr. Sara Villanueva brings insights and provocations on the developmental period of adolencence, while offering parents guidance and support along the way.

When a local parent organization desperately needed someone to give a professional presentation on parenting teenagers, they brought in Sara Villanueva. Sara learned from a very young age that being a parent is “not for cowards” and that parenting teens in particular takes not only bravery and perseverance, but skill, stamina, and insight. She has also realized that when it comes to being the parent of a teen, a little humor can go a long way. It has become Sara’s goal to help people understand and appreciate the seemingly turbulent and sometimes overwhelming developmental period we call adolescence.

Sara Villanueva is an Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Her area of specialization is in adolescent development with a specific focus on parent-adolescent relationships and parenting from various cultural perspectives. She has taught Adolescent Psychology and conducted research on this developmental period for many years. Sara has given many presentations to both academic and professional organizations around the globe. She is a teacher, a researcher, a blogger, and a community leader. She is also the proud mother of four children. Sara is clearly passionate about parenting adolescents, and she thrives by helping people to understand this tricky developmental period. She is a highly effective speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing her expertise and unique experiences regarding adolescence and parenting, while also finding common ground with parents all over the world.

Check out Sara’s blog Help I’m Parenting Teens!

Sara speaks frequently to diverse groups like the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center, Capitol Area Psychological Association, Université Catholique de l’Ouest, and various parents groups and local schools. As a professional speaker, Sara has delighted her audiences by delivering real content in an interactive and engaging way. Attendees appreciate both her candid nature and her sharp wit, while also relating to her personal anecdotes about the perilous joys of raising teens.

Speaking Topics

Parents and Adolescents in Conflict

Ever wonder why all of a sudden there is so much bickering between you and your child? In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva discusses the various theories and explanations for the rise in conflict between parents and their developing children. She also provides parents and teachers with tips on how to successfully navigate this seemingly impossible time.

Parenting Adolescents

Saying that parenting is not an easy job is an understatement to be sure, particularly when you’re talking about parenting teens. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva presents research from various cultural and theoretical perspectives, while also offering a real-world take on the dos and don’ts of parenting adolescents.

Adolescent Risk-Taking

Parents, teachers, judges, and parole officers often wonder ‘What were they thinking?’ when it comes to adolescents and their risk-taking behaviors. Dr. Villanueva has given this talk to various groups and consistently gets overwhelmingly positive feedback on the research and data she presents.

Adolescent Love, Sex, and Relationships

Many people find it difficult to discuss intimacy, love, and sexuality among adolescents. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva tackles these tough topics by presenting information on current trends and providing parents and others context for understanding what love and sex means to teens.

Adolescent Cognitive Development

What is the difference between the way a child thinks and the way an adolescent thinks? How are teen brains different than adults? And how do these differences impact behavior? These questions and more are discussed in this presentation.

Adolescents' Social World

The social arena is extremely important for adolescents. Their friends, social groups in school, and even social networking all contribute to a teen’s social world. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva discusses issues such as peer pressure, cliques and crowds in school, and social networking when it comes to the teens’ perspective.

  • I know our CAPA members thoroughly enjoyed your previous presentation. Not only was the content important and interesting, but you have such an engaging and enthusiastic style, that I believe all of us were entertained as well.
    Dr. Elizabeth Katz, Director, Master of Arts in Counseling Program at St. Edward's University, Capital Area Psychological Association
Chuck Wall - bibliomotion

Chuck Wall

Customer insight, engagement, and marketing consultant

Chuck Wall is the founder and CEO of Customer CEO, the Customer Thinking Company. He shows companies how to profit from the power of their customers. The firm offers strategic management consulting as well as online and live training events that enable organizations to effectively engage their customers. He has interviewed over 100,000 customers in-person and conducted hundreds of customer and employee surveys.

Chuck is an expert at understanding the unmet needs of customers and has translated this into actionable insight to help organizations design innovative products, services, and experiences to fuel profitable growth. He has advised companies from start-ups to Fortune 100’s including Campbell’s Soup, HP, Yahoo, and Intel.

Prior to launching Customer CEO, Chuck also started seven other enterprises across multiple industries including manufacturing, media, technology, marketing, and insurance. His experience as an entrepreneur has given him a deep understanding of business strategy and marketing. He speaks professionally and leads workshops for companies and business groups. He has taught and led workshops on customer insight, innovation, business growth, business model innovation, branding and marketing at SMU, Texas A&M, Trinity University, and The University of the Incarnate Word.

Chuck’s first book, Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers (Bibliomotion) will be published in the spring of 2013.

Chuck is active in non-profit work and was appointed by the Governor of Texas to serve as a board member of OneStar Foundation, which promotes volunteerism throughout the state of Texas.

Chuck offers customized speaking programs including full keynotes or shorter keynotes with breakout workshops on the same topic.

Speaking Topics

The Customer CEO Leadership Challenge

Chuck challenges every business leader to stop doing business as usual by taking an intriguing journey through their culture to see how to become the Customer CEO. Real change must begin at the top and Chuck will awaken executives to transform.

The Customer Thinking Solution

Chuck believes that every company must fuse left-brain Big Data with right-brain customer insight to design the best business strategies to thrive. His seven-step Customer Thinking process will fuel growth to companies of every size, in every industry.

I Am the Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customer

Today, the customer is the one in control of the business relationship, not the company. Chuck leads the audience through the nine customer powers that every business must engage with in order to build profitable, sustainable enterprises. He explains why understanding the customer is the secret to differentiation and success.

Recent Events

Competitive Carriers Association Innovation Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada

Goodwill International CEO Summit

San Antonio, Texas

Holt Cat Local Management Team Conferences

Dallas, Texas-Corpus Christi, Texas-Longview, Texas-San Antonio, Texas

Texas Non-Profit Summit

Austin, Texas

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Board Summit

Boerne, Texas

Mercury Insurance Independent Agent Conference

Los Angeles, California

Modern Marketing Impact Expo

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Media Coverage

  • The presentation to our teams was stellar. It was perfect in its balance of qualitative and quantitative information that our team members truly understood.
    VP/Marketing, Non-Profit Organization
  • I think you challenged all of us to realize that our next big thing is right under our noses. Until we brought you in, we assumed it was too far away to ever get there. We had too much internal debate and you showed us how to organize ourselves around the customer. We are finally on the same page. By really understanding our customers needs we feel much better prepared.
    CEO, technology industry
  • Everything we have learned working with you is totally common sense but we just forget because of our hectic work schedules. Thanks for reminding us that the customer really is our CEO.
    CEO, Logistics Industry
Wendy Wallbridge - bibliomotion

Wendy Wallbridge

Unwind Your Patterns, Unleash Your Power, Become a Force for Good in the World

As Chief Curator of the TEDxSandHillRdWomen conference and Producer of the Women’s Evolutionary Leadership (WEL) Forum of Silicon Valley, Wendy Wallbridge has earned a reputation for establishing breakthrough conversations that enhance the way women work, live, play, and contribute. Wendy is the author of Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise (Bibliomotion, March 2015).

Wendy delivers keynotes, seminars, and workshops on women’s leadership, personal and professional transformation, and self-­empowerment to groups such as the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Professional Business Women’s Conference, The Commonwealth Club, Women in Technology International, The Women’s Leadership Forum and the 3% Conference. Known for creating a highly unique and engaging conversation with her audiences rather than a didactic lecture, her vivifying talks and workshops leave people inspired, energized, and uplifted. Beyond information, Wendy delivers revelation undergirded with practical strategies for participants to dynamically move ahead in their lives.

Wallbridge, a pioneer in the coaching field, founded On Your Mark Corporate Coaching & Consulting, Inc. in 1993 when she saw the need for individuals to do work that was both meaningful to them and met the changing needs of the marketplace. Her clients have included Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, ABC-Disney, Wells Fargo, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Symantec, Genentech, Dolby, and McAfee, among others.

Diagnosed with life-threatening lupus early in her career, Wallbridge used that adversity and her journey back to health to explore what it means for women to live true to their values, feminine wisdom, and unique calling. Her singular brand of coaching, defined by her Spiral Up! model, empowers women to become architects of their own lives by following a radically different roadmap to success.

Wendy has taught the Spiral Up! principles for the past decade to groups of entrepreneurs, middle managers, individual contributors, and executives. She has been recognized for her groundbreaking coaching techniques in national media publications including Fortune magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Fast Company, and the New York Times.

Speaking Topics

The Profitability and Power of Feminine Leadership: A New Paradigm

Research shows that when more women lead, performance improves. The shift from hierarchical systems, where individual achievement matters most, to matrix organizations where collaboration and teamwork dramatically improve both productivity and profits, has taken place in most successful organizations. Not surprisingly, the definition of what makes a great leader is also evolving. As John Gerzema discovered in his proprietary 64,000 person global survey, “Most innovative leaders are breaking away from traditional structures to be more flexible, collaborative, and nurturing. Both men and women are adopting this style, which emphasizes cooperation, long-­term thinking, and flexibility.” Wendy’s talk illuminates why this is the opportune moment to lead with these “feminine” strengths and offers participants ways to immediately step into this new kind of power and to turn this moment into a moment of opportunity.

Women on the Rise: The Secret to Unleashing Your Power

Women have succeeded inside of the masculine paradigm but it’s not sustainable. Statistics show that when women hit a certain point in their careers in organizations they plateau in staff positions or opt out. What’s stopping up from rising? While there are multiple causes for the frequented “off ramp,” one that’s not explored enough is the fact that most women are not drawn to power for power’s sake. Women value meaning over ambition.

The secret, Wendy Wallbridge tells us, isn’t to drop out, it’s to drop into ourselves to excavate our talents, passions and purpose so that we can unleash our true power and forge a pathway that serves our own—and the greater—good. Participants come away with strategies to put their hard-­won, generative, masculine strengths in service to what holds meaning for their feminine selves.

Enlightenment as a Path to Leadership

Recent brain science reveals how women’s brains can tend towards rumination and replaying past failures more than men’s. Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson says that the brain’s negativity bias makes it like Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for positive ones. To follow our calling to fulfill our potential as human beings it’s less about adding on and more about letting go. This workshop guides women through the process of releasing past “failures” that limit possibility and teaches them how to train their minds on success. As we re-­story our past we reclaim our wholeness and inner authority the source of our confidence and leadership.

Woman on the Rise: Lose the Ladder and Catch the Wave

Women will never achieve wholehearted success until we ditch the linear, corporate ladder for a path of our own making, asserts Wendy Wallbridge. That’s because the masculine success model places emphasis on the externalities of working harder to acquire more. This approach doesn’t work in the long run for women. Women thrive on a path that looks inward as much as outward–one that recognizes that external circumstances are a reflection of our internal state, and that only by accessing our 5 Co-­Creative Powers (Energy, Mind, Feelings, Speech, and Actions) will we begin to lay claim to our own agency and rise.

Recent Events

Co-host “It’s Time for Women and Men in Partnership”

Baltimore, MD

Panel, host, and moderator, Elevating Women’s Voices, “How Women Lead in the 21st Century”

Sunnyvale, CA

Host and Presenter, Women as Catalysts for Change Conference

Menlo Park, CA

TEDx talk, TEDxSandhillRdWomen

Menlo Park, CA

Host and Presenter, An Evening with Tiffany Shlain – The Future Starts with Us: Women Harnessing the Power of Technology and Creativity

Palo Alto, CA

Host and Licensee, TEDxSandhillRdWomen

Menlo Park, CA

Host and Presenter, John Gerzema and "The Athena Doctrine”

  • Wendy delivered a powerful presentation to the Oracle Women’s Leadership team. Her presentation was authentic and inspiring!
    Win Chang, Oracle Women’s Leadership Headquarter Community Leader
Stefan Weitz - bibliomotion

Stefan Weitz

Redefining Search and the Power of Connection

Stefan Weitz is a Senior Director of Search at Microsoft. One of the founding team members of Bing, the world’s second-largest search engine, he has been working in tech since he was 8 years old. His current position gives him a vantage point that allows him to see technologies emerging from places all across the planet and he has a ring-side seat in his work with the G8 and non-profits like Endeavor Global to see how these technologies are affecting every part of our society. Most of Stefan’s work has focused on how to take seemingly disconnected concepts and find the power in their connection. His most recent book Search: How the Data Explosion Makes Us Smarter takes the same approach: how can the technologies we’ve built to deliver globe-spanning search engines be used to fundamentally guide humanity in different and more helpful ways. His key posit: search will be the hinge that will bridge the power of machines with the powers inherent in humanity – and nothing in our business or professional lives will ever look the same. Stefan is a huge gadget ‘junkie’ and can often be found in electronics shops across the world looking for the elusive perfect piece of tech. Stefan also serves on advisory boards for many startups ranging from biometrics to advertising to virtualization and is an active Angel investor. In his other spare cycles, he is working with national educational reinvention groups to reboot K-12 education in this country and is actively advising startups that are focusing on boosting student achievement through technology and big data. Finally, Stefan is working on a book with the nation’s youngest VC to promote entrepreneurism to high-school audiences.

Speaking Topics

Hiding in Plain Sight

The Hidden Value of Big Data: In this intro to the search topic, Stefan delves into the explosion of data about everyone and everything and shows the audience how search will be used to mine undiscovered connections between people, objects, and events around the world, to help leaders and their organizations get ahead and stay ahead.

Predicting the Future Today

How can you forecast the future so your organization remains relevant? How will you personally know whether you should have the fish or chicken? How will your car know when it’s time to go in for service? With the amount of data available to humanity, decisions people make every day no longer need to be left to chance. In this talk, the audience will be exposed to case studies and practical examples of how search technologies will lead the way to better outcomes in all parts of people’s lives.

Our Better Angels

We are at the point where we have enough computing capability to augment humanity with superpowers once relegated to science fiction or comics. XRay Vision? Check. The Star Trek Holodeck? Check. An infinite memory? Check. This talk examines how machines and humans can come together in a symbiotic way that will advance both species in ways that are hard to predict, but certainly will have lasting outcomes on our relationships, society at large, and our organizations.

Recent Events

Local Data Summit

Mar 5, 2015: Denver, CO

TechWeek Chicago Closing Keynote

Jun 30, 2014: Chicago, Illinois


Jun 4, 2014: San Francisco, CA

Microsoft Build Conference

Apr 6, 2014: San Francisco, CA

LeadsCon Keynote

Mar 4, 2014: New York, NY

Internet World Germany Keynote

Feb 26, 2014: Munich, Germany

Global Innovation Summit

Feb 16, 2014: San Jose, CA

Renaissance Weekend

Feb 14, 2014: Laguna Niguel, CA

Techready Keynote

Jan 31, 2014: Seattle, WA

Dublin Web Summit Keynote

Oct 20, 2013: Dublin, Ireland


Jul 17, 2013: Las Vegas, NV

Karen Wright - bibliomotion

Karen Wright

Canada's leading Executive Coach shares secrets to being happy, healthy, and successful

Karen Wright is the author of The Complete Executive: The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance (Bibliomotion, September 2012) and is a renowned executive coach and leadership consultant. With the combination of business education, executive-level experience and extensive coach training, Karen is sought after by top executives around the world who aspire to raise their levels of performance. She works with C-level leaders as a trusted advisor and thought partner, with technical and subject matter experts who have been elevated into positions of people leadership, and with visionary entrepreneurs driven to create game-changing businesses. Her clients have included Fortune 500 companies throughout North America.

For almost two decades Karen has been working with – and observing – leaders at all levels and across all functions in organizations. She has been witness to glorious successes and devastating failures, and throughout it all has noticed the factors that the highest achievers have in common. She has distilled her learning about top level leadership performance into a model and system now available to those who are committed to taking their leadership to its next level. According to Karen, leaders can learn what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive under even the most intense pressure. Her perspective on the keys to leader health, happiness and success is fresh, unique and drawn directly from her clients’ experiences.

Known for her fearlessness, her direct style and her passion for bringing out the greatness in others, Karen is a world leader in the coaching profession. Karen lives in Toronto, Canada, with her two teenaged sons, numerous electronic gaming devices and large piles of sports equipment.

Speaking Topics

Career Management 101 for Executives

Why that dream job isn’t what you’d hoped, and how to go after a career you’ll love.

Behind the Coaching Curtain

How to demystify the use of executive coaching as a leader development resource.

Successful, good or happy?

How career achievement is just the first step toward creating a life of significance.

The High Cost of Not Walking Your Talk

What happens when you let your ego guide your decisions.

The Complete Executive

The 10 ways top leaders stay on top and how aspiring leaders can use those same secrets to fast-track success.

Media Coverage

  • My staff and family thank you.
    KL, banking executive
  • ….engaging….thought-provoking….awesome……
    AP, technology executive
  • In a strange kind of way I think it’s even helped my golf game.
    JM, financial services executive
  • Karen thrives on engaging with people to ask themselves the big questions.
    CK, university administrator
Daina Middleton - bibliomotion

Daina Middleton

International Speaker • Leadership Behavior Expert • Author

With her roots in the ranches of the American West and a background working as a rangeland firefighter, Daina Middleton had an unconventional path to a career in global marketing. She pioneered Hewlett-Packard’s digital and global advertising division, served as Global CEO of performance marketing giant Performics, and most recently led Global Business Marketing at Twitter. She is now an organizational transformation expert, executive coach, and team optimization specialist. Her warm, personable, and engaging speaking captivates and inspires her audiences.

Daina’s audiences include organizations seeking to empower their women leaders and create high-performing teams that drive results; women’s groups, networks, and associations seeking to help their members advance their careers; and colleges and universities interested in providing actionable advice to the next generation of women leaders.

  • We were so grateful to have Daina Middleton speak at Wisdom 2.0 Connect. Her material is fresh and full of original insights, her style both compassionate and pragmatic. Our audience fully grasped the power of a culture that embodies a true partnership of grace and grit.
    Susan Cole, Organizer, Wisdom 2.0 Connect Boise