Routledge Masters in Islamic Finance

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The Routledge Masters in Islamic Finance series fills the need for a comprehensive and well-balanced series of textbooks on core Islamic finance, and most importantly, bridges the gap between theory and practice. The core mission of this series is to provide a dynamic forum for the advancement of Islamic finance experience, practical insights and the critical evaluation of the challenges. This series will appeal to students, academics, policymakers, and practitioners globally (both in Islamic and Western countries) due to its state of the art information and development of Islamic finance. This series welcomes a broad view of Islamic finance using a variety of methodologies, including theoretical research, empirical research, applied research, and cross-cultural/comparative studies. Whilst there are many good individual texts on specific topics within this field, there is currently no integrated series of Islamic finance practices available (including Shari’ah governance, Islamic finance/accounting standards, Shari’ah auditing, financial and non-financial performance measurement, disclosure or transparency related evidence-based empirical studies and results-focused case studies).