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The Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP)

The  ARSP is written for and by cross-sector social partnership (CSSP) academics and practitioners focusing on nonprofit, business, and public sectors, who view collaboration as key to solving social problems such as climate change, economic inequality, poverty, or biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Published by an independent group of academics and practitioners since 2006, the ARSP bridges academic theory and practice with ideas about promoting the social good, covering a wide range of subjects and geographies surrounding the interactions between nonprofit, business and public sectors. Its aim is to inform, to share, to inspire, to educate, and to train. Building a global community of experts on CSSPs, be they from academia or practice, is the inherent motivation of the ARSP.

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The ARSP offers new directions for research, presents funded research projects, and provides published papers in a compilation, allowing researchers to familiarize themselves with the latest work in this field. The ARSP also captures and presents insights on partnerships from practitioners, enabling its readership to learn from the hands-on experiences and observations of those who work with and for partnerships.

Issues of the  ARSP are free to access online and can be downloaded directly. The publication is also included in Greenleaf Publishing’s eCollections.

ARSP Structure
The ARSP has a Senior Management team that coordinates six sections. Each section has an associated Section Editor who is responsible for collecting and curating material, inviting contributions and coordinating submissions. They each work with a small team (2-4) of Associate Editors.

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