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The PRME Book Series was established in 2012 and initially focused on providing examples of best practice to schools in the process of implementing the Six Principles for Responsible Management Education. The series has since expanded to include titles focused on poverty, gender equality and anti-corruption.

The PRME Book Series is available to institutions worldwide via our leading eCollections on sustainability; the Greenleaf Online Library (GOL) and the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL).

Our PRME Responsible Managament Education Collection is also available to support PRME teams with strategies for implementing the 6 Guiding Principles. This collection includes PRME Chapter reports in addition to the titles within the PRME Book Series.

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DōShorts are a collection of concise, high-quality books for professionals, including a guide to the circular economy, the use of digital media in brand-builidng, integrated reporting, and how-to guides on producing a sustainability report, measuring a building's energy use, and valuing natural and social capital. They address one sustainability challenge at a time and can be read in 90 minutes. We aim to make those 90 minutes deliver value on a par with an expert seminar or master class.

The collection includes practical ‘how to’ guides as well as framework pieces and business briefings that give an expert overview of cutting edge developments in a wide range of fields.

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Find books in the areas of responsible management, ethics and social responsibility.

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A suite of tools are available to assist you in accessing and promoting to your users the online collections  GOL and SOL. The tools are designed to provide guidance on how to claim access to your eCollections, download tutorial information and marketing materials to support your promotion of the resource across your institution.

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